Undefeatable – Ch169

Chapter 169 – All Of You Kneel Down

A pitfall!

He was completely set up!

Luo Tian never imagined such a scenario.

In just a blink of an eye, he was brought to the depths of despair by Fan Zhangjian. He was like a majestic hawk that was suddenly blindsided by an eagle.

Not only was Luo Tian blindsided, now he was going to lose his life.

There were enormous bodies everywhere his eyes could see. The power within these demonic beasts was like an unstoppable force. They hadn’t even activated their oppressive auras yet but Luo Tian could already feel extreme pressure crushing down on him. He clenched his fists and carefully prepared himself.



All those enormous demonic beasts started gathering closer.

This was similar to the movies where a bunch of police officers surrounded you. They aren’t touching you but they all have their guns drawn and pointed at you. They would then stare at you with their icy cold gaze indicating for you to not move or they will kill you at a moment’s notice.

Luo Tian didn’t move.

If the enemy doesn’t move, I won’t move either.

If the enemy does move, most likely he will no longer exist in this world.


“They don’t come when you need them and then suddenly so many at once; were these demonic beasts following me all along? That bastard Fan Zhangjian deserves to die!” Luo Tian was cursing in his heart. Upon seeing Fan Zhangjian beside his leg, Luo Tian couldn’t hold it in anymore and shouted: “Is this the snare you deliberately dropped for me?!”

“Drop a snare?”

“What’s a snare?”

Fan Zhangjian had a confused look on his face. He then looked up at the huge bristled blood eyed demonic beast and pointed at Luo Tian, “This is my boss.”


Luo Tian’s heart sank as he said: “You bastard; are you trying to kill me?”

It was very clear…

The reason why Fan Zhangjian had pointed at Luo Tian and said he was the boss was very clear – it indicated that if you guys want to fight, fight with “him” first.

Luo Tian looked up at the two eyes that looked like pools of blood. He started clenching his fists and shouted out filled with battle intent: “If you want to kill this daddy, we’ll have to see if you have that ability! Believe it or not but when this daddy goes crazy, even I’m scared of myself!”

The surrounding area was filled with incomparably strong demonic beasts. Any single one of them was enough to make Luo Tian suffer beneath its claws.

Even though he had entered such dire straits, Luo Tian was not afraid.

What he possessed was a strong heart!

The more difficulties he faced, the stronger his will would become. There was no way he would retreat from such a challenge!

There was no such thing as a path of retreat in a world where the law of the jungle reigned supreme. He had always been acting crazy in this world, and it’s become his attitude towards life in this new place. If this was his past life and a novel’s protagonist was always weak and stepped on, who the hell would continue reading it?

Real life was already depressing enough. If one was to read such a depressing novel, that would be contradictory of seeking entertainment.

Luo Tian enjoyed crazy protagonists. He enjoyed reading those that could continue acting unbridled in front of a super strong enemy. One may not always live proudly in their life, but they should at least live proudly once in a while.

Fan Zhangjian couldn’t help but ask: “Boss, what are you doing?”

Luo Tian glared at him and said: “I’m trying to scare them. Can’t you feel the terrifying aura my body is giving off right now?”

Fan Zhangjian shook his head and pointed at Luo Tian’s legs: “I can only see that your legs are shaking a bit.”

Luo Tian directly slapped the back of Fan Zhangjian’s head and said: “Look closely you bastard, how can I be trembling? This is the preemptive sign to my craziness. You will see in a bit how terrifying I am once I go crazy on them.”

“Go crazy?”

“Why are you going crazy?”

“You’re my boss so why you going crazy?” Fan Zhangjian’s little brain couldn’t understand it. He then mumbled: “Could it be that humans enjoy being like that?”

Luo Tian was the first human he had come in contact with.

His knowledge of humans only came from what his parents had spoken about.

