Undefeatable – Ch155

Chapter 155 – Try Playing This Daddy To Death

His secret was revealed!

There were less and less undying guards while Luo Tian’s cultivation level kept going higher.

It was very obvious now.

There was a relationship between the death of these undying guards and the breakthroughs Luo Tian was experiencing.

At this moment, Yin Shang’s heart was actually quite shocked. Was there really such a method of making breakthroughs in this world? Could it be this kid wasn’t human and was actually a descendant of the devil’s race that has disappeared over ten thousand years ago?

Based on his own understanding, only the devil’s race could increase their cultivation levels through brutal slaughtering.

But even if he was of the devil’s race, he shouldn’t be able to make such quick breakthroughs.

Luo Tian’s leveling speed was simply too fast, to the point that it had become inconceivable. It was so fast that those evil sect members behind Yin Shang couldn’t even say a word. They had a rather ugly look on their faces like someone had just slapped them a few times.

Yin Shang’s eyes turned grim as he angrily shouted: “It doesn’t matter who you are or what special identity you have! And it doesn’t matter how you accomplished this heaven defying method of making breakthroughs! Today, you will still have to die here!”

Luo Tian moved through the air and spread his arms out. Another Myriad Thunder Roar was activated before he coldly sneered: “Are you afraid now? Are you scared that this daddy will reach the Profound Spirit 9th rank and beat the shit out of you? Hahaha…”

Luo Tian was actually worried right now.

Yin Shang’s strength was at a terrifying level and he was afraid Tang Jiu and the others couldn’t hold him off.

What he needed was time. He didn’t need a lot but at this rate, wanting more time was like an extravagant wish.

In regards to this…

Luo Tian’s voice was filled with provocation. What he was trying to do was to delay Yin Shang from making a move. Once he was able to step into the Profound Spirit 9th rank, that will be the time Yin Shang dies!


“From childhood to this age, this King has never known what fear is!” Yin Shang coldly harrumphed.

Luo Tian activated Myriad Thunder Roar again and a bunch of system alerts sounded off. Seeing how his experience bar went up a big chunk again, he grinned and said: “So you’re not scared that this daddy will reach the Profound Spirit 9th rank huh? You will see if I can play you to death by then!”


“Just relying on a kid like you?”

Yin Shang started laughing out loud before suddenly pausing. He then smiled and shouted: “You really think I don’t know that you’re trying to stall for more time? It’s useless!”

“Useless? If this daddy breaks through into the Profound Spirit 9th rank…”

“Everyone in your Dark Mountain Corpse City will have to die.” Luo Tian continued provoking Yin Shang with a high-spirited voice filled with unbridled arrogance.

“Lord Dark King, just kill this kid.”

“Right, just kill him now. We’ll see how long this kid can keep acting arrogant for.”

“This kid keeps challenging your might! A person like that deserves to die without a burial. Lord Dark King, you should make your move now.”

Several evil sect members were urging Yin Shang to take action. The expression on their faces was somewhat different from before.

Because they were scared!

Luo Tian immediately started laughing in ridicule: “Look, look at how scared they are. They’re scared that once I breakthrough to the Profound Spirit 9th rank, they will all be sent down to hell! Hahaha…”

Yin Shang turned to the side and grunted: “You guys shut your mouths!”

Immediately after…

Yin Shang coldly smiled as he watched Luo Tian continuously moving about and releasing his lightning skill. “Kiddo, you think this King doesn’t know you’re still trying to stall for more time? You’re still too green to play such a hand in front of this King!”

As his voice faded…

The death aura flames from Yin Shang surged out again. His arms were now slightly spread apart and his palms contained an especially thick death aura roiling about. His eyes locked onto Luo Tian as he coldly shouted: “Spectral Death!”



Yin Shang’s figure had suddenly disappeared.

Luo Tian frowned as he looked at his experience bar. There was still quite a distance before he would level up to the Profound Spirit 8th rank. He then glanced at Tang Jiu who had already disappeared from his spot. Luo Tian then said internally: “Ninth brother, it’s all up to you now. You must stay safe!”


Luo Tian no longer bothered with Yin Shang and increased his tempo in activating Myriad Thunder Roar like crazy.

The only thing he had to do was to level up!

He couldn’t afford any distractions right now. Luo Tian knew exactly what he should be doing and what he shouldn’t be doing. If he were to clash head on with Yin Shang right now, the four of them would most likely die in this place.

Because Luo Tian was very clear on the strength that Yin Shang possessed at the Profound Spirit 9th rank!

“Myriad Thunder Roar!”

“Myriad Thunder Roar!”


Luo Tian was bombarding the skill left and right. Wherever he swept by, only rubble and wreckage would remain. The Dark Mountain Corpse City had already lost its original grandeur and half the city was in ruins.

“You damn kid…!”

“Go to hell for me!”

Yin Shang’s cold gloomy voice was heard from the void.

In the middle of the air…

A figure flashed by and an earthen yellow aura rushed up.


One black and one yellow figure bounced apart.

Tang Jiu sprayed out a mouthful of blood. His face was pale, his whole body was in pain, but he still had an excited smile on his face. “If you want to go over there, you’ll need to pass through me first!”

Tang Jiu was acting as a barrier!

The moment Luo Tian broke through to the Profound Spirit 7th rank, he saw a glint of hope.

He had to fight on in order to gain more time for his idol. It was worth it even if he had to die!

Because of his imperial lineage, he had seen countless experts since he was young. There were Profound Kings, Profound Ancestors, and even the highest realm, a Profound Venerate! But all those experts were already old people over a hundred years old. The only thing he had towards those experts was respect and only that.

Tang Jiu had never truly admired any of them.

Ever since he met with Luo Tian, his whole view on life seem to have been flipped upside down.

Luo Tian had given him too many shocks. The heartfelt admiration he had for Luo Tian continued to increase until it reached the status of an idol! Tang Jiu had been completely subdued by Luo Tian’s prowess!

A person like Luo Tian who went against the heavens with his abilities should be shining above a larger place. His brilliance should shine throughout the continent, or maybe even shine upon the entire human race. Luo Tian shouldn’t die here. The moment Tang Jiu agreed to hold on for half an hour, he had already made up his mind to fulfill that promise to Luo Tian even if he had to die.

Tang Jiu was also holding onto a slight extravagant hope. If they managed to survive this, he would definitely bring Luo Tian to the Sea Cloud Sect. At that time, the words Sea Cloud Sect would resound throughout the entire continent because of Luo Tian!

“Just with you?”

Yin Shang coldly laughed before saying in ridicule: “You overestimate yourself!”

In an instant…

A powerful flame like death aura surged out before an even stronger energy rushed towards Tang Jiu. Yin Shang then said with disdain: “Since you wish to die, then this King will grant it to you!”

“Tyrant of Death!”


The death aura was similar to a tyrant beast that directly caused sonic booms to the surrounding air.

Tang Jiu was frowning as he retrieved his sword. The imperial qi from his bloodline then started forming a shield made of light in front of him. His eyes widen in ferocity as he growled in a desperate manner: “If you have the guts, try playing this daddy to death!”



The two powers collided.

Tang Jiu instantly fell straight down before smashing a house into smithereens.

He was not Yin Shang’s opponent at all.

The difference in strength was too great!

Yin Shang coldly harrumphed before saying contemptuously: “Simply courting death!”

Right after that, he rushed towards Luo Tian again.

At this moment…

A figure rushed out of the rubble and back into the air. His face was filled with blood but he still had an excited smile on his face. “This daddy still hasn’t died yet!”

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