Undefeatable – Ch170

Chapter 170 – This Is Way Too Domineering

Even since he transmigrated here, Luo Tian has considered himself one that has experienced many big and small incidents.

In Jade Mountain City, he was pressured by over a hundred elite disciples of the Azure Cloud Sect.

In Dark Mountain Corpse City, there was tens of thousands of undying guards shaking the heavens with their mighty auras.

These types of scenes were considered big right?

They were definitely shocking to the beholders.

But when compared to the situation now, those experiences were simply not on the same level. It simply paled into insignificance.

The surrounding was filled with mountains of dark and gloomy pressure where one could not see where it began or ended. They were all demonic beasts, and high ranked ones at that. Those rank 4 or 5 demonic beasts were basically unqualified to show up at this occasion.

Luo Tian thought that he would die in this place.

But now…

He was dumbfounded!

Luo Tian was unable to make heads or tails over this. He then mumbled: “What’s going on? What the hell is going on here?”

This scene was just too shocking.

This kind of shock was one where it shook the core of one’s soul. Luo Tian thought that his undead demonic beast army at Dark Mountain Corpse City was already quite awesome to behold, but now he felt it was truly a laughable matter compared to here.

What’s the definition of awesome?

The popular consensus was something AWE to the SOME!


At a single glance, one could not see where the demonic beast herd began or ended. And they were all rank 6 and above! They were like an enormously powerful army standing before you in an undaunting manner – now that’s an awesome scene!

The craziest thing about this wasn’t even that.

The craziest thing was Fan Zhangjian’s words: “He is my boss, everyone kneel down to greet him!”

They all began to kneel down!

Those words seem quite normal but the metaphorical weight behind it was over billions of kilograms! These demonic beasts may not kneel down even when a Profound Venerate or even a Profound Saint expert appeared. Yet when Fan Zhangjian’s words that spread to the endless sea of demonic beasts, these unbridled, overbearing, beyond arrogant, and high and mighty beasts knelt down without hesitation!





Row upon rows of demonic beasts knelt down on both knees!

This is f*cking…!

F*cking awesome! The shock inside Luo Tian’s heart couldn’t be described with words anymore. He just stared with eyes wide and mouth agape in a dumbfounded manner. He has seen many shocking scenes before but not like the one to this extent.

The sound of all the demonic beasts kneeling seem to resonate with each other, causing the earth to shake and stirring up the entire Ghostly Mountain Range.

Those low ranked demonic beasts in the outer periphery all lay on their stomachs while their teeth clattered loudly. This was incomparable fear!

This scene was similar to the demonic beasts greeting their king!

Fan Zhangjian smiled in a satisfied manner and shouted: “Not bad, you’re all very obedient. You over there, yes you! Go capture some low level demonic beasts. My boss is hungry and wants to eat grilled meat. I’ll give you ten minutes to take care of it or else you don’t need to come back to see me.”

Fan Zhangjian was pointing at a demonic beast that looked like a big piece of black iron while commanding it.

That demonic beast immediately nodded before lowering its hind legs and launching itself through the air.


A loud sound came from a few kilometers away before it jumped again.

Luo Tian swallowed hard. He knew Fan Zhangjian wasn’t normal since he had so many demon cores with special attributes in them. But he never imagined that not only was he not normal in the gnome race, he was also able to control so many high ranked demonic beasts.


Luo Tian was secretly rejoicing because it was fortunate that he had been treating Fan Zhangjian quite well along their travels. Otherwise…

A cold shiver went down Luo Tian’s back.

If Fan Zhangjian really wanted to harm him, most likely not a single piece of his corpse would be left.

Fan Zhangjian had a fawning smile on his face as he ran over. “Boss, are you satisfied with this outcome? We didn’t see any demonic beasts throughout our travels because these guys took care of them all.”

Luo Tian calmed himself down and said: “Satis… satisfied. Little prince, how come they are all so obedient towards you?”

Luo Tian really couldn’t understand this point.

Demonic beasts…

No matter what rank they were, they were born with an arrogance that came from deep in their genes.

Making them kneel down was technically an impossible task.

But Fan Zhangjian actually made so many demonic beasts kneel down, and they were all high ranked ones to boot. Most likely if anyone heard about this, they wouldn’t even believe a single bit of it.

Fan Zhangjian casually said: “I don’t know why either. Ever since I left the gnome race’s territory, these guys have been following me. And they do whatever I tell them to. I only left them behind that day when I smelled your grilled meat. Who knew that… heh heh…”

Luo Tian was examining the little gnome in a serious and careful manner but didn’t find anything special about him.

Looking at all the densely packed demonic beasts around him, Luo Tian’s mind faintly trembled. He then said: “They will do whatever you tell them to right? I have a request of you but you are definitely free to refuse it.”

Fan Zhangjian immediately replied: “Boss, there’s no need to be so polite so just directly tell me what matters you have. You are nevertheless my boss so being too polite will degrade your status, heh heh…”

Luo Tian glanced at the front most demonic beast and said: “Can you ask them whether they are willing to give me a drop of their blood essence or not? Just one drop is enough. If they aren’t willing, there’s no need to force the issue.”

It was best to be careful at this point.

In case they were all angered by it, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

There were many demonic beasts here and Luo Tian had never collected their blood essence before. So of course he was unwilling to miss out on such a good opportunity.


All the demonic beasts here were high ranking ones, so their blood essence would contain a powerful energy. Using this to complete his Ten Thousand Beast Lineage would definitely make it much stronger than normal.

Blood essence.

For any demonic beast, this was basically the essence of their cultivation power. It was only the second most important thing to them apart from their demon cores.

Every single drop of blood essence to them was extremely precious.

Fan Zhangjian’s brows were scrunched up as he stared at Luo Tian for a while. He then said: “Boss, this is your so called request? What kind of request is that? Tsk~, you’re not even treating me like your little brother. Something like this is so minor that a word from you and I’ll immediately take care of it.”

After saying that…

Fan Zhangjian jumped around before landing back on that huge lion’s shoulder and shouted: “My boss needs a drop of blood essence from every single one of you. Cut the bullshit and hurry it up. Everyone must give a single drop! Otherwise, I’ll beat your asses until you can’t even take a shit!”




The sound of demonic beasts crying out was heard everywhere.

Fan Zhangjian clapped his hand and said in a satisfied manner: “It’s good that you guys know your places. Hurry it up; don’t make my boss wait or else you guys will be in a load of trouble.”

This was the definition of swaggering around with power!

The little gnome was simply too good looking right now!

Ten Thousand Beast Lineage!

This was Luo Tian’s second goal for entering the Ghostly Mountain Range – he had hoped to gain the bloodline of ten thousand demonic beasts. One could imagine how powerful it would be upon completion!

Not long after…

Numerous balls of blood essence from the crowd of demonic beasts floated into the air before flying towards Luo Tian.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the bloodline of a Briny Blood Eyed Lion. Will you be fusing with it?”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining…”

The system exploded with a series of alerts.

The Ten Thousand Beast Lineage blood essence count was increasing like mad!

One thousand, two thousand, three thousand… eight thousand…

Too crazy!

Luo Tian almost went crazy from happiness.

This joy had appeared too abruptly for him.

This was just like a dream come true, hahaha…

After a few minutes…



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