They were crafty, greedy, stingy, vicious, and were extremely sinister in their actions. But Fan Zhangjian hadn’t seen these traits from Luo Tian and felt he was a good human. It was also because of this that he started calling Luo Tian boss.

“You should escape first or maybe find a place to hide.” Luo Tian quietly advised him. “Running away from one is one less danger to you. Your body is small so most likely they won’t want to eat you. Once you’ve escaped, you definitely cannot come back. I will find a way to lose them myself.”

This was the only thing Luo Tian could think of at this point in time.

Although he was unhappy at Fan Zhangjian for bringing them to such a pit of despair, Luo Tian had always considered him as a little child. What else could he do to a little child?



Those incomparably enormous demonic beasts continued gathering.

Those two were completely surrounded to the point where even water couldn’t seep past. All the surrounding trees were being knocked over and uprooted, causing a series of loud destructive noises.

The dozens upon dozens of demonic beasts were several hundred meters tall. When they stood around encircling the two, the sky was pretty much blocked off by their sheer size.

“Fuuu~… fuuu~…”

Just the normal breathing motion of some of these demonic beasts were blowing against Luo Tian’s back, almost making him lose his balance and fall over.

The surrounding demonic beasts with eyes larger than lanterns were staring at them two, giving Luo Tian a rather uncomfortable feeling. Luo Tian then turned around and pointed at a demonic beast with a big nose like an elephant’s and shouted: “Motherf*ckers, if you’re going to kill this daddy, make it quick! Why the hell are you guys just ogling at this daddy for?”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian immediately moved while shouting: “Fan Zhangjian, you take care of yourself. I’ll do my best to buy you some time!”

He then grabbed onto Fan Zhangjian and threw him with as much strength as he could muster. Luo Tian then shouted: “Flap your arms like before and quickly fly away!”

“Ahhhh…” Fan Zhangjian screamed as he was thrown into the air.

After doing this…

Luo Tian immediately shouted: “Level 3 Berserk!”


The power inside him exploded forth as eight times the attributes were activated.

Luo Tian started picking his nose and showed a gloomy grin. “Come at me; let me see your strength!”


Fan Zhangjian somehow smacked into the head of a demonic beast, and was then grabbed by that beast.

Luo Tian’s expression turned grim as he muttered: “F*ck!”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian couldn’t bother with the details anymore and rushed out. He was now activating all the power he possessed, as was just like a ball of fire barreling forward. When dealing with such powerful demonic beasts, the only thing he could do was focus all he had and fight with his life on the line!

“Magma Fire!”

“Level 2!”

“Flaming Fists…”

His pair of fists struck out, and two huge balls of flames in the shape of fists shot into the air.

Those huge fists looked similar to lava spewing from a volcano as it entered the void and instantaneously reappeared a distance away.

The fists accurately landed on the demonic beast that was holding onto Fan Zhangjian.


A loud sound was heard while fiery magma splashed everywhere.

This was very similar to an artillery shell exploding on impact!

Luo Tian grinned in an excited manner as he said to himself: “I can’t believe it was that easy.”

Luo Tian then came to a stop as he realized the demonic beast he attacked had not suffered any damage. There wasn’t even a slight wound on its body; this was no different from a huge Miss appearing over its head! Adding insult to injury, the demonic beast didn’t even move from the impact.

With eight times the attributes of a Profound Spirit 8th ranker, Luo Tian’s magma fist attack had no effect whatsoever. Isn’t this f*cking demonic beast’s defense a little too terrifying?

That demonic beast didn’t move but was angered by it. Being attacked by a human made it angry, especially when it was a puny human at the super weak Profound Spirit realm. Its body started moving as its large palm swatted down.

At this moment…

Fan Zhangjian shot out from its other palm and landed on its head. He then shouted: “You can’t do that!”

As his voice faded…

Fan Zhangjian swept his gaze past them all and shouted: “He is my boss! All of you kneel down and greet the big boss!”


What the hell was going on?!

Luo Tian was completely lost.

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