Undefeatable – Ch158

Chapter 158 – Luo Tian Goes Berserk

He hasn’t died yet?!


Everyone had shocked expressions on their faces.

This was something unimaginable!

What the f*ck was going on? Is Luo Tian even human?

Everyone had a strange look on their face as if their reality was distorted and their thoughts had been flipped upside down. Someone even suspected that Yin Shang didn’t use his full strength. How could such a strong attack with immense energy fluctuations still not crush a Profound Spirit 8th ranker into pulp?

Not only did he not die…

The most important point was…

Luo Tian looked like he hadn’t suffered any injuries at all. He was patting the dust off his clothes with a very casual expression on his face. He then directly ridiculed Yin Shang by saying: “Is that all the power you have? What a complete weakass!”

As his voice faded…

Luo Tian ferociously sneered and said: “Then it should be this daddy’s turn!”

“Level 3 Berserk!”


A muffled explosion was heard inside Luo Tian’s body as his aura underwent a drastic change.

The phantom image of a grim reaper behind him became more real and was now eight times stronger than before!

Level 3 Berserk!

The power of eight times the base attributes!

The moment Luo Tian’s body exploded with eight times his base power, his whole body started turning red. He was similar to a person covered in magma right now. Luo Tian gave Yin Shang a ghastly stare as he shouted: “The strength of a Profound Spirit 8th ranker is beneath you, but what about now?!”

Eight times the attributes of a Profound Spirit 8th rank!

Yin Shang had an ugly look on his face as he sensed the aura coming from Luo Tian.

Those evil sect members behind him also had an ugly look on their faces like that had just eaten shit or something similar to it.

Luo Tian took one step forward.


The debris beneath that foot immediately started melting before evaporating and turning into tiny pieces of ash that drifted along a breeze.


Explosive power to the max!

Luo Tian’s excitement was now in a complete mess. He clenched his fists while his heart was filled with unbridled madness. Looking how Yin Shang’s face looked like he had just eaten shit, Luo Tian started reveling in that sensation. He then said: “What about it? Can’t find any words to say now? Weren’t you just extremely arrogant?”

“Weren’t you showing off just now?”

“Weren’t you just ridiculing this daddy’s Profound Spirit 8th rank strength?”

“F*ck your grandpa! Why don’t you act arrogant in front of this daddy now you damn abomination!”

Luo Tian took one step for every sentence he spoke, and each step would cause an energy wave visible to the naked eye to ripple out. They undying guards in a five meter radius from him would then faint from the shock of being hit with that energy.

This was very similar to the spiritual force aura often seen in the anime One Piece!

Yin Shang’s expression became uglier and uglier. The oppressive pressure he was releasing no longer harmed Luo Tian in any way, and it was even resisted by Luo Tian in a very casual manner.

Was this still the strength of someone at the Profound Spirit 8th rank?

This was clearly something that f*cking surpassed the Profound Spirit 9th rank already!

“Lord Dark King, I just remembered there’s something important that I have to take care of in my sect. I will first take my leave.”

“I have a young infant at home that’s waiting for me to feed him milk so I’ll first take my leave as well.”

“There… there…’s oh yeah! Lord Dark King, my period is coming soon. There’s nothing I can do since you know it comes every month for women. I will bid my goodbye for now so take care. I believe you will kill that kid very soon.”

Those evil sect members all found excuses to leave the Dark King’s Palace.

Their actions completely pissed Yin Shang off. He turned around with his gloomy eyes and glared at those so called allies of his while coldly smiling. “You want to leave? Then go to hell for me!”

Yin Shang waved his right hand.

The rainbow colored death aura turned into several streams of light before penetrating all their bodies. The death aura then started devouring them and eventually turning their bodies into a dark mass. Their bodies then turned into powder scattering on the ground.

“What a bunch of two-faced scums!”

“Did you think that this king’s Dark Mountain Corpse City is a place where you come and go whenever you want?!”

