Undefeatable – Ch156

Chapter 156 – The Show Starts Now

“Haven’t died yet?”

“If you haven’t died yet, you can do that now!”

Yin Shang was truly angered now.

A little Profound Spirit 5th ranker was acting like a fly, buzzing around with arrogance and blocking him. This had really pissed him off.

Tang Jiu still hadn’t died after his two attacks, so this made Yin Shang even more pissed.

Yin Shang’s expression darkened.

The big insect on Yin Shang’s head started moving strangely and the death aura around his hands were no longer black anymore. They were now of the seven colors of a rainbow.

A rainbow colored death aura?

At this moment, Bai Mei’s expression underwent a drastic change as he screamed out: “Quickly run!”

He had no time to explain.

He also had no way of explaining this in a comprehensive manner. Bai Mei never imagined Yin Shang would actually be able to refine the undying Gu insect to such a high level. The rainbow death aura was the essence of that big Gu insect on Yin Shang’s head, and this was the power only a rank 8 Gu insect could possess!

This attack was capable of turning a small city into ashes!

Tang Jiu faintly smiled as he started closing his eyes. He then said to himself: “For my idol, why would I fear death?”

He had given up resisting.

Because the profound energy and the imperial qi of his bloodline was exhausted at this time.

Being able to get up from the rubble was due to his last breath and a promise. Since he told Luo Tian he would do it, then he had to hold on for half an hour.

It wasn’t that far from half an hour now.

As long as he blocked this attack, then the agreed upon time would be pretty much a done deal.

At this moment…

Qin Yue’er’s expression turned serious as she looked at the half dead Tang Jiu floating in the air. She then looked at Luo Tian who was killing like crazy and probed the aura on his body. Qin Yue’er could only sigh and say to herself: “He’s still at the Profound Spirit 7th rank.”

“Little handsome brother, I hope that you will remember me after my death.”

She then started smiling while staring at Luo Tian. Her smile was very beautiful and was just like a peach blossom in full bloom.

Immediately after…

The moment before Yin Shang released the rainbow death aura from his palm; Qin Yue’er stomped down with her right foot and soared into the air.

Tang Jiu was currently laughing.

He was laughing loudly with his eyes closed. He then shouted: “Idol, if there’s truly a next life, I wish to become biological brothers with you! I will always be by your side whether in life or death! This elder brother will be leaving first!


“Yin Shang, you damn abomination! You will also die soon, hahaha… Your death will definitely be more miserable than mine!”

Yin Shang’s expression darkened. The rainbow death aura in his palm then shot out like a ball of light.

The rainbow colored light illuminated the whole Dark Mountain Corpse City.

It was very pretty. This prettiness was like the moment before one’s death.


Tang Jiu smiled as he received the attack.

His chest caved in and the force directly shattered the clothes on his back. His whole figure then shot off in a straight line into the distance.


Tang Jiu then smashed against the city wall that was dozens of meters tall.

The huge wall made of bluestone started cracking. Several seconds later, a section of the wall collapsed burying Tang Jiu’s body beneath it.

This energy was simply too powerful.

Words couldn’t describe how powerful this attack was. Tang Jiu didn’t resist nor did he have the power to resist. The moment Yin Shang’s attack landed on his chest and he started flying backwards from the force, the corner of his eyes glanced over at Luo Tian who was still desperately killing those undying guards. He could only lightly smile once, “Idol, this is the most I can do. The matters after this will be all up to you. If we are fated in our next life, let’s be brothers again!”

“Who else is there?”

“Who else dares to block this King?!””

Yin Shang’s anger rose to the sky while his cold voice echoed in every nook and cranny.


A frivolous sounding voice was heard. The voice wasn’t very loud but it was very clear and sounded like black-naped oriole.

A figure appeared at the position Tang Jiu was originally at.

With a sexy body, eye catching clothes and holding a sword, Qin Yue’er had a calm looking expression as she flicked her sword about. She pointed at Yin Shang who was floating in the air as she coldly smiled: “There’s still me here.”

