Undefeatable – Ch176

Chapter 176 – Killing His Way Out Of The Array

Fan Da’s words gave Kua Tai a fright, causing his body to unconsciously tremble a bit.

A burst of icy intent then shook his mind.

Immediately after…

Kua Tai then said: “Even if the little prince is still immature, he still knows that humans are the enemies of our gnome race. Who on earth would give humans such an important item?”

Upon recalling the relationship Fan Zhangjian had with Luo Tian, Kua Tai started saying in his heart: “It can’t really be in the possession of that trashy human right? If that was the case, then…”

Cold sweat was appearing on his back.

Kua Tai was very clear on how Fan Da did things.

Fan Da maintained his icy gaze and faintly asked: “What’s going on with that human now?”

Kua Tai replied: “Most likely already dead. There are only two people that have ever broken through the Hell Lotus Array in history: Saint King Li Qing and Demon Emperor Ba Tian. A trashy Profound Spirit realm ranker like him would at most survive for a quarter of an hour. Now that it’s been several hours, I believe he should be dead already.”

Kua Tai hoped Luo Tian would die as quickly as possible.

That way, even if Luo Tian was indeed holding onto the King’s Seal, Kua Tai wouldn’t be blamed since the dead cannot bear witness.

Fan Da exhaled a lengthy amount of time. He didn’t continue asking about Luo Tian and instead asked: “Where do you think the King’s Seal is? Does the little prince really not know? Or do you think he’s just pretending?”

Kua Tai’s brows faintly formed a frown. After thinking some things through, he said: “General, just leave the little prince to me. I will definitely make him spill out where the King’s Seal is, so don’t worry about it.”


Fan Da nodded and said: “There are voices of opposition coming from all corners of the gnome territory, so it’s best that we find the King’s Seal as soon as possible.”

“This subject understands!”


Inside the Hell Lotus Array.

The seventh level, Soul Kill!

Luo Tian was covered in blood while gasping for air. He then mumbled: “Motherf*cker, this array isn’t something normal humans can break.”

Others would find flaws to break the array.

Luo Tian was just killing his way out of the array.

These were two completely different methods!

Li Qing and Ba Tian broke through the array not with their strength but with their intelligence.

Who the hell would break an array using brute strength?

Moreover, can you even brute force it through?

Most likely Luo Tian was the only lunatic in existence that would kill his way through six levels. This was something no one would imagine possible, especially when it came to Kua Tai.

Because no one would use brute strength to break an array since it’s practically screwing themselves over.

But Luo Tian was a transmigrator.

In his previous world, there was no rule that was unbending. That’s why he didn’t do things according to the common sense of this world. He was killing to overwhelm the killers; using strength to destroy everything before him.

There was no such thing in this heaven or earth that cannot be destroyed by one’s strength!

This was his dao, to kill!

Of course…

Luo Tian was clueless about formations and arrays, so there’s no way he could break it through normal means. That’s why he could only keep killing!

Luo Tian used half a day’s time in order to break through six levels of arrays, which was something Li Qing or Demon Emperor Ba Tian wasn’t able to do back then. They had used up a full seven days to successively break one level at a time.

An important difference was that they didn’t suffer any injuries.

While Luo Tian was covered in them!

Blood was dripping down his forehead and flowing into the corner of his mouth. Luo Tian lightly licked it before revealing a ferocious smile showing his blood stained teeth. His Blood Devouring Wild Blade was stabbed onto the ground next to him as he shouted: “Soul Kill huh? Come at me! This daddy wants to see what kind of tricks you can pull off!”

Luo Tian wanted to fight it out!


Endless flames of anger were pent up inside his heart as he hated that midget Kua Tai deep to the bones.

Throwing out a damn irritating dog’s fart of a Hell Lotus Array…


A series of explosions was heard inside the array. Within the formless space, soul force that was visible to the naked eye started smashing down like dragon’s attacking. Luo Tian’s eyebrows scrunched up as he said to himself: “Since this is called the Soul Kill array, then it should be something related to spiritual attacks. If that’s the case, then…”


Luo Tian readied his spiritual will. Seeing how soul force was attacking from all directions, he directly emptied his will and directly absorbed everything into his sea of consciousness. He then coldly shouted internally: “Close the door, let the dogs loose! Uhh… that’s not right. It should be let loose the grim reaper’s path of slaughter!”

In an instant…

All the soul force was being crazily absorbed into Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness.

Also at this time…

A killing intent with a scythe appeared in Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness. It was filled with a dangerous aura of death and was smiling in a gloomy manner.


“Kill all these f*ckers for me!” Ordered Luo Tian with his will.

Those invading soul force inside Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness faintly trembled. They never imagined the area of Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness would be so large that it was similar to an ocean.

After experiencing the pain of the dispelling Gu, Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness and spiritual will had increased by ten thousand times. His sea of consciousness was now stronger and larger than your typical Profound King expert!

As the grim reaper’s killing intent rose up, the invading soul force was basically being crushed into nothing.

After several breaths of time…

Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness resumed its calm. A sheen of cold sweat was on seen on his forehead while he gasped for air. “It’s finally over… this daddy almost couldn’t hold on anymore!”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Soul Force. You have gained 50,000 experience points, 5000 profound energy…”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for comprehending the level 7 esoterics of the Hell Lotus Array – Soul Kill. You are only 2 more levels of esoterics away from comprehending the entire Hell Lotus Array!”

“50,000 experience points?!”

“The higher I go, the richer the experience points this array gives. This is way too cool; it’s even making this daddy want to kill everything all over again.” This made Luo Tian’s heart pick up. The experience from each level was higher than the next, and it was definitely much more than what he’d get for killing demonic beasts.

The only bad thing about this was each level only gave him experience once. If there were several chances of getting experience here, Luo Tian would truly want to stay here for a few months. This way he’d probably exit the formation at the Profound King realm.


A bright light in a shape of lotus descended.

“Level 8 – Yaksha Kill!”

There was no hesitation as Luo Tian stepped forward.

The eighth level was a large square with a stone statue in the center of it. The statue had claw like hands that was gripping onto a large steel fork. Its expression was exceptionally ferocious looking making it similar to an evil spirit from the depths of hell.

Apart from the stone statue, there was nothing else in this place.

“A statue?”

Luo Tian grinned and walked up to the statue without hesitation.


A ripple of energy shot out from the statue.

The plaster began falling off the statue one piece at a time. Beneath the plaster was a life-like Yaksha, its eyeballs moving about like it was coming alive.

Not like it was coming alive, it WAS coming alive!

Luo Tian had expected this from the very beginning. Without waiting for the rest of the plaster to fall off, Luo Tian shouted: “Level 3 Berserk!”


Eight times the attributes exploded forth.

“Ghost Slash!”

“Second form, Motionless Hades Slash!”


Luo Tian’s whole body leapt up into the air. His hands holding onto the blade was then viciously chopping down: “Die for me!”


The Blood Devouring Wild Blade shot out a huge bloody colored blade qi. The aura of the world’s most domineering blade had completely exploded forth as a single blade directly chopped the stone statue in half.



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