Undefeatable – Ch166

Chapter 166 – Little Snotty Brat

A mountain of demon cores?!

When Luo Tian heard those words, his heart was filled with a surge of emotions. “How many f*cking demon cores are required to be called a mountain of them?!”

Out of several demon cores on Fan Zhangjian’s body and already one of them was of the five elements. That means Luo Tian could casually pick out more of them in the mountain?

This was too freaking awesome!

Luo Tian became super ecstatic.

Qin Yue’er and Tang Jiu both had looks of shock on their faces.

Even the Sea Cloud Sect would not have such a shocking fortune. A mountain of demon cores… how much wealth was that?!

The gnome race.

They were a special race that enjoyed hoarding and accumulating precious items.

Amongst all the races of the continent, their fortunes could almost match the dragon race.

The dragon race stood at the peak where no other races could match their wealth. Out of all the myriad of races, the gnome race might be only slightly lower than them in wealth. The gnomes also hid deep underground so no one could find them.

This was very similar to the gnome race in video games.

Although Luo Tian’s heart was prepared for the gnome’s answer, he was still shaken from the words – a mountain of demon cores.

Luo Tian’s restored his calm and turned subservient again. “Prince of the gnome race, where is your home? Can you spare me some wood and water attributed demon cores? I will definitely repay you the best I can.”

This time, Fan Zhangjian didn’t dare to act arrogant and carefully responded: “My home is at the depths of this mountain range.”


“Then can you bring me there?” Luo Tian asked.

Fan Zhangjian’s eyes slightly quivered before he quickly agreed: “I can.”

“Agreed so easily?”

“This little thing might be trying to play some tricks again. Little handsome brother, you have to be careful. Recorded in the Tianxuan continent’s books, the gnome race is described as being extremely crafty and people are often cheated by them. Since he has agreed so readily, there’s probably something fishy going on; don’t fall for it.” Qin Yue’er advised.

Luo Tian understood it as well.

He noticed the gnome’s eyes quiver and already knew it was up to something.


Luo Tian really needed the last two demon cores so he could open the ancient scroll’s treasure as quick as possible. He needed the ancient treasure in order to strengthen himself and level up faster. Even though he knew Fan Zhangjian was trying to cheat him somehow, he still had to give it a try.

After all…

Killing demonic beasts in the Ghostly Mountain Range and hoping a demon core of the five elements would appear was simply too difficult.

Since that’s the case, he might as well take the risk with this gnome.

Luo Tian’s expression turned cold and his lips curved into an icy smile. “Prince of the gnome race, you’re not trying to trick me right?”

Luo Tian’s expression looked like he was about to devour the gnome.

It was extremely ghastly and horrifying.

Fan Zhangjian couldn’t help shivering once. The pain on his butt made his face pale as he shook his head dully: “No way, no way, why would I trick you? How could I dare trick you? There’s really a mountain of demon cores at my home. As long as you follow me back, I will definitely help you find the demon cores containing attributes of the five elements.”

As he was speaking, the gnome’s expression had a slight fluctuation.

There were signs of depression.

But Luo Tian didn’t notice this.

Luo Tian smiled in satisfaction and said: “It’s good that you don’t dare to since you know my way of doing things. If you dare to trick me, not only will your butt bloom flowers, your little brother will also be chopped off and fed to the dogs.”

The gnome immediately clamped his legs together to protect his little brother. He then said with a face full of smiles: “Don’t worry, don’t worry!”

Luo Tian then asked: “You’re not going to run away now right?”


“Nope! Even if you beat me to death, I won’t try to run away from the palm of your hands. Your spatial laws back then was very powerful! I have never seen such a powerful martial skill in my entire life! Heh heh…” Fan Zhangjian said with a fawning smile.

Luo Tian sneered: “I doubt you’d dare to anymore!”

Tang Jiu’s brows were slightly scrunched up but said happily to himself: “Sure enough, it’s a martial skill belonging to the spatial law category. I am afraid this type of martial skill would cause a huge war for people to get their hands on. My idol is truly an idol existence, he’s simply too awesome.”

Inside Tang Jiu’s heart, he was worshipping Luo Tian more and more.

He felt that Luo Tian was becoming stronger every day, and that he possessed some type of ability that exceeded those from this world.

Just like how Bai Mei has said before, this kid was a mythical existence.

Luo Tian walked to the mouth of the cave and looked up at the sky. He then said: “We will rest here for the night.”

The sun was already setting and the sky would become dark in half an hour. Then it would be time for when the demonic beasts ruled the area.

Even though Luo Tian had reached the Profound Spirit realm, he still didn’t dare to traverse it carelessly.

There were too many strong demonic beasts in the Ghostly Mountain Range, so a Profound Spirit ranker like him was not enough.

Tang Jiu and Qin Yue’er didn’t have any objections.


Luo Tian placed more dry branches on the fire. He then tore off a large piece of thigh meat from the demonic beast that Fan Zhangjian had previously killed. Upon setting up a rack over the fire, Luo Tian skillfully started grilling and the aromatic scent of barbecued meat quickly drifted out.

He gently sprinkled on a bit of salt.

Allowing the meat to absorb the flavor.

He then sprinkled a bit of pepper flakes to make the flavor more fragrant.



The sound of saliva hitting the ground was heard from Fan Zhangjian’s direction. He was trying to swallow back down his saliva as he looked at Luo Tian and asked: “How come you didn’t recite the spell? Aren’t you supposed to recite the spell while grilling the meat?”

Luo Tian almost burst out laughing as he never imagined his Little Barbeque Meat song had become a spell.

Once his laughter was suppressed…

Luo Tian closed his eyes with a sincere look plastered on his face. His hands then started dancing in the air before his eyes opened and looked at Fan Zhangjian. “The spell only works when accompanied by hand gestures.”

Luo Tian’s hands were dancing about in the air.

♫ “You are my little barbeque meat, the love I have for you is endless…” ♫

Fan Zhangjian was watching everything with seriousness as he was memorizing every motion Luo Tian was taking. He was secretly smiling inside, “This crappy human being actually dares to reveal his secret art of grilling meat, what an idiot! Hahaha… My father said that humans were craftier than us, but the way I see it, this human is as dumb as a pig! Hahaha…”

After several minutes…

The delicious barbecued meat was done.

Luo Tian first gave a portion to Qin Yue’er and Tang Jiu.

The two of them were also secretly swallowing back down their saliva. They’ve eaten many delicious foods from the sea and the land, especially Ninth Prince who has sampled countless delicacies in his life. But somehow, Luo Tian’s grilled barbecue meat almost made him swallow his own tongue.

Those two were eating very happily and practically cramming it down their throats.

This made Fan Zhangjian off to the side swallow down even more saliva. His two big watery eyes were now staring at Luo Tian without blinking.

Luo Tian smiled and asked: “Do you want some?”

Fan Zhangjian’s head was like a little chick pecking at rice as he responded: “Yes!”

Luo Tian then replied: “As long as you’re obedient and lead me to where I can get my demon cores of the five elements, I will take care of all the grilled meat you eat in your entire life.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian gave him the biggest piece of grilled meat.

Fan Zhangjian looked at the big piece of grilled meat and felt like an emotional mess. It looked like tears were about to come out of his eyes. He looked at Luo Tian and was about to say something but held back. He then ran off to the side and started devouring the meat with big bites.

Luo Tian lightly laughed: “You little snotty brat!”


Late into the night.

At the mouth of the cave.

Qin Yue’er was sitting in Luo Tian’s embrace with her head resting on his chest. She then whispered: “Little handsome brother, should we try battling it one more time?”

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