“Good, good, good!”

“A mere piece of trash at the Profound Grandmaster realm dares to block this King’s path. Not bad, not bad at all.” Yin Shang’s anger couldn’t be suppressed anymore as he glared at the floating Qin Yue’er in a grim manner. He then coldly smiled and said: “This King will let you experience the meaning of death!”

In an instant…

Yin Shang’s brows quivered as he shouted: “Myriad Rainbow Illusions!”


Yin Shang’s palms started swimming through the air in a complicated fashion. The rainbow colored death aura then formed an actual rainbow above the Dark Mountain Corpse City. Yin Shang’s figure deftly rose to above the rainbow as he looked at Qin Yue’er in a calm manner. He then fiercely grinned and said: “After all these years, my undying Gu insect has never had a sexual partner before. This King will allow you to be the first one, hahaha…”

As his voice faded…

Yin Shang’s figure suddenly disappeared.

The moment he disappeared, the rainbow made of death aura also started moving.

Everything in front of Qin Yue’er started changing.

It became extremely erotic like delving into one’s own fantasy. The special feeling she was experiencing made her smile and her cheeks blush. She then unconsciously threw away her sword and started touching her own breasts.

Her face was flushed red and her expression intoxicated.

The moment the rainbow made of death aura moved, Qin Yue’er’s consciousness had already been controlled by Yin Shang.


“Take it off, take it off, take off all the clothes you’re wearing. Hahaha…” Yin Shang started laughing in a ferocious and perverted manner.

Qin Yue’er’s hands were kneading both her breasts while her body’s temperature felt like it was getting hotter. Her hands then involuntarily reached towards the buttons of her clothes intending to undo them.

The evil sect members inside the Dark King’s Palace were staring with wide eyes and drool dripping down their mouths. This was the first time seeing a sexy fairy of the Sea Cloud Sect stripping off her clothes. They were getting extremely excited since this was simply too tantalizing.

At this moment…

Bai Mei frowned and used his will to send a message.

“Lady Qin, calm your mind and stop all thoughts. Then just leave everything to me.”

Qin Yue’er’s consciousness was being controlled but a portion of her mind was still clear. She immediately followed what Bai Mei had told her to do.

Bai Mei smiled calmly and said: “It’s time for these old bones of mine to make a move.”

Immediately after…

The robes on Bai Mei started fluttering without any wind around. His eyebrows tightened as he shouted: “Mind Cleansing Spell!”

His lips started moving at high speeds.

A variety of strange sounding words was heard as they rushed into Qin Yue’er’s sea of consciousness.

At this moment…

Qin Yue’er’s body shuddered as she started regaining a little control over her own consciousness. When she thought back to the previous scene, the anger in her heart started rising but she still didn’t dare to make any rash movements.

“Mind Cleansing Spell?!”

“You undying old bastard, you still have some good stuff up your sleeves huh? I didn’t expect you to know the earth’s core race’s long lost Mind Cleansing Spell. It looks like there’s still plenty of things this King doesn’t know about you. But… heh heh… the things that this King cannot have, no one else can have either. So just go to hell for me!” Yin Shang was pissed as the spiritual intent he had inside Qin Yue’er’s sea of consciousness was gradually dispersed.

His expression showed his fury…

And he suddenly retrieved the intent from Qin Yue’er’s sea of consciousness.

Qin Yue’er’s sea of consciousness felt like it had been instantly drained, causing her to plummet down from the air. After smashing onto the ground, she scrambled to get back on her feet with a pale expression. She was prepared to rush back up again to resist Yin Shang’s next attack.

She had to stall as much time for Luo Tian as possible!

Right after…

Yin Shang flipped his right palm and a beam of rainbow colored death aura shot out. He coldly smiled and said: “You two can go ahead and die for me now!”

Also at this moment…

A system alert tone sounded off in Luo Tian’s mind.


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