Undefeatable – Ch178

Chapter 178 – Another Slap

“Kua Tai! Scram out here for this daddy you damn midget!”

Another loud roar was heard!

The entire gnome tribe felt like they were experiencing an earthquake within themselves.

The word midget was their reverse scale.

All the gnomes thought of themselves as the most perfect and noble race in this world. And when someone kept using the words damn midget and little midget, this was an insult to them. An extremely huge insult!

Flames of rage were shooting out from most of the gnome race here.

The all had ugly expressions on their faces.

When they found out the voice belonged to a despicable and greedy human being, their rage flared even higher.

“A damn human dares to come to our territory and act unbridled? Is he courting his own death?”

“He even dares to curse at our Lord Kua? Did he eat a bear’s heart of leopard’s gall?” ¹

“Kill him!”

“Those damn greedy humans should be annihilated. Once they’ve been entirely destroyed, the entire world would be peaceful once again.”

In less than half a minute…

A large crowd of gnomes with various weapons rushed towards Luo Tian’s location.

Filled with killing intent, they kicked up lots of dust while heading towards their target.

Their momentum was exceptionally fierce!

Luo Tian managed to anger the entire gnome race.

Of course…

The gnome race was extremely angry, but Luo Tian’s anger was no less than theirs. He almost didn’t make it out of the Hell Lotus Array alive. If he didn’t avenge himself, then his name wouldn’t be called Luo Tian!

His tone of voice was a bit unbridled…

But he has always been crazy like that!

So what if he stirs up public outrage?

Luo Tian wasn’t afraid of it!

Moreover, Luo Tian naturally had a hidden purpose for being so loud!

Luo Tian wanted Fan Zhangjian to hear his voice so that he knows his boss was coming to rescue him!

In addition…

If Fan Zhangjian was really the gnome race’s prince, then something bad must’ve happened to his father. Since something bad has happened, Luo Tian wanted to use this opportunity to cause an even bigger ruckus because this was beneficial to Fan Zhangjian.


Kua Tai’s expression underwent many changes as hatred could be seen in his gaze. He then growled out: “You refuse to take the path towards heaven yet chose to break into the gates of hell. You dare to act wild in my gnome race’s territory? Good, good, good!”

After saying good three times in a row, his expression turned serious as he shouted: “Gather the Iron Blood Corps; I want that kid to die without a burial!”

Immediately after…

One of the guards quickly left the main hall.

Kua Tai turned around and looked at Fan Zhangjian who had eyes showing some surprise and joy. Kua Tai then coldly said: “Little prince, do you really think that human can save you? Quit dreaming. In less than half an hour, he will die a very painful death! Humph!”

“You better obediently wait here; I’ll take care of you when I come back!”

Kua Tai coldly shouted with a completely different expression from before.

Fan Zhangjian didn’t make a noise as he started worrying about Luo Tian.

This is the gnome race’s territory where their most elite forces reside. How can a mere human be their opponent?


“My boss isn’t going to die.”

“He isn’t just some normal human. He’s a human that can grill the world’s most delicious barbecued meat! How can a normal human be capable of that? Nothing will happen to him. Boss will definitely smash