Undefeatable – Ch175

Chapter 175 – Ruthless To The Extreme

Luo Tian had turned serious.

His serious side might even be more terrifying than his crazy side.


He thought by killing the real Fire Demon, it would allow him to break the array. Luo Tian never imagined it would only be the first level, which showed how badly Kua Tai had wanted to kill him. This also showed that by coming to the gnome race’s territory, Fan Zhangjian was in danger!

Luo Tian’s goal of coming to the gnome race’s territory was to find the last two of the five elemental demon cores.

His goal remained the same.

But the circumstances have changed.

First of all, Luo Tian was enraged, so someone was going to be out of luck. At the minimum, it would be Kua Tai and that black clothed gnome who fired the arrow in a sneak attack. Those two midgets will definitely suffer for it.

Secondly, Fan Zhangjian had helped him.

Thirdly, Fan Zhangjian was calling him boss. If something happened to his little brother, how could his boss not step in? If Luo Tian didn’t involve himself, he was unfit to be someone’s boss. That title is not only for Fan Zhangjian because it involved Feng Lei and the others as well.

Fourthly, the quest was filled with all question marks!

This mysterious quest contained too many unknowns. Luo Tian really wanted to complete it to see what kind of rewards he’d receive. It might even be some random system reward! If that was truly the case, then Luo Tian would’ve struck it rich!

With all these reasons combined, Luo Tian had turned serious.

He took one step forward…

And the surrounding environment started changing.

An intangibly huge lotus descended like a bright light descending.


The dark voidless space had suddenly turned into a terrifying hell of one’s imagination!

The second level – Ghost Kill!

Luo Tian laughed savagely while an ear piercing shrill came from the Blood Devouring Wild Blade. He then continued forward into the environment that exuded the desire for blood…


Inside the gnome tribe.

In the center of the tribe, there was the tallest and most luxuriously decorated building.

The main halls of the gnome race.

The residence of the King.

At this time…

Fan Zhangjian was standing in the main hall and looking at the position his father usually sat in. The person sitting there now was the Uncle Fan Da he was most fond of when he was younger.

At this moment…

The bad premonition feeling Fan Zhangjian had was getting stronger and stronger. He was pretending to be calm on the surface while internally trying hard to calm himself down. He was pretending nothing unusual was going on with a naive expression that a typical seven year old was supposed to have.

Fan Zhangjian was giggling and said: “Uncle Fan Da, where are my parents? Weren’t they missing me a lot? How come I don’t see them anywhere?”

His voice was tender and filled with innocence.

His expression was typical of a seven year olds and his eyes incomparably clear. Anyone looking at him would not suspect anything out of place.

As he was asking that…

Fan Zhangjian ran towards a stone pillar and picked up a doll lying beneath it. He then sat down and pretended to be engrossed with playing it.

Fan Da’s eyebrows faintly quivered as he seriously observed Fan Zhangjian’s expression. He swept his gaze all over and didn’t miss any suspicious movements. It was only after a long time did he say to himself: “A child is still a child after all; that’s good too.”

Fan Da walked down from the golden throne made of pure gold. He walked towards Fan Zhangjian and crouched down before saying: “Zhangjian, your parents are in closed door seclusion and won’t come out for a while. They told me to manage the gnome race on their behalf.”


“So they’re in seclusion training.” Fan Zhangjian didn’t look up and continued playing with the doll. He then faced the doll and giggled: “My parents are in seclusion so you’ll have to play with me now, heehee.”

Fan Da gently patted Fan Zhangjian’s head and said kindly: “Uncle Fan Da will definitely play with you. You should know that Uncle Fan Da has doted on your ever since you were born. This doll was something that I gave you. I remember back then when your parents didn’t want you to have it because they thought dolls were something only girls played with. Eventually, I secretly gave it to you behind their backs.”

Fan Zhangjian looked up at Fan Da and laughed cutely: “I remember that. My dad wanted to smack my butt because of it but you blocked in front so my little butt didn’t have to suffer, heehee…”

“Has uncle treated you well?”


