Undefeatable – Ch157

Chapter 157 – Is This All The Power You Have?

If he didn’t make a move now, they would all die!


Half an hour had passed and Luo Tian realized he had miscalculated.

Speaking more accurately, the moment Luo Tian rose to the Profound Spirit 8th rank, the experience bar he had was barely moving.

Killing undying guards originally gave him about 100 – 200 experience points but now they were giving him 10 – 20 experience points. This rate was unable to meet his needs of leveling up.

It was completely useless to keep killing them!

Seeing how Tang Jiu was smashed flying, Qin Yue’er dropping to the ground, and Bai Mei’s safety unknown, Luo Tian couldn’t just keep watching anymore.

Whatever the consequences…

The worst case was to fight with his life on the line!

He had the same words: If it’s yours, then it’s yours. If it’s not yours, it will still never be yours even if your force it!

Thinking up to this, Luo Tian’s lips curved into a smile. Looking at Yin Shang not too far away, he directly cursed out: “You ugly ass abomination, come and kill this daddy!”

His voice shook the skies.

And his words were rather harsh.

Everyone in the city was silent as they looked towards Luo Tian floating in midair and Yin Shang who was about to make a move. Their eyes were unmoving as they mostly glared at Luo Tian.

Qin Yue’er looked back with tears coming from her eyes. She then screamed out: “Don’t bother with us and quickly go make another breakthrough!”

Bai Mei’s mind sank as the only thing that could be heard inside his heart was: “Sigh…”


Yin Shang stopped his actions and started laughing at Luo Tian. The longer he laughed, the stronger the expression of disdain on his face appeared. He then pointed at Luo Tian and said with ridicule: “Hahaha… Profound Spirit 8th rank! You’re still only at the Profound Spirit 8th rank!”

“A Profound Spirit 8th rank is still a piece of trash in front of this daddy. Don’t you know that this King is an invincible existence under the Profound King realm?”


“Kid, if you had more time to break past the Profound Spirit 8th rank, this King would have to use a bit of effort in order to kill you. But now… heh heh… you’re still considered a puny ant that’s unable to cause any waves. Killing you to this King is as simple as stepping on an insignificant bug!”

Profound Spirit 8th rank!

It was still not worthy.

If Luo Tian’s cultivation stepped into the Profound Spirit 9th rank, Yin Shang might be cautious of him. But with Luo Tian’s Profound Spirit 8th rank cultivation, he didn’t have to place him in his eyes. To him, Luo Tian was absolutely no threat at all!

The evil sect members behind Yin Shang also started laughing in ridicule.

“That almost scared me to death! I really thought that kid could breakthrough into the Profound Spirit 9th rank in half an hour, but it looks like everything had been a complete joke. Hahaha…”

“Lord Dark King is an invincible existence under the Profound King realm, and he’s only missing a small enlightenment away from stepping into it. Even if this kid breaks through into the Profound Spirit 9th rank, it’s still impossible for him to be Lord Dark King’s opponent. Lord Dark King is the mightiest!”

“Lord Dark King is the mightiest!”

In reality, there was cold sweat inside their hearts.

Luo Tian was too perverse. If they hadn’t seen this with their own eyes, who would believe he had broken through three times in half an hour? Who would believe that in eight days, Luo Tian went from the Profound Master 9th rank all the way to the Profound Spirit 8th rank? Who the hell would believe such a thing?!

He was truly truly truly too perverse. He was practically a godly existence!

Therefore these evil sect members were scared that Luo Tian would kill the Dark King and then move against them. Fortunately, this scenario will never appear now.

Because Luo Tian was going to die!

Someone at the Profound Spirit 8th rank was not an opponent for someone at the 9th rank. Not to mention this was the Dark Mountain Corpse City which was the closest place to hell; the death aura here was especially intense. Coupled with the city still having over ten thousand undying guards, there was absolutely no way Luo Tian would win!

Inside their hearts, Luo Tian was as good as dead!


Entering the Profound Spirit realm in such a sudden fashion and then wanting to kill people at a higher level was extremely difficult.

Luo Tian’s current Profound Spirit 8th rank powers were not an opponent of someone at the Profound Spirit 9th rank!

