Undefeatable – Ch171

Chapter 171 – Acting Brazen When I’m Giving You Face


Another crisp sounding system alert tone was heard.

Luo Tian was about to die from happiness upon seeing the progression bar for the Ten Thousand Beast Lineage.

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the blood essence of the Blue-eyed Toad. Will you be fusing with it?”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for collecting 9,999 types of bloodline. You are now only 1 blood essence away from the Ten Thousand Beast Lineage!”


“I’m only missing one more!”

Luo Tian’s eyes seem to suddenly glow brightly as he became ecstatic.

Luo Tian had actually never thought of fusing with the Ten Thousand Beast Lineage.

What he really wanted was a bloodline that was considered undefeatable!

The Azure Dragon bloodline, the Vermillion Bird bloodline… the bloodline of the four divine beasts; those were the bloodlines that he wanted. Even though the bloodline from gathering the blood essence of ten thousand beasts should be strong, could it be stronger than an Azure Dragon’s?

Murong Wanjian had the bloodline of a true dragon.

For Luo Tian to get the Ten Thousand Beast Lineage, wouldn’t that be a bit inferior to his?

In order to crush Murong Wanjian, Luo Tian wanted to completely steamroll over him. Not only was it strength, martial skills and equipment, Luo Tian wanted to crush him with his bloodline as well. Luo Tian wanted to crush him to the point where he didn’t even time to gasp for air. This was what he truly wanted to accomplish.

There wasn’t too much difference between the Azure Dragon’s bloodline and a true dragon’s bloodline; most likely just a level difference.

But Luo Tian wasn’t going to give up.

He wanted the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and the Black Tortoise bloodline to be merged together. This way, it could surpass the true dragon bloodline by a mile so that Luo Tian could completely and utterly crush Murong Wanjian!

Even though Luo Tian didn’t need all the blood essence…

There was someone else that did need it!

Feng Lei!

Fatty Lei made breakthroughs by devouring blood essence which showed his ability was very special for a human. When he was fighting Chen Zhong in Jade Mountain City, blood colored scales appeared on his arm. Luo Tian could tell that the fatty’s transformation was not simple, so what would happen if he absorbed ten thousand different blood essences?

And these blood essences he would be absorbing were all from high ranked demonic beasts. These high quality essences contained a very powerful energy within them, so most likely when the fatty devours them…

Luo Tian was really looking forward to that day!


“Achoo~ achoo~, who’s thinking about me?”

“Could it be that boss is thinking of me?”

At the entrance to Heavenly Sword City.

There was a burly looking guy with huge muscles filled with explosive power.

His height reached 2.5 meters and his body weight was nearly 300 jins (150kg ~ 330lbs). He was carrying a Tang blade made from the bones of a demonic beast that gave off a domineering aura. The whole image of him was very eye-catching which caused the people nearby to avoid him like they were afraid of messing with this angry looking Buddha.

This was the fatty – Feng Lei!

He had arrived at Heavenly Sword City earlier than planned!

At this time…

He was holding onto a little girl in white clothing with her face covered, while standing at the main gate.

Looking up at the wall that seemed to reach the clouds, he mumbled: “It’s so big and tall. So this is the legendary Heavenly Sword City huh?”

“Heh heh…”

“Boss, I’ve arrived here first.” Feng Lei grinned foolishly while his heart with filled with longing. He became emotional when he realized that there would still be close to nine months before he would meet up with the boss again. According to Luo Tian’s instructions, he had to break into the Profound Grandmaster realm within ten months time.

But he only required less than two months to break through!

This guy’s speed in making breakthroughs was also perverted!

“Brother fatty, quickly look at those candied haws! Candied haws, candied, haws, I want to eat candied haws…”

This little girl was naturally An Chunchun.

An Chunchun let go of fatty’s hand and ran off.

Feng Lei ran off to catch up to her while making a promise in his heart.


“Before your arrival to the Heavenly Sword City, I will definitely carve out a territory for you! Heh heh…”

This was the reason Feng Lei came to Heavenly Sword City earlier than the appointed date.

He knew the reason why Luo Tian was coming to the Heavenly Sword City and counting on just them alone to rescue An Chunchun’s mother wasn’t realistic. Within the Great Tang’s imperial city, they needed their own sphere of influence!


Wanting to establish a new force in the imperial city was extremely hard, to the point that it was nearly impossible!


