Undefeatable – Ch163

Chapter 163 – Idol

Half a month later.

Luo Tian had been unconscious and lost all sense of time. His energy consumption was too huge this encounter and his body couldn’t handle the rebound.

But for Ninth brother, his true fellow brother, Luo Tian would still choose to do this again if he was ever given a choice. He was such a person that would sacrifice everything for his fellow brothers. In order to save Tang Jiu, he didn’t care if something bad was to happen to himself. This was his own standard for being a decent human being, especially when Tang Jiu was hurt because of him.


Luo Tian’s eyelids quivered before he slowly opened them. When he woke up, he realized his arm felt a bit sore. At the corner of his eyes, he saw Qin Yue’er had been using his arm as a pillow.

With her long hair, long eyelashes, and an unblemished face, everything looked so perfect. A gush of happiness appeared in his heart since he had always wished someone like her would be sleeping on his arm like this. Luo Tian really felt extremely happy because if this was his previous life, only in his dreams would this scene occur. When seeing Qin Yue’er sleeping in such a calm and serene manner on him, he felt like everything was fulfilled in life. They didn’t have to be doing anything because just looking was enough to satisfy him.

Thinking of his pathetic previous life, Luo Tian could only bitterly smile.

Looking at his current situation, he lightly smiled again. He had Xue’er, and now Qin Yue’er; he couldn’t help feel like he was living in a fantasy. Except… after experiencing this episode of Dark Mountain Corpse City, he was clear on one point:

In order to protect those close to him, he had to become stronger that everyone around him.

This was the only way he could protect those close to him.

If he wasn’t so weak, Li Xue’er wouldn’t be forced to leave. If he wasn’t so weak, that night he would’ve rushed out and slapped Murong Wanjian before fiercely stepping on his head and saying: “Motherf*cker, scram aside for this daddy! She is my, Luo Tian’s woman!”

But… he didn’t have the qualifications to rush out.

He was too weak.

So weak that words couldn’t even describe it.

He wanted to become stronger; he urgently needed to become stronger!

“Crack~, crack~…” Luo Tian silently clenched his fists.

It seemed like Qin Yue’er felt something and slowly opened her eyes. Seeing how Luo Tian was staring at her unblinkingly, he cheeks became faintly red and her eyes showed a trace of happiness. “You, you, you’ve finally woken up. You almost scared me to death. Do you know how worried I was this past half a month? I was really scared that you’ll never wake up ever again. I was so afraid that…”

As she was saying that, Qin Yue’er’s eyes became red.

After so many years, there was finally someone she cared so much about in her life. During this long half a month period, she didn’t realize how much she could care for one person. And it was even a man. Even though she had joked around with him in the beginning, she eventually realized she had truly fallen in love with Luo Tian after he had become unconscious.

Luo Tian gently wiped away the tear on Qin Yue’er’s face and gently said: “I’m sorry I made you worried. I, Luo Tian promise that this won’t ever happen again.”

Qin Yue’er smiled in response.


Luo Tian exhaled.

Qin Yue’er panicked and asked: “What happened? Is there still some internal injury?”

Luo Tian smiled, “Don’t worry; the blood circulation in my arm isn’t flowing properly so it feels numb.”



Qin Yue’er realized she was still sleeping on Luo Tian’s arm and immediately got up. She then charmingly said with a smile: “It’s quite comfortable to sleep in your arms, heh heh…”

Luo Tian was unconscious for half a month so she was by his side for half a month. She was just too tired last night and happened to fall asleep on Luo Tian’s arms, and it happened to be filled with sweet dreams. It was similar to a person feeling blessed and full of happiness.

Luo Tian gently scraped Qin Yue’er’s nose and said: “You can sleep on it for the rest of your life if you want.”

Qin Yue’er was extremely happy and said: “You said it, and I’m going to treat as for real. It doesn’t matter how many women you have in the future because this arm will be mine, heh heh. No one better think of stealing it away from me!”

At this moment…

Sounds of hurried footsteps was heard.


“Who the f*ck is it?! Do you believe this daddy will kick you flying?!”

Luo Tian was frowning as his heart was filled with hatred. He was just making some progress and some asshole comes interrupting him.

My spear is about to be pulled out of my pants and someone comes at this exact moment? Isn’t that equivalent to taking my life?

Qin Yue’er was startled by the sound as well. She looked at Luo Tian’s tormented expression and started laughing coquettishly: “You little pervert, looks like we’ll have to pause our battle, hee hee…”

Although she said that, her face was so red that juice could be squeezed out of it.

She was actually extremely shy.

Because this house of the earth’s core race had thin walls and was filled with holes, there was no way she could concentrate on doing the deed in such an environment.

Luo Tian fiercely squeezed one of Qin Yue’er’s breast and said: “You little demoness, you just wait for me. Next time we’ll battle it out to the point that you will beg for mercy.”

After saying that…

Luo Tian smoothed out his clothes and sat up.

Qin Yue’er also sat up and leaned against Luo Tian’s back. She then said tenderly: “Sounds good, this sister will be waiting.”



Tang Jiu directly entered the house without knocking. When he noticed them two with messy hair, he immediately came to a realization.

Tang Jiu was someone with experience and knew what was going on inside the house. He immediately chuckled and turned around, “Dammit, I forgot that I still had something to do. You two, uhh… you two should continue. I’ll be back in two hours.”

“Cough~, cough~…”

Luo Tian coughed a few times before asking: “Ninth brother, did something happen?”

Tang Jiu scratched his head and said: “There’s nothing really. The old granny said that you were awake so I rushed over.”

“The old granny said I was awake?”

Luo Tian was stunned by this as he cursed internally: “Shit man, so the old granny pretty much heard everything? Then…”

Luo Tian became embarrassed.

Also at this time…

Bai Mei and the old granny came in while holding hands. Behind them were the six women except this time they were wearing clothes. But the clothing was rather thin so the scenes beneath it could still be faintly seen.

“Kid, you’re finally awake.”

“You little kid, it looks like you’re… ho ho… in high spirits.” Said the old granny while trying to suppress her laughter.

Luo Tian rolled his eyes at her and said: “Yeah, I’m awake and everything seems to be working.”

“That’s good then, that’s good then. Hahaha…”


The earth’s core race was entertaining those three in the most warm-hearted manner.

Three days later, those three left.

They left through the hole that Luo Tian had fallen down from.

When they were leaving, Bai Mei gave Luo Tian something that looked like a medal and said: “If one day you need my help, just crush it and I’ll be there as quick as possible.”

Luo Tian carefully put it away in gratitude.

As the three of them were about to exit the cave entrance, an ear screeching song was heard.

“You are my little barbeque meat, the love I have for you is endless…”

Luo Tian was startled.

His expression immediately changed as he shouted in his heart: “Motherf*cker, this daddy has encountered you again!”

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