However, Luo Tian was very clear that if he didn’t make a move now, Qin Yue’er and Bai Mei will die very soon. If that was the case, so what if he broke through into the Profound Spirit 9th rank? So what if he was able to kill Yin Shang?


Qin Yue’er had promised Luo Tian that after they left the Dark Mountain Corpse City, they would battle three thousand rounds on the bed. Luo Tian was really looking forward to this as he said to himself: “It’s about time to break my status as a virgin.”

“Dark King, go kill him!”

“Dark King, you should use his head as sacrifice for the ceremony.”

“Dark King, kill them all…”

Shouts came from all over the city because they were secretly afraid of Luo Tian.

Those undying guards were especially afraid and their hearts would shudder whenever they saw Luo Tian approaching. It was similar to watching the grim reaper arriving and the feeling was possibly worse than death.

Yin Shang coldly smiled as his hands started moving. The rainbow death aura started condensing on both his palms as he said with disdain: “It’s really unfortunate, sigh… It’s unfortunate that you will be dying soon. Be at ease as you become my container as I’ll be bestowing you eternal life soon, hahaha…”

As his laugh faded…

Yin Shang’s bipolar emotions suddenly turned into anger as he cursed out: “You damn dog thing, you dare to intrude on this daddy’s territory?! You thought that learning a bit of Gu skills and you could annihilate my Dark Mountain Corpse City? You thought that joining up with the old undying bastard will be enough to take me down? You thought that by joining forces with two pieces of trash, you could kill me?”

“Quit dreaming!”

“This king will soon become the Unmoving Dark King possessing an undying body with eternal life! No one will be able to kill this king, hahaha…”

Luo Tian picked at his ears and said in an impatient manner: “You motherf*cker, can you stop droning on and on? You’re just like an old woman nagging non-stop about useless crap. Could it be that you’ve been refining the Gu skill to the point of refining yourself into a transvestite?”

“So freaking awesome! Yin Dog, you’re so modern that you can now go petition the government for gender neutral rights!”

Yin Shang’s face turned purple and his body suddenly enlarged itself turning him into a giant. The Gu insect on his head opened its jaws and its mucus started dripping down onto Yin Shang’s face. This image of them two was as disgusting as disgusting could get.

Yin Shang’s expression then turned excited.


His laughter was like a ghost wailing that echoed through the whole city. The death aura within Yin Shang started surging out like the sea as he shouted: “This king will let you witness what an eternal kingdom is!”

“Surge forth!”

In an instant…

Thick amounts of black death aura dispersed above the city before it started roiling about. The big Gu insect growing out of Yin Shang’s head also started shaking as if it had merged together with the roiling death aura.

In just a few seconds, the thick death aura started turning multicolored like a rainbow.

The rainbow color shone down as if it was enshrouding the entire city. The faces of all the undying guards started turning excited as if they were high.

“Eternal kingdom!”

“Eternal kingdom!”

“Eternal kingdom!”

The chanting of over ten thousand people shook the skies.

Bai Mei clenched his fists and managed to spew out two words: “We’re screwed!”

At this instant…

Luo Tian circulated his profound energy and his full Profound Spirit 8th rank powers exploded forth. His whole body was exuding a terrifying amount of killing intent and behind him was a phantom holding onto a large scythe with a smile of death.

Luo Tian raised his middle finger before shouting in the sky: “Come at me!”

“Die for me!”

“Eternal Subjugation!”

Yin Shang made a move in the air, and the sky filled with rainbow colored death aura converged together into a huge mountain. It then started descending towards Luo Tian as its target!


Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness violently shuddered. The space around his body felt like gravity had just been increased by a hundred thousand times. This was so uncomfortable that he was screaming inside like crazy!

“Crack~, crack~.”

Luo Tian’s body was continuously being pressed down because this energy was too heavy to resist.


The death aura mountain crushed down, directly smashing Luo Tian’s body into the ground. Apart from the Dark King’s Palace, the shock wave from it impacting the ground turned all the buildings in the city into debris.

It was unknown if Luo Tian was still alive or not!

Yin Shang then said with a smug expression: “Fighting with me? Simply courting your own death!”

“Is that all the power you have?”

A voice was heard amidst the cloud of dust in the surrounding. Luo Tian started patting all the dust off his clothes as he looked up at Yin Shang with a cold smile. He then shouted: “Level 3 Berserk!”

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