Undefeatable – Ch159

Chapter 159 – Beating The Shit Out…

Luo Tian was enraged!

Yin Shang’s smug look made him extremely annoyed.

With the strength of a Profound Spirit 8th rank and the addition of eight times the attributes, Magma Fire’s attack still didn’t have much effect on Yin Shang. This annoyed the crap out of him.

A rank 8 Gu insect was so amazing huh?

Being super arrogant because of your rank 8 Gu insect huh?


If a single punch can’t kill you, how about a hundred punches? Or a million punches?

This daddy refuses to believe you can keep blocking it!

Luo Tian’s rage had reached the sky! His eyes coldly glared at Yin Shang as he shouted: “This daddy would like to see how many blade strikes you can take!”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian angrily shouted: “Level 3 Berserk!”

The aura on his body underwent a drastic change.

The Blood Devouring Wild Blade sliced through the air, and a red blade qi in the form of a crescent moon shot out. Its aura was beyond domineering!

Luo Tian had scrunched his brows as he said: “Ghost Slash…”

Also at this time…

Bai Mei hurriedly shouted out: “Kid, don’t fall for his trap! Your attacks will be useless against him because you have to find where his weakness is at. Only then will he die or else before you even manage to kill him, you’d be tired to death already. Once your body is out of profound energy, the consequences…”

A rank 8 Gu insect’s defense was too strong.

Yin Shang’s expression turned grim as he swiped his right hand. A black death aura flame then shot out towards Bai Mei as he coldly harrumphed: “Old undying bastard, you’re being too nosey.”

Luo Tian slashed with his blade and directly disintegrated the death aura.


A rank 8 Gu insect’s defense was extremely strong and won’t die unless some sort of weakness was found.

Luo Tian had trained in the refining Gu skill so he too was clear about this.

He originally wanted to find Yin Shang’s weakness through battling him. But Yin Shang was acting super cocky and wildly arrogant, making Luo Tian extremely annoyed.

Luo Tian was still a passionate young teenager in this world.

He couldn’t stand seeing people act so arrogantly in front of him. Whenever he sees people like that, Luo Tian only wanted to use one method to take care of them: Slap them to death! Let’s see if you can still f*cking show off then!

Yin Shang was acting super smug with his rank 8 Gu insect because he thought Luo Tian wouldn’t be able to kill him.

If that’s the case…

Then Luo Tian will relentlessly kill! If one strike didn’t work, he would strike ten thousand times. If ten thousand strikes didn’t work, he will strike a million times. Luo Tian will not retreat until he beats the shit out of Yin Shang!

You think you’re strong?

This daddy is stronger than you!

Acting arrogant? This daddy will act much more arrogant than you!

At this moment, Luo Tian started smiling as he said: “Don’t worry old man, just watch how I beat the shit right out of him. Isn’t it just a rank 8 Gu insect? Watch how this daddy beats it until it becomes a rank 8 stinking insect!”

As his voice faded…

Luo Tian swept the Blood Devouring Wild Blade and started spinning in place. He continuously poured power into his arms as he glanced at those smug lips on Yin Shang. He then shouted: “3600 Degree Motionless Hades Slash!”

The blade body of the Blood Devouring Wild Blade became much more menacing. A formless blade qi started materializing in the air filled with endless power of Hades before chopping down.

Within this instant…

Luo Tian glared at Yin Shang while waiting for the effects of his blade strike!


The blade qi dispersed yet Yin Shang was still standing there proudly. His expression turned even more arrogant and smug as he laughed: “Hahaha… This king has already said that you cannot kill me. The blade strike was very strong but this king hasn’t suffered any injuries, hahaha. Is this really all the power you’ve got? Kid, you can try chopping me again if you want. Hahaha…”

Yin Shang was showing off!

Showing off in an incomparably arrogant manner!

Yin Shang started laughing wildly causing the entire Dark Mountain Corpse City to shake.

Bai Mei’s expression turned anxious as he once again said: “Kid, it’s no use. It will still be useless if your attack went up another notch of power…”


Luo Tian smiled.