Yin Shang screamed out in anger. He then turned to Luo Tian’s direction and smiled coldly: “Not bad. Your powers are quite strong but can you kill me? I possess a body of a rank 8 undying Gu insect that’s as strong as steel and no sword can penetrate. Did you think that with your current strength, you’ll be able to kill this king? Quit dreaming!”

“Kid, this king will give you a final chance.”

“Kneel down and kowtow, and this king will spare you. Otherwise…”

Luo Tian was getting impatient. His clenched fists tightened a bit more and Magma Fire appeared.

Under the stimulus of eight times the attributes, his fists were similar to mini volcanoes. Luo Tian looked at Yin Shang floating in the air with a smug expression so his fist bombarded out. He then shouted: “Bla bla bla, are you done speaking bullshit yet? Bla your sister you stupid b*tch!”

Luo Tian soared into the air with his right fist slamming forth.

His fist turned illusory before eventually disappearing.

The sound of space cracking was heard before the punch smashed a big hole in Yin Shang’s head. Luo Tian’s magma fist had aimed for the big Gu insect on Yin Shang’s head and managed to heavily slam onto the target.



Luo Tian chuckled excitedly. He didn’t think that under level 3 Berserk, his Magma Fire skill was able to break space apart. He also didn’t expect the control of his magma fist to become so flawless, which was how he could accurately smash into the target growing out of Yin Shang’s head.

For anyone succumbed to the Gu poison, their weakness would be the Gu insect inside their brain.

Yin Shang’s Gu insect was special because a portion of it had broken through his skull and was acting high and mighty along with the host.

It was extremely disgusting to see!

The magma exploded against the big Gu insect and Yin Shang’s body obviously sank down into the ground a bit. There was a trace of shock on his face but it turned ferocious as he started laughing loudly. “Hahaha… hahaha…”

“Hey kid, you thought that’d I be like them?”

“I refined a rank 8 Gu insect within myself. This king has already said that your attack power isn’t enough, hahaha…”

“You aren’t capable of killing this king!”

Luo Tian’s attack was very strong!

But Yin Shang’s defense was even stronger!

Luo Tian had always thought the undying Gu insect was part of Yin Shang and didn’t expect that Yin Shang was actually part of the insect instead. He had already turned himself into a big Gu insect in the shape of a human.

Watching Yin Shang’s crazy laughter…

Luo Tian’s right hand moved and the Blood Devouring Wild Blade appeared. His eyes locked onto Yin Shang while coldly smiling: “Still acting wildly arrogant huh? This daddy can’t kill you huh? Fine, this daddy will demonstrate to you what is true unbridled power!”

Luo Tian’s right foot shifted.

“Level 3 Berserk!”

He had once again activated Berserk. Luo Tian’s aura seemed to be a level stronger than before because the Blood Devouring Wild Blade’s killing intent was extremely intense. With its world of slaughter aura combined with Luo Tian’s grim reaper path of slaughter, those two created a resonance and fused together!

“It’s useless!”

“An insignificant human being like you cannot kill this king. Even if you became stronger or had a stronger weapon, everything before this king’s rank 8 Gu insect is nothing but trash! Hahaha…” Yin Shang was laughing fiercely fueled by his arrogance.


Luo Tian directly cursed out. The anger in him was intensifying as he waved his blade and pointed it at Yin Shang’s smug expression. “Your granny! You’re so good at blocking huh? Fine, this daddy will let you keep blocking. Let’s see if you can handle ten thousand blade strikes!”

Luo Tian goes berserk…!


(T/N: Sorry for the plot hole guys but the author had completely forgotten to explain how the Berserk skill had risen to level 3. There are no explanations in subsequent chapters either so I can only infer that he used leftover experience points to upgrade it. But he had just leveled up so there shouldn’t be any leftover experience points, so this has become a plot hole so deep that one cannot see the depths of it?)

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