Undefeatable – Ch164

Chapter 164 – Have To Recite A Spell

The grilled meat that was somehow stolen…

So he chased after a little guy.

He then fell into a deep hole and arrived at the earth’s core race territory.

Shit man, he almost died there.

Everything could be blamed on that little gnome who stole the grilled meat.

Luo Tian’s temper started rising.

Encountering the earth’s core race was considered a blessing in disguise. In less than a month, he went from a Profound Master all the way to the Profound Spirit realm. He also gained several martial skills that went against the heavens and got an earth attributed demon core. He also got to know the Tang Dynasty’s Ninth Prince and the Sea Cloud Sect’s super hot goddess Qin Yue’er. The only blemish in the otherwise perfect story was that he didn’t get the system’s second big reward. This was something Luo Tian somewhat resented in his heart.

Of course…

The things he had gained were already enough to go against the heaven. So if the system gave him even more rewards, then this would be too over the top.

But the hatred Luo Tian had for this gnome was considered two separate issues.

“♫ You are my little barbeque meat, the love I have for you is endless… ♫”

This legendary children’s song through the gnome’s mouth had turned into an old cow bleating. It was no different from random moo’ing.

Qin Yue’er helplessly commented: “It’s like someone is half speaking half singing a song. It’s really quite harsh to the ears.”

Tang Jiu also looked like he couldn’t handle it.

At this time, Luo Tian had already disappeared from his position.

Because he was very clear on the gnome’s speed. Once the gnome realizes you were onto him, wanting to capture him would become extremely difficult. The most hateful thing about that little guy was that he could fly, and it was at a fast rate of speed too. His two little arms would flap like crazy and was very similar to wings.

Luo Tian has seen many gnomes in video games before but he has never seen one that could fly before.

The little gnome was grilling meat and humming his song. It also looked like the meat had just been finished grilling too.

When the gnome took a bite, he chewed a few times and spat it back out. He then cursed: “That was f*cking disgusting! I have clearly followed that guy’s way of grilling the meat yet the difference in taste is too large. Could it be that I’m reciting the spell wrong?”

After that, the brows on the gnome scrunched up. He then pronounced one word at a time: “You are my little buttocks, huh… that’s not right. It should be… You are my little apple; my love for you is endless…”

“That’s right; this should be the correct spell.”

“How come the meat I grill is so disgusting while the meat that ugly ass human grills is so good? What’s going on?”

This little guy had taken Luo Tian’s song as a spell.

Luo Tian silently walked closer to the gnome. But upon hearing the words ugly ass human, his expression changed while he directly shouted: “You damn little squirt; you stole this daddy’s grilled meat and caused this daddy to almost fall to his death in a deep hole. Now you’re f*cking calling this daddy an ugly ass? Have you never met such a cool and handsome guy like me before?”


The gnome shrieked out in horror and almost fell over from trembling. Seeing Luo Tian appear, he immediately forced himself to coldly sneer in disdain: “It’s the ugly ass looking human again. I’m surprised I wasn’t able to kill you yet.”


“Such arrogance coming from a little squirt like you! Watch how this daddy takes care of you!” Shouted Luo Tian as he rushed towards the gnome.

The gnome quickly scampered off to the side. He then laughed in disdain: “You want to take care of me? Can you even catch up to me? Ugly ass, ugly ass, you’re a super ugly ass. Hahaha…”

This midget’s speed was really fast and wanting to catch up to him might not be possible.


Last time when Luo Tian was chasing him, he had feeling this gnome was completely messing with him. That’s why he had fallen deep into a hole and landed in the territory of the earth’s core race.

Seeing how the gnome had scampered off to the side about to make a run for it, Luo Tian didn’t chase after him and smiled coldly. “You think I can’t catch you? Just watch and see how this daddy will smack your butt soon.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian’s brow quivered as he said to himself: “Let me test out my new skill.”

“Eternal Kingdom!”


A black aura like flame shot out from Luo Tian’s body and started diffusing out to a five meter radius around him.

The black aura finished enshrouding the area. At this moment, an independent space was created within the five meter radius with Luo Tian at the center. This was considered Luo Tian’s special space and he was capable of doing anything inside it. He was practically the overlord of this space!

This feeling was extremely awesome!

Luo Tian’s heart was filled with joy and exhilaration. “If I ever encounter any experts in the same cultivation realm as me, this daddy won’t have to worry of ever losing. I am now an existence that can directly steamroll over them!”

The Eternal Kingdom skill only works against martial cultivators at the same realm or below the user.

It was too difficult to pull in martial cultivators at higher realms into the Eternal Kingdom, which was a natural effect in the gap between strength.


This was already super awesome. In other words – possessing this skill meant that Luo Tian was an invincible existence to those in the same cultivation realm as him.

Of course…

Level 1 Eternal Kingdom only lasted for 2 seconds. There’s a possibility from nothing to many things being accomplished in that 2 second time frame.

But catching this gnome, 2 seconds was more than enough.

Within an instant…

The gnome felt a slight energy fluctuation in the space around him. He wanted to run but found out that he couldn’t control his body. More accurately speaking, he was being suppressed by some sort of spatial law which he couldn’t break out from.

The Eternal Kingdom was a skill that belonged to the spatial law category.

How could the gnome possibly break out of it?

Luo Tian ferociously smiled. He then grabbed the gnomes clothing and lifted him up into the air before directly smacking his butt. Luo Tian then shouted: “Your damn granny, you dare to call me an ugly ass? Watch how I smack your butt into pulp!”



Tang Jiu and Qin Yue’er were both stunned by this.

There were obvious changes in their eyes the moment Eternal Kingdom disappeared. They both then glanced at each other briefly.

Tang Jiu asked: “How come such a death aura appeared here? I somehow feel like it’s quite familiar.”

Qin Yue’er said: “This is the martial skill of the Dark Mountain Corpse City’s Yin Shang. Little handsome brother, how come you know it as well? Could it be…”

Tang Jiu was shocked by this and a brief flash appeared in his eyes. He then said with incomparable worship: “My idol is truly an idol, he’s way too powerful! If I was a woman, I will definitely be mesmerized by him to the point of losing my mind.”

Qin Yue’er rolled her eyes at Tang Jiu and said: “Senior brother, I heard that there’s a pill in this world called the Yin Yang Conversion pill ¹. Do you want me to ask an elder to find one for you?”

A black line appeared on Tang Jiu’s head as he quickly ran off.

Qin Yue’er smiled evilly as she placed her hands on her waist. She then shook the breasts she was so proud of causing them to slightly bounce up and down before saying: “A guy wants to snatch my man? Humph, you think this sister is an easy pushover?!”


“Call this daddy an ugly ass again!”

“Say it again if you have the guts!”

Luo Tian poked his finger at the gnome’s forehead and said: “A little squirt like you dares to call this daddy an ugly ass? Your whole family are all ugly asses!”

After saying that, he smacked the gnomes butt once more.

The gnome was now crying loudly in pain.

He was trying to desperately struggle away from Luo Tian’s evil grasp. At this point in time, some crystal objects fell out of his body.

Luo Tian looked down and was startled. “Woa, there’s some demon cores here.”

He casually picked one up…

And the system suddenly gave off an alert tone.



¹ – The Yin Yang Conversion pill will turn him from a man to a woman.

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