Undefeatable – Ch177

Chapter 177 – Little Midget, You Better Scram Out Here


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Yaksha. You have gained 80,000 experience points, 8000 profound energy…”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for comprehending the level 8 esoterics of Yaksha Kill. You are only missing the ninth level’s esoterics until comprehending the entire Hell Lotus Formation!”



He easily passed the level! This was way too easy!

If it was all like this, Luo Tian would only need a few more minutes to break out of this damn array.

Of course…

If it was anyone else on this continent apart from Luo Tian, they wouldn’t be able to pass this level that quickly. Even if a Profound Emperor came wouldn’t be able to solve it that fast. The people of this world would never think plaster peeling off a statue would result in the statue coming alive!

On the other hand, Luo Tian was very clear about this.

They were monsters in a petrified state. In his previous life, there were plenty of games that had such monsters inside them. Players would get close to these statues and they would come alive to attack you.

Before all the plaster fell off the statue, kill it with a single slash!

This was the best time for an instakill! It was experience that Luo Tian had accumulated through thousands of times during his gaming sessions.

That’s why the opponent was so easily instakilled.

The stone Yaksha on the ground looked up at Luo Tian filled with confusion. Its empty eyes stared at Luo Tian as if it wanted to say: “Your sister! I haven’t even made my appearance yet and you killed me already! At least give me a chance to show my face or something!”

Luo Tian directly stomped on its head shattering it. He then coldly harrumphed: “Looking at you annoys this daddy!”

Immediately after…

Another light in the shape of a lotus descended.

The ninth level opens!

“Level 9 – Fire Lotus Kill!”


Luo Tian stepped forward without hesitation, and the surrounding environment started turning illusory.


When Luo Tian stepped into the ninth level, he rubbed his eyes in shock. He then said to himself: “F*ck, did I come to the wrong place? Could this be an illusion?”

There was nothing here…

Except for a pile of demon cores!

They were crystal clear demon cores that gave off a rich amount of profound energy.

There were nine different types of profound energy being emitted and drifting into the void.

Luo Tian carefully observed the area and said to himself: “Could this be the eye of formation of the legends?”


“Who the hell cares?! With so many demon cores, who would waste such an opportunity? So what if it’s an illusion? This is all money and only an idiot would pass it up!” Luo Tian immediately ran up to it and shoved it all into his spatial plaque.

The moment when the last demon core was sent into Luo Tian’s storage…


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for comprehending the ninth level’s esoterics – Fire Lotus Kill. You have mastered the whole Hell Lotus Array!”


The surrounding environment started to crack. The dark nothingness began to break off one piece at a time like space being shattered. In just several breaths of time, everything disappeared and Luo Tian had returned to the base of the mountain as if he never moved from the spot.


“It was broken just like that?!”


Luo Tian was extremely shocked and surprised. He thought the ninth level would be one huge intense battle and didn’t expect that taking the demon cores would end the formation. The person who designed this formation is rather too eccentric.

The ninth level of the Hell Lotus Array wasn’t supposed to be like this.

It was originally supposed to have a huge Fiery Lotus Demon that could spew hellfire, capable of obliterating everything in its path.


The gnomes were too rushed in trying to lay down this array. Fire attributed demon cores were supposed to be used as its energy source but they only used normal ones. This was why the ninth level couldn’t manifest the Fiery Lotus Demon, which was why Luo Tian was able to break through it so easily.


Most likely in this world, Luo Tian would be one of the few who would snatch up all the demon cores without any hesitation.

If those demon cores weren’t taken away, the profound energy would continue fueling the array. The array wouldn’t be broken so quickly and Luo Tian wouldn’t be able to escape out of it.

This was the mentality of a transmigrator like Luo Tian, while others of this world would never have done this!

Luo Tian was extremely happy as he opened up the system to see his new stats.

Within the system, there was an extra selection.

Arrays: Hell Lotus Array

Grade: 4

Proficiency: 100%

Materials Needed to Setup The Array: Fire attributed demon cores (Power – 100%) Normal demon cores (Power – 60%) …

“No wonder!”

Luo Tian was relieved when he saw that the formation was only at 60% of its power. If it was at 100% of its power, most likely he would never be able to escape from it. He then said to himself: “That was a very close call…”

Luo Tian looked up at the cave entrance halfway up the mountain. He then sneered and said unhappily: “You damn midget, this daddy is coming!”


The tribe of the gnome race.

The place where Fan Zhangjian resided at.

Kua Tai did his best convincing tone: “Little prince, just tell Uncle Kua Tai where the King’s Seal is. I will bring you lots of good food and I’ll secretly bring you to see your parents. I know the place where your parents are undergoing seclusion training.”

Fan Zhangjian’s face was still pale looking.

There was too much power behind Fan Da’s slap so he almost couldn’t handle it.

Fan Zhangjian maintained his innocent and pure looking expression of a child: “Uncle Kua Tai, I really don’t know where the King’s Seal is. If I knew about it, I would definitely tell you. I really miss my parents. Uncle, can you bring me to see them? Just one look is enough. Once I see them, I might even remember where the King’s Seal is.”

Kua Tai’s expression turned grim.

His eyes carefully observed Fan Zhangjian with calm looking eyes. He then said to himself: “Does this little devil really not know where the King’s Seal is or is he pretending?”

He couldn’t see through Fan Zhangjian.

Because Fan Zhangjian’s acting skills were simply too good.

It was completely flawless!

If he was put in Luo Tian’s previous world, he would most likely win the Oscar Awards!

In reality…

Fan Zhangjian was feeling very heavy hearted right now. The moment he asked to see his parents, he noticed the change in Kua Tai’s expression. Just from that he could tell that his parents may no longer be living in this world. This made him cry inside like crazy.

He forcefully restrained himself so that nothing was revealed on his face.

Fan Zhangjian was holding back with all his might!

He almost couldn’t do it anymore, but clenched his teeth in order to hold on. There was only a slight trace of hope in his heart right now, “Boss, quickly come for me. I almost can’t do this anymore.”

A seven year old child knowing that his parents were killed but couldn’t cry. He couldn’t even show any signs of pain from it. This type of feeling was extremely difficult for him to endure. It was at least a few hundred times more painful than when he was slapped flying by Fan Da’s palm.

Around this time…

A gnome guard entered through the door.

The guard had an ugly look on his face as he went up to Kua Tai and said: “Lord Kua, the Hell Lotus Array was broken through by that human.”


Kua Tai’s eyes widened and shock could be clearly seen in them. He then shouted: “Are you sure?! How can I trashy human like him break out from the Hell Lotus Array? Did you see the wrong thing?”

The guard shook his head and replied: “No!”

Kua Tai’s expression changed back as he coldly harrumphed: “So what if he broke the array? The entrance to our gnome race territory is one big array. There’s no way he can find it, let alone enter it.”

The guard’s expression turned uglier as he said: “Lord Kua, that, that, that human has already stepped foot onto our tribal lands.”


Kua Tai’s body faintly trembled and his face paled. When he recalled Luo Tian’s slap, he unconsciously touched the left side of his face.

At this time…

A deep and robust voice had spread out to the entire gnome race’s territory.

“Kua Tai! You damn little midget better scram out here for this daddy!”

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