He was different to the martial cultivators of this Tianxuan Continent because he was a transmigrator with the level up system. In his eyes, there was no such thing as a useless attack. Back then when his blade struck Yin Shang, there was indeed very little damage to the point that it could be ignored.


The moment the blade qi landed, Luo Tian noticed a red -100 number that floated above Yin Shang’s head.

At the same time…

Yin Shang’s health bar had finally been revealed, showing his health to be one million points!

Since Luo Tian was able to break through the defense, then anything was possible!

Luo Tian made some calculations as he mumbled to himself: “100 points of damage for a single blade strike… then for one million health, a total of ten thousand blade strikes are needed. Good! This daddy will give him ten thousand blade strikes then!”

Yin Shang saw that Luo Tian was mumbling something incomprehensible so he thought Luo Tian was scared. He then started laughing in ridicule: “What’s going on? Is that all the power you have kid? Your attack was not even enough to scratch an itch for me!”

“A lowly human being like you wants to fight with me? You are still far from enough, hahaha…”

“You just watch how this king will bring the entire earth’s core race out of this dark hole. The old couple and the six virgins will of course have to die. Oh right, there’s also that little girl from the Sea Cloud Sect. She will definitely become a sex slave of mine, hahaha…”

This was constant provocation.

This was deliberate mocking and angering Luo Tian.

Yin Shang was clear that the human body had a limited amount of profound energy. No matter how strong a Profound Spirit 8th ranker was, their profound energy will eventually be used up. Before Luo Tian is able to find his weakness, most likely he’d have already tired himself out. By that time, he would be the knife while Luo Tian would be the fish on the cutting board!

“Yin Shang, you should start counting for me!”

“That was just the first strike!”

“There’s still nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine blades left so carefully count it all out for this daddy.”

As Luo Tian’s voice faded…

Level 3 Berserk was activated and Luo Tian’s arms turned into a machine as it crazily chopped continuously. “Second blade, third blade, fourth blade…”

One slash came after another.

Each blade strike was chopped down with all Luo Tian’s strength.

The more he slashed out, the more Luo Tian became excited. His expression also became more crazy and ferocious.

Yin Shang was directly receiving those attacks before saying with extreme arrogance: “Hahaha… Kid, there’s no way you can kill me. This king has a rank 8 undying Gu insect and my defensive capabilities defy the heavens! Hahaha…”

“It’s over!”

“Everything is over!”

Bai Mei looked on sadly as Luo Tian attacked Yin Shang like crazy. His mind was at a loss as he mumbled to himself: “Why is this kid not listening to my advice? If he keeps up consuming his energy like this, he’ll definitely tire himself to death!”

Qin Yue’er went over to Bai Mei. She looked at Luo Tian in the air attacking like crazy and then looked at Yin Shang. She then said: “Did you notice his power output hasn’t weakened at all? And have you noticed Yin Shang’s expression seems to be slowly changing?”

“Six hundred and seventy eighth blade!

“Nine hundred and twentieth blade!”

“One thousand three hundred and forty-seventh blade!”

When Luo Tian’s blade chopped onto Yin Shang, a combo score that only he could see would appear above Yin Shang’s head.

When the blade number one thousand chopped down…

Yin Shang’s expression changed more noticeably.

Because a dark green liquid was oozing out of his head. His eyes turned to ones of fear as he shouted: “Impossible, impossible, absolutely impossible!”


“Five thousand eight hundredth blade!”

Yin Shang’s body was covered in a dark green liquid and the big Gu insect on his head was trembling.

Also at this moment…

Yin Shang’s shit had been beaten out of him. His pants had turned wet and runny as a disgusting stench filled the air. His expression was extremely scared as he managed to stutter out: “Stop, stop, stop hitting me.”

“Stop hitting you?”

“How am I supposed to make you explode with loot if this daddy stops hitting you? Wouldn’t all my preparation go to waste? How can this daddy finish his quest?!”

“The ten thousandth blade!”


(T/N: I’m not sure why Yin Shang is not fighting back and just allowing Luo Tian to keep chopping at him…)

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  1. Okso says:

    So why does the mc use berserk like 3 times after using it once???


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