Undefeatable – Ch172

Chapter 172 – Just Wait For Your Death

He had a look of a simpleton trying to show disdain with his eyes.

Luo Tian had seen this type of expression many times and because he has seen it so much, it naturally annoyed the crap out of him.


Luo Tian’s anger immediately flared up.

Kua Tai glared at him and lectured: “Is a lowly human like you trying to court your own death?”

His tone of voice was extremely arrogant.

It was similar to a triad gang member taking in protection fees from a street stall seller. If you dare not to hand the money over, this daddy will play you to death!

And Kua Tai’s expression was even more arrogant, completely looking down on Luo Tian.

Luo Tian didn’t bother responding and directly slapped out while shouting: “This daddy IS courting death so you gonna f*cking bite me?!”


The slap sent Kua Tai spinning over to the ground with a plop sound.

It was extremely embarrassing for Kua Tai when half his face was stuck in the mud from the fall.

If Fan Zhangjian wasn’t present, Luo Tian would have followed up by stepping on his face.

Luo Tian sneered as he cursed out: “You damn dog thing, you really think this daddy’s a vegetarian if I don’t show you some of my powers huh?!”

Kua Tai struggled back onto his feet with an ugly expression on his face. He then stared at Luo Tian with strong hatred while his jaws and fists were clenched. He then relaxed himself while wiping off the mud from his face. Finally, he spat a huge glob of phlegm near Luo Tian’s feet before smiling with the same disdainful look.

Immediately after…

Kua Tai’s expression returned to normal and said to Fan Zhangjian: “Your Royal Highness, we should hurry back so that the king doesn’t become anxious.”

Fan Zhangjian nodded: “En, but what about my boss?”

Kua Tai revealed a benevolent smile and said: “If you want him to send you off, of course he should come along. You are the Prince so I’m sure the common people will understand it.”

“Thank you uncle Kua Tai.”

Fan Zhangjian smiled excitedly. He then grabbed Luo Tian’s hand and made a mad dash for it. While running towards the gnome race’s territory, he pulled out a strange looking gold coin and quietly stuffed it towards Luo Tian. He then whispered: “This is something my dad gave me. It’s called the King’s Seal so I want you to keep it safe for me.”

Luo Tian was startled by this but secretly put it away. He then said to himself: “This little squirt looks young but is very meticulous.”

It was clear that…

Fan Zhangjian sensed something wasn’t quite right.

According to Kua Tai’s personality, he would have definitely gone berserk from being struck. Yet he actually started smiling like nothing happened afterwards.

The most important part…

Kua Tai was someone that always stuck to his own principles yet suddenly agreed to let Luo Tian send him off. This clearly showed there was some conspiracy going on. When Fan Zhangjian thought of his parents, he couldn’t help start worrying about them. He then looked up at Luo Tian and said: “Boss, you’re going to help me right?”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for triggering a mysterious quest!”

Quest rank: ???

Quest reward: ???

Quest time limit: ???

This was the first time Luo Tian had encountered a quest that was filled with question marks. “Is this some sort of random quest with random rewards? This is pretty awesome!”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian didn’t hesitate and replied: “Of course I’ll help!”

Fan Zhangjian had made those high ranked demonic beasts gather over nine thousand drops of blood essence for him. Fan Zhangjian also allowed him to experience a sense of prestige in front of those demonic beasts that even Profound Venerates or Saints could never enjoy. This made Luo Tian immediately agree to help him.

Luo Tian had a very straightforward personality.

For those that treated him well, he would pay them back a thousand or ten thousand folds without a problem.

For those that didn’t treat him well, heh heh… just wait for your journey to hell!

Fan Zhangjian lightly smiled and said: “Thank you!”


“You despicable human being, you dare to hit this daddy? You just wait; this daddy will let you experience a living hell!” Kua Tai stopped while his countenance looked a bit green. His eyes was filled with thick killing intent while he waved his fingers in air and said softly: “Pass on my orders: Have everyone assemble the Hell Lotus Array in front of our tribe’s entrance. Remember to activate the array only after the little prince goes inside safely. If you guys accidently harm the prince, General Fan will not let you guys off!”