Ghostly Mountain Range.

With the flames burning and the meat grilling, Luo Tian currently had a leisurely expression on his face. He was only a single drop of blood away from the Ten Thousand Blood Lineage, and it was going to be fatty’s big present. If he found out about it, most likely he would wake up from smiling in his sleep.

“So delicious!”

“It’s so delicious, it’s just too yummy! Heh heh heh…” Fan Zhangjian had an extremely satisfied look as he finish a whole thigh by himself. His stomach only showed a slight bulge, making Luo Tian question where all the food went.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “Eat some more if it’s good.”

Fan Zhangjian burped before saying: “Let me rest a few minutes, then I’ll definitely be able to devour the other thigh. Heh heh… Boss, are your cooking skills some type of ancestral teachings? The taste is simply too delicious.”

It could be said that Fan Zhangjian has eaten many delicacies from the land and the sea in his life, but he had never eaten such delicious barbecued meat before.

“Of course it’s been passed down to me from my ancestors.”

“This is a secret recipe that has been passed down to me for over tens of thousands of years. There’s also a spell which is considered a secret skill. It must never be leaked that I possess this, do you understand?” Said Luo Tian while laughing his ass off secretly.

Fan Zhangjian became serious and replied: “I understand, I definitely won’t divulge this.”

Around this time…

A swishing sound came from the surrounding bushes.

Luo Tian lightly frowned…

And he became more cautious.

Also at the same time…

A gnome that was a few centimeters taller than Fan Zhangjian raised his head out of the bushes and shouted: “Your Royal Highness the Prince!”


They could see an adult looking gnome quickly run towards them before kneeling down in front of Fan Zhangjian with tears in his eyes. “Your Royal Highness the Prince, you’re finally back! You parents have been looking for you everywhere!”

A joyous expression was seen on Fan Zhangjian. He immediately supported that gnome up and asked: “Uncle Kua Tai, are you words for real? Uncle Fan didn’t do anything to my parents right?”

This adult gnome was called Kua Tai.

His expression was slightly unnatural, especially when a trace of fakeness could be detected in his eyes.

Of course…

Fan Zhangjian didn’t notice this because he was actually just a seven year old child. Only someone like Luo Tian who had lived two lives would notice this subtle expression.

Kua Tai immediately replied: “Nope, General Fan was fully persuaded by your parents so he won’t be causing any trouble in the future. That’s why I’ve been sent out here to look for you. You should quickly come back with me because your parents have missed you like crazy.”


“I knew that Uncle Fan would never really bully my father.”

Fan Zhangjian smiled happily.


“I will immediately go back with you.” Fan Zhangjian was very happy. At the same time, he pulled Luo Tian’s hand and said: “Uncle Kua Tai, this is my human friend. He’s the one that has been taking care of me all these days so I want to bring him back with us to reward him with something.”

“A human?”

Kua Tai’s expression visibly changed as his eyes turned cold. He briefly glanced at Luo Tian and a trace of enmity could be seen in his eyes.

Luo Tian smiled politely and said: “My name is Luo Tian.”

Kua Tai didn’t even look at Luo Tian anymore as his voice changed and said: “Your Royal Highness the Prince, you should know that our rules forbid humans from entering our territory. Bringing in a human means you are breaking the laws of our tribe.”

Fan Zhangjian’s eyes sank.

He then looked up at Luo Tian in a depressed mood and mumbled: “Boss, our gnome race forbids humans from entering our territory. Even if I’m their prince, I cannot bring you inside. So what should we do?”

Luo Tian smiled in a tolerating manner and said: “It’s fine, I could see you off until the tribe’s entrance and then I just won’t go in.”

Kua Tai coldly harrumphed and said in a reprimanding tone: “Sending him off to our tribe’s entrance is not possible either. It’s best that a lowly human like you scram as far away from me as possible or else don’t blame me for being impolite to you.”


“You little pipsqueak, acting brazen when I’m trying to give you face?!”

Immediately after…

Flames of rage filled Luo Tian’s inner being!

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  1. crystal kalem says:

    motherfucker the writer already forgot that the mc can’t share anything he gets through the game mechanics and also forgot that the 10,000 beast bloodline STACKS with all other bloodlines.. ALSO forgot that non of the other bloodlines stack…. Their words. not mine.


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