“Then will you listen to uncle’s words?”

“Of course I will listen.”

“So obedient.”

Fan Da lightly smiled and said: “Your parents told me to manage the tribe but they didn’t give me the King’s Seal. There are some matters that I cannot do unless I have that seal. Zhangjian, do you know where your parents keep the King’s Seal?

The King’s Seal was something the gnome race’s highest authority possessed.

The power behind the seal was even higher than the King himself.

A lot of gnomes of the tribe only recognized the seal and not the person.

Fan Zhangjian’s father’s personal troops were an example of those that only recognized the seal.


The King’s Seal was very important to Fan Da.

In order to search for the seal, he almost flipped the palace upside down these past few days. In the end, nothing was achieved from his effort.

The only possibility was that it was on the little prince, that’s why he sent out people to search for him everywhere. Now that Fan Zhangjian appeared before him, Fan Da’s heart had started becoming excited.

Fan Zhangjian nodded and replied: “I know where it is.”

Fan Da’s eyes narrowed as his expression turned excited. “Quickly tell me where it is. Uncle will buy you a whole bunch of dolls afterwards.”

Fan Zhangjian said in a serious manner: “It’s with my father of course. Since he’s the King, then the King’s Seal will naturally be on his person.”


Fan Da’s expression instantly turned cold. He glared at Fan Zhangjian while his eyes released a trace of iciness.

Fan Zhangjian was scared by this and said in a trembling voice: “Uncle Fan Da, what’s going on? Did I say something wrong? But… but the King’s Seal is truly on my father’s person. This is something the whole tribe knows about.”

Fan Da held down his temper and asked: “When you left here, did your father give you anything?”

“Give me something?”

“What thing?” Fan Zhangjian had a face filled with confusion. He then whispered: “Uncle Fan Da, I had snuck out of here. You mustn’t tell my father about it or else he will beat my butt again.”

Fan Da’s eyes turned grim, and this time there was a trace of killing intent in his eyes.

Immediately after…

His right hand moved and made a reverse slap on Fan Zhangjian’s face. He then angrily shouted: “A little mongrel like you dares to mess with me?”


Fan Zhangjian’s little body was sent flying before crashing into another stone pillar. He then slid down from the pillar with a pale face while coughing out dark colored blood. He fainted momentarily for a few seconds but was then jolted awake by the pain.

Such a ruthless action towards a little child!

Fan Da was practically ruthless to the extreme!

Fan Zhangjian was lying on the floor while blood was pooling on the ground. He then started crying from the unbearable pain and still pretended to not know anything. “Uncle Fan Da, I, I, didn’t lie to you. The King’s Seal is really with my dad! This is knowledge that even the pet dog knows.”


“You’re comparing me to a dog? You’re courting death!”

Fan Da angrily glared before instantly arriving next to Fan Zhangjian. He then stepped down towards Fan Zhangjian’s head.

If Fan Da really stepped down with force, Fan Zhangjian’s head would definitely explode from the pressure.

It was at this time…

Kua Tai quickly ran up to Fan Da and urged: “General, you shouldn’t!”

Fan Da heavily exhaled before stomping on the ground instead. A portion of the ground turned to dust before he said: “Take him away and don’t feed him. Once this damn little mongrel starves, let’s see if he’ll tell us or not.”

Immediately after…

Fan Da then asked upon thinking things through: “How did you find the little prince? Was there anyone with him?”

Kua Tai responded: “There weren’t any fellow tribesman with him but…”

“But what?”

“But he was together with a human.”

“A human?”

“Don’t worry General, that human was forced by General Fan Er into the Hell Lotus Array that I had prepared. He’s probably dead inside the array by now.”

Fan Da’s expression sank as his eyes turned extremely icy. Cold killing intent started coming from his body as he mumbled: “A human? Could the King’s Seal be on that human?”

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