Undefeatable – Ch168

Chapter 168 – Rushing Into A Herd Of Demonic Beasts

Qin Yue’er had left.

It was similar to when Li Xue’er had left.

This was all for when they would one day meet again!

There was about nine months of time left before the S-rank quest would expire. Luo Tian had to complete the quest of rescuing An Chunchun’s mother by then.

This was also a matter that he had pinky promised An Chunchun.


Within these nine months, he would have to visit the Heavenly Sword City.

At the same time, he had to grasp the Violet organization’s full power; the power behind the Shattered Sky City; and also Murong Wanjian’s cultivation realm. Luo Tian had to fully unravel all their powers in order to be prepared for his task in three years time.

Murong Wanjian definitely had to be stepped on like the pathetic dog he was!

Luo Tian had promised himself of never giving up, so no matter what, he had to stomp Murong Wanjian beneath his feet.


Luo Tian glanced at the gloomy forest before looking at Fan Zhangjian whose height only reached up to his thighs. “Little prince, please lead the way.”

Fan Zhangjian lightly frowned and said: “Do we really have to go?”


“Are you regretting it?” There was a slight change to Luo Tian’s tone of voice.

Fan Zhangjian immediately jumped to the front and said: “Nope, nope, no regrets.”

After saying that, he started leading the way.

They were now going towards the deepest parts of the Ghostly Mountain Range.

Rumors say that…

The deepest parts of the Ghostly Mountain Range had demonic beasts in the shapes of humans. Their strength was practically heaven defying.

In order to crack the seal on the ancient scroll, Luo Tian could only venture in despite the danger.

Since it was an ancient scroll, it must be hiding some type of ancient treasure.

This was considered a great opportunity for Luo Tian. If he wanted to trample all over Murong Wanjian three years later, he had to gain the ancient treasure in order to strengthen himself. Apart from relying on the leveling system, Luo Tian basically had no other backup he could count on!

He had to become stronger!


A human and a gnome were hurrying along the Ghostly Mountain Range.

Their speed wasn’t that fast.

Luo Tian didn’t hasten the pace since this was after all, the depths of the Ghostly Mountain Range. If some random high ranked demonic beast popped out, his Profound Spirit 8th rank strength was simply not enough to protect themselves.

They continued travelling in a careful manner.

After three consecutive days…

Luo Tian felt something strange was going on because he hadn’t seen a single demonic beast these past three days.

There should be demonic beasts roaming all over the inner depths of the Ghostly Mountain Range so how could there not be a single one around? Luo Tian was planning on leveling up to the Profound Spirit 9th rank on their way to the gnome race’s territory, but since there wasn’t even a single demonic beast around, this was all just a pipe dream.

“Little prince, are you sure this is the inner depths of the Ghostly Mountain Range?” Asked Luo Tian.

Fan Zhangjian replied: “Of course, or where else did you think we’re at?”

Luo Tian then continued asking: “How come we haven’t seen any demonic beasts here? It’s fortunate that I’ve prepared some demonic beast meat prior or else wouldn’t you starve to death?”

Fan Zhangjian started swallowing his saliva as he recalled the meat grilled by Luo Tian. He then said: “Don’t worry; we’ll meet some as we travel a bit more further and it’s very normal for there to be none around here. So… could you grill some meat for me to eat now? I’m starting to get hungry again.”

Fan Zhangjian had no more strength to continue travelling after thinking of the grilled meat.

Luo Tian rolled his eyes at him and said: “Go get some dry branches. You know, today you’ve eaten six times already so I can’t understand how your little stomach can fit so much stuff. And I haven’t even seen you go take a shit yet.”

Fan Zhangjian happily ran off to collect branches while talking to himself: “This human doesn’t treat me too badly, at least not as bad as father has mentioned. Sigh… I wonder how my father and mother are doing right now. And will Uncle Fan Feng really kill them?”


“It would be great if I could bring my friends into the gnome territories. Then my parents wouldn’t be bullied by Uncle Fan all the time.”

The thought of these matters made his mood depressed a bit.

Not long after…

He returned holding a lot of dry branches.

Luo Tian had also cleaned up the meat.