“We obey!”

A burst of buzzing sounds was heard in the surrounding bushes before they gradually disappeared.

Kua Tai’s eyes turned vicious as his voice turned cold: “You lowly human, you’re going to die very soon. Hahaha…”

Kua Tai then quickly ran forward to catch up.

It wasn’t long before he caught up to Luo Tian and Fan Zhangjian.

Luo Tian was a bit surprised by this. The aura coming from Kua Tai showed he wasn’t that strong which meant his cultivation level was rather weak. Or else why would he have taken that slap without doing anything back? But his speed was extremely fast, so does that mean every gnome in this world had very fast running speeds?

“Your Royal Highness, you should slow down a bit and not tire yourself too much.” Kua Tai was revealing a very fake respectful face as he continued saying: “We should slow down and not rush so much. It’s not good if you overexert yourself and harm your health.”

Fan Zhangjian smiled and said: “Uncle Kua Tai, I’m not tired. I just want to see my parents as soon as possible.”

Luo Tian glanced at Kua Tai and said to himself: “This guy was originally in a rush to return, but now he suddenly changed his stance. This old fogey must be preparing an ambush or something and needs time to complete it. What a f*cking evil bastard…

Luo Tian wasn’t afraid.

But he was afraid Fan Zhangjian might get injured in the process.


Luo Tian said with a smile: “Little prince, we should compete to see which of us is faster.”

Fan Zhangjian secretly cooperated and said: “Sounds good! Uncle Kua Tai, you should join us. The speed of my boss is quite fast and isn’t below our gnome race.”

Kua Tai coldly harrumphed with a disdainful expression.

Luo Tian was too lazy to bother with him and said: “Let’s start now.”

The two of them ran off like a gust of wind.

Kua Tai could only rush after them desperately while thinking to himself: “The Hell Lotus Array requires some time to setup so I hope they can make it in time. This damn human needs to die soon because I don’t want to see him a moment longer than necessary! Humph!”

Half an hour later.

Below a towering mountain that touched the clouds.

Fan Zhangjian stopped before it pointing at a cave halfway up the mountain. “Boss, that’s the only entrance into our gnome race’s territory.”

Fan Zhangjian was pointing at it in a serious manner while looking at Luo Tian’s gaze.

Luo Tian’s gaze faintly darkened as he memorized the cave and all the surroundings. He then faintly smiled in a casual manner and said: “It’s nothing but a simple cave. I can see it everything with a glance, so there’s no need for me to pay too much attention to it.”

Fan Zhangjian understood the meaning and gave Luo Tian’s hand a squeeze.

Luo Tian reciprocated the action.

Kua Tai used a particularly icy voice and said: “The rules of our gnome race forbid humans and dogs from entering. You better quickly leave this place or else don’t blame me for not warning you in advance! Humph!”

While saying this…

Kua Tai’s eyes either intentionally or unintentionally started scanning the area.

Even though Luo Tian wasn’t happy about this, he couldn’t just throw a tantrum. He squatted down and gently touched Fan Zhangjian’s head and said: “As a real and truly courageous man, one needs to shoulder their responsibilities. Don’t worry, there’s still me here if anything bad happens. If anyone dares to bully you, I wouldn’t just beat them until they cannot shit, I will just directly kill them!”

As the word kill was said, the grim reaper’s killing intent within Luo Tian exploded forth. The aura directly forced Kua Tai back several steps making his face pale and his body faintly shiver. But the anger in Kua Tai’s eyes actually became more intense.


“Thank you for your teachings boss.” Fan Zhangjian nodded and then said: “Uncle Kua Tai, let’s go.”

Kua Tai calmed himself down and briefly glanced at Luo Tian. He then used a really soft voice where Luo Tian was the only one who could hear: “Just wait for your death…”

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