Undefeatable – Ch173

Chapter 173 – Today, This Daddy Will Chop To My Heart’s…

Luo Tian frowned; his heart tightened as he put his guards up.


Kua Tai was bringing Fan Zhangjian along until Luo Tian couldn’t see their backs anymore. At this time, he still didn’t sense any threats directed at him.

He spread his senses out further and still didn’t detect any humanoid auras.


“Was he just trying to scare me?”

“Doesn’t seem like it.”

Luo Tian’s heart skipped a beat as he slowly turned around. It was at this moment a shout was heard underground.



“They’re underground!”

“Damnit, how come this daddy didn’t remember that gnomes usually lived underground?” Luo Tian frowned as he immediately activated Shadewind Steps and shot off. While in midair, he looked down at the original spot he was at.

Nothing had happened!


Luo Tian exhaled and said to himself: “These gnomes are rather crafty…”

Before he finished the rest of his sentence…

Two rows of gnomes appeared in the vicinity of Luo Tian.

They were making hand motions before leaping into the air as well.


“A lowly human like you dares to intrude onto our gnome race’s territory? Simply courting death!”

“Hack him to pieces for me!”


Those gnome soldiers all brandished their blades. They happen to be gliding through the air now instead of flapping their arms to fly.

Luo Tian’s lips curved into a sneer as he shouted: “You guys are overestimating yourselves! I’ll give you a single chance to live so scram away from me, or else don’t blame this daddy for bullying you little midgets!”

Since these midgets weren’t giving him any face, then there was no need to bother about them.

A lowly human?

This bunch of midgets all had vicious tongues!

“A damn human like you dares to call us midgets? We are the most perfect race out of all races! A despicable and insidious human like you should just go to hell!”

“Kill him!”

“A damn human that deserves to just die!”

Ten plus gnome soldiers all rushed forth.

Luo Tian didn’t even place them in his eyes. His gaze underwent a slight change while saying: “Perfect your sister! A bunch of midgets like you are so shameless, you should all just go to hell then!”

“Level 2 Berserk!”


Four times the attributes exploded forth. Luo Tian’s eyes turned gloomy as he watched those gnomes rush at him. He didn’t have the slightest intention of going easy on his enemies, even though they were weaker than him!

His fists started moving…

And dozens of fist images pummeled out.

This directly smashed the gnome soldiers flying back several hundred meters away.

Luo Tian had a faint feeling of being an adult that was bullying a bunch of three year olds.

In just a brief moment…

Those gnome soldiers had all been smashed flying all over the place. The only thing that made Luo Tian surprised was that none of them died. He originally thought it would be a direct instakill and never imagined any other circumstances.


This was still good enough.

Luo Tian then coldly shouted: “Motherf*ckers, why don’t you act arrogant in front of this daddy again? Lowly human this, lowly human that; those words irritate the crap out of this daddy! Now who’s the lowly ones huh? You little midgets keep calling me lowly but in my eyes, no one is more lowly than you guys!”

Luo Tian said this in an extremely annoyed tone.

It was at this time…

A chilling light shot down from the sky!

An arrow containing a force that was capable for ripping the sky apart shot straight towards the spot between Luo Tian’s brows!

Luo Tian’s heart sank as he quickly shot towards the ground while tilting away.


The arrow struck the ground and blew apart!

The result of that arrow attack created a large and deep hole. Luo Tian’s mind shuddered as he unconsciously took a few steps backwards before cursing: “Who the f*ck made that sneak attack?! Come out here for this daddy if you have the guts!”



“He fell for it! He’s already entered the middle of the Hell Lotus Array.”

At this moment…

The world around Luo Tian started turning illusory. And in just a blink of an eye, everything completely changed.


“Someone with your strength is merely courting death in front of our gnome race!” A black dot in the sky started descending. He was wearing eye-catching black clothes with a small delicate looking bow on his back. He was coldly staring at Luo Tian who had just entered the Hell Lotus Array with a face filled with contempt.

“Greetings to General Fan Er!”

Those little midgets that Luo Tian had sent flying all rushed up with pain on their face.

The black clothed gnome had a dark expression as he coldly shouted: “A bunch of trash! You guys couldn’t even deal with a useless human? I really don’t know why my elder brother bothers to keep you pieces of trash around, humph!”

All those gnome soldiers lowered their head without daring to breathe loudly.

Luo Tian’s sight of the world around him gradually turned blurry. He looked at the black clothed gnome and directly cursed out: “You damn midget, just wait and see how this daddy is going to play you to death!”


“A piece of trash like you wants to kill this General?”

“You should talk after you break out of this Hell Lotus Array. Lowly human, most likely you will never be able to go out ever again and will just directly die here!” The black clothed gnome showed a wildly arrogant expression and didn’t even put Luo Tian in his eyes.


Everything before Luo Tian’s eyes had turned illusory.

As things turn illusory in his vision, Luo Tian had already tried rushing out of the area. But he then realized no matter how much he ran, he couldn’t get out and seemed to be stuck in this place. It was as if this area had turned into an inescapable deathtrap!

“Hell Lotus Array?!”

“F*ck their sisters, it’s another damn formation array thingy! This is annoying the crap out of this daddy!” Luo Tian was irritated because he unconsciously recalled the array inscribed on the ancient scroll. When it came to formations and arrays, he had no experience with them and was considered clueless on the subject.


Luo Tian breathed out to calm himself.

He did have an ancestor inside him that knew about arrays…

Wild Blade!

But Luo Tian didn’t want to wake him up because Wild Blade had said not to disturb him unless all five elemental demon cores had been gathered.

Even though over two months have passed by, Luo Tian could feel that Wild Blade’s soul hadn’t recovered by that much. Or else that arrogant guy would’ve jumped out at Dark Mountain Corpse City for some fun already.

In addition…

Luo Tian wanted to use his own strength to solve problems instead of relying on others!


“This daddy will give your Hell Lotus Array a try!” Shouted Luo Tian while faintly frowning.

Immediately after…

He took a step forward.


The surrounding environment changed.

Petals of lotus flowers could be seen opening, causing the environment to change along with it. An infinite sea of fire that seemed to be from the depths of hell then appeared. Many Fire Demons containing a deathly aura started crawling out of the sea of fire while crying out ghostly wails.

Luo Tian could barely stand the heat as it became unbearably hot against his skin.

Seeing how the Fire Demons started pouncing over, Luo Tian’s eyes narrowed as he shouted: “Magma Fire!”

“Level 2!”

Luo Tian’s hands and feet turned into fiery magma which somehow offset the blazing hot environment. The only parts of his body still feeling the extreme heat was his chest and his head. Luo Tian then said to himself: “These little midgets don’t have a lot of power, but they actually managed to create such a powerful array.”

A Fire Demon pounced over and Luo Tian smashed his fist out.


As the Fire Demon was smashed flying, it would break apart to several heaps of small fires.

These heaps of small fires started igniting again before becoming more Fire Demons.

Luo Tian’s heart sank. He tried several more times and discovered the more he fought, the more Fire Demons would appear. “F*ck! How the hell am I supposed to break this array? You motherf*cking black clothed midget, don’t let this daddy escape or I will definitely play you to death!”

Luo Tian tried to calm himself down while his thoughts went on overdrive.


Luo Tian raised his right hand up and the one thousand eight hundred jin Blood Devouring Wild Blade appeared. He then swept the blade around and shouted: “This daddy wants to see how many clones you can create! Today, this daddy will chop up everything to his heart’s content!”

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