The meat he was using was all marinated by some salt, so the taste and texture would be a bit better.

After consuming several large pieces of barbecued meat, Fan Zhangjian’s stomach had bulged out. He then mumbled: “It’s so good; I really hope that I could eat such grilled meat for the rest of my life.”

Luo Tian smiled and extinguished the fire. “If you’re full, let’s continue our travels.”

Fan Zhangjian stretched his waist and rolled over to stand back up. After finding his bearings, he said: “That way!”

Luo Tian continued looking around his surroundings. He also sent out his spiritual senses but still couldn’t detect any demonic beast auras in the vicinity. He felt this was simply too strange for the Ghostly Mountain Range to have no demonic beasts when they were supposed to be roaming about everywhere.

His heart couldn’t help feeling Fan Zhangjian was deliberately hiding something from him.

Perhaps this little thing didn’t want to bring him to the gnome race’s territory and has been taking detours all over the place.


Throughout their travels, they had never repeated the same route. Luo Tian had been leaving markings as a precaution and this proved they were walking on new paths the entire time. So what was going on exactly?

Luo Tian felt this was getting too bizarre.

But since they’ve come this far already, Luo Tian didn’t want to give up. The only thing he could do was continue following Fan Zhangjian. He then said to himself: “If this bastard really dares to trick me, I will definitely beat his ass to the point that he can’t even shit anymore.”


Sunrise, sunset.

Another day passed by quickly.

This was already the fifth day.

They still hadn’t reached Fan Zhangjian’s gnome territory.

They still hadn’t encountered a single demonic beast; not even a rank 1 demonic beast.

Luo Tian was becoming more depressed…

While Fan Zhangjian was getting happier each day.

“You are my little barbeque meat, the love I have for you is endless…”

Fan Zhangjian was skipping around happily while humming the grilled meat spell.

“Boss, boss, it’s time to eat breakfast again. Should I go get some dry branches now?”

After being together these several days, Fan Zhangjian had now started calling Luo Tian boss.

And after these several days, he felt that apart from his parents, Luo Tian was the one that treated him the best.

Of course…

The most important point was Luo Tian’s ability to cook up such great tasting meat. Fan Zhangjian was like a little locust that had been subdued by Luo Tian’s grilled meat.

Luo Tian spread his hands and said: “There’s no need for you to gather dry branches today.”

Fan Zhangjian was startled by those words and said: “Boss is going to go yourself? That’s not good; this prince will feel embarrassed about it. Eh… why haven’t you gone off yet and still standing here?”

Luo Tian raised his hand and was about slap Fan Zhangjian’s butt…

Fan Zhangjian quickly leapt away and chuckled. “I was only joking with you! How could I make you gather dry branches? These types of lowly tasks should of course be done by me.”

Luo Tian then said: “There’s no need for that today since we don’t have any meat left. We didn’t meet any demonic beasts along our travels, so how can there be meat now?”


Fang Zhangjian exclaimed in shock: “My heavens, how can there be no meat?!”

“Gu~… gu~…”

A series of rumbling came from his stomach.

Fan Zhangjian was like a deflated ball as he instantly became listless.

Shortly after…

He suddenly stood up and said: “I know a place that has demonic beasts; follow me!”

After saying that…

Without waiting for Luo Tian’s response, he already flew off running.

Luo Tian faintly frowned and rushed after him. He then said to himself: “Could his spiritual senses be stronger than mine? He can actually sense demonic beasts when I cannot?”

The two ran at full speed.

Half an hour later.

Luo Tian suddenly realized they had arrived at an area that was surrounded with countless mountain peak looking structures. There were many of them densely sitting next to each other and it looked like one of them just moved! “What the hell’s going on here?”


An immense sound was heard.

The earth started shaking and those huge mountain peaks had revealed their true appearances.

Demonic beasts! Ones that were beyond ginormous!

A huge amount of oppressive force crashed down and immediately suppressed Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness. Cold sweat started dripping down his back. In the surrounding area, every demonic beast was at least at rank 6 or higher. There was even a rank 8 super demonic beast! “F*ck me, did I just rush into a herd of demonic beasts?”

F*ck man, I’m finished now!

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