Undefeatable – Ch167

Chapter 167 – You Two Are Going To Fight?


This was blatant unreserved seduction!

As long as you were a man, there’s no way you can resist it.

Was Luo Tian a man?

Not only was he a man, he was a very ordinary typical guy. While smelling the faint fragrance on Qin Yue’er, his whole body was not feeling quite right. He then pressed himself against her and whispered: “You little demoness, this grandpa will take care of you tonight!”

What normal person could tolerate this?

Would you have no reaction if such a hot beauty was in your embrace?

Even those that are impotent would have a reaction!

Luo Tian felt like immediately pushing Qin Yue’er down.

Unknowns when…

The little gnome stuck his head out and rubbed his eyes. “You two are going to fight?”

Luo Tian’s expression sank while his eyes were filled with thick killing intent. He then shouted: “Scram!”

Fan Zhangjian jumped in fright. Even when Luo Tian spanked him, his eyes didn’t look as frightening as it did now. He was just merely asking a question so was there any need for such a big temper?

“Looks like they really are about to fight or else he wouldn’t be so angry.” Fang Zhangjian muttered to himself.

Immediately after…

Fan Zhangjian then said weakly: “My mother said it’s not good to fight.”


Qin Yue’er couldn’t hold back anymore and started laughing.

The sexual atmosphere was instantly destroyed by this. Luo Tian exhaled long and hard as he looked up at the sky and mumbled: “How long do I need to endure this f*cking burden for? What the f*ck is going on?”

This was the second time of being cock blocked.

Was it really that difficult to get rid of his virginity?

How f*cking hard is it really supposed to be?!

Luo Tian had thoughts of committing suicide.


The only thing Luo Tian could do now was to endure it. In fact, he had never thought of doing stuff with Qin Yue’er here since they were surrounded by the forest. Were they honestly going to have sex out in the wild?

They’ve just come back up to the surface and it was already that exciting, so Luo Tian was afraid his little heart couldn’t handle it.


Tang Jiu was sleeping inside the cave.

How could a Profound Spirit 5th ranker not sense the atmosphere? He was probably pretending to sleep right now.

Luo Tian shook his hands and said: “Fine, we’re not fighting anymore so go back to sleep first. I still have matters to talk about with this big sister.”


Fan Zhangjian replied. But since he was still a bit worried, he looked at Qin Yue’er and said: “Big sister, if he hits you, just scream loudly and we’ll wake up. Then I can help you beat… uh, I mean help cheer you on!”

He wanted to say help beat Luo Tian up, but when the words were about to come out, he didn’t dare to continue.

Qin Yue’er started laughing again in a cute manner.

Fan Zhangjian ran back into the cave and quietly whispered into Tang Jiu’s ears.

No matter how strong Tang Jiu’s ability to restrain himself was, he still couldn’t help letting a laugh escape him.

Luo Tian was a bit embarrassed and had to breathe out a few times to calm himself. “Ninth brother, since you’re not asleep, come out and have a seat. I have some matters to discuss with you.”

Tang Jiu stopped pretending to be asleep and went out while holding in his laughter.

The three of them sat at the mouth of the cave.

There was a brief silence as no one spoke up.

Luo Tian was the one who eventually broke the silence and said: “You two will be heading back to the Heavenly Sword City tomorrow. Ninth brother, I hope you can take good care of her for me.”

Qin Yue’er was touched by those words and said: “How about I stay here with you? It’s fine with senior brother going back to the Sea Cloud Sect alone, so I could just stay.”

There was no hesitation as Luo Tian refused. “No need, you should go back with Ninth brother to the Heavenly Sword City. I will head there myself in a few months. There’ll also be a brother of mine coming along and I’ll introduce you to him then.”

Inadvertently, Luo Tian thought of Feng Lei and said to himself: “I wonder how that fatty is doing? There’s also that girl An Chunchun; I figure she’s probably grown prettier these days.”

In fact…

If Qin Yue’er stayed behind with him, Luo Tian would have many chances to battle it out on the bed with her. Not to mention 3000 rounds, there would be no problem battling it out for 30,000 rounds. They would be doing it in the wild as well so that’ll definitely add a certain flair to their enjoyment.

But Luo Tian knew there’d definitely be danger on their way to the gnome race’s territory.

He didn’t want Qin Yue’er to suffer any more harm. Just like in Dark Mountain Corpse City, there were several times that their life was in imminent danger. Luo Tian didn’t want these instances to happen to her ever again.

When Tang Jiu heard Luo Tian was going to Heavenly Sword City later, he became excited and said: “Idol, you’re really coming to the Heavenly Sword City? You definitely have to come look for me when you get there. And if possible, I have a small request of you.”

Luo Tian smiled and said: “There’s no need to be so polite with me Ninth brother. Just tell me what requests you have.”

Tang Jiu replied: “When you arrive, is it possible that you accompany me to the Sea Cloud Sect? It’ll be just be a single trip there. If you happen to like the place, you could stay and become one of the Sea Cloud Sect disciples. Wait no; a disciple is too beneath you. I will tell the Sect Leader to give you an Elder status.”

Tang Jiu had always wanted Luo Tian to become someone part of the Sea Cloud Sect.

This was regarded as his own selfishness.

He originally considered the Sea Cloud Sect as a stage where he could make Luo Tian shock the entire continent. But his thoughts had started to change. Tang Jiu was starting to feel that the Sea Cloud Sect was not worthy of being Luo Tian’s stage. But he still had to mention it.

Luo Tian smiled with a nodded. “That’s it? Of course it’s no problem. As long as Ninth brother says the word, I’m fine with joining the Sea Cloud Sect regardless of status.”

Tang Jiu was flattered by those words and replied: “It’s just a look around. If you like it, then stay; if you don’t like it, I’ll definitely won’t force you. Honestly, I think the Sea Cloud Sect is beneath someone like you. What you need is an even bigger stage in order to display your enormous abilities.”

Luo Tian lightly chuckled.

What he needed wasn’t a stage, but endless monsters for him to kill.

The three of them became silent again.

When Qin Yue’er thought about their parting tomorrow, she didn’t care that Tang Jiu was around and directly lay her head on Luo Tian’s shoulder. She then sweetly said: “Are you really going to come?”

“En.” Luo Tian nodded.

Qin Yue’er was in thought for half a minute before softly replying: “I will wait for you.”

Luo Tian smiled and wrapped his arm around Qin Yue’er’s waist. “Of course you have to wait for me since we still have to battle it out for a few thousand rounds.”


“You two are still going to fight?”

It was unknown when Fan Zhangjian had once again appeared before them.

Luo Tian’s eyes sank as he directly cursed out: “Motherf*cker, do you believe this daddy will immediately beat the shit out off your ass?”

Fan Zhangjian – this name really matched the gnome.

Don’t bother being despicable for a short time, one should be despicable long and hard! His despicableness really drove people crazy!

The little gnome hid his head and quickly ran back into the cave.

The three of them all laughed in unison.


Morning of the next day.

“Idol, you have to come to the Heavenly Sword City. When the time comes, this older brother will definitely host a big reception for you.” Said Tang Jiu as he cupped his hands.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “Ninth brother, be careful in your travels.”

“Don’t worry.”

“You have to be careful yourself as well. This is my Great Tang’s jade pendant; it’s useless in the mountains but in the Heavenly Sword City, there’ll be some use.” Tang Jiu gave Luo Tian the pendant that he wore.

Luo Tian didn’t reject it and put it away. He then looked at Qin Yue’er and said: “You have to be careful on the road and wait for me at the Heavenly Sword City.”

Qin Yue’er ran up to Luo Tian and hugged him.

Her twin peaks was mashed against Luo Tian’s chest.

It was so big, filled with so much elasticity, and so erect. This type of feeling really made one unable to hold themselves back!

Qin Yue’er rested her head on Luo Tian’s shoulder and softly said: “I will wait for you at the Heavenly Sword City; waiting for you on the bed to be more accurately speaking. You have to come for me!”

Blood rushed into Luo Tian’s brains.

Thinking of how Qin Yue’er would look without clothes on, Luo Tian’s blood started boiling up like crazy. These images were really going to steal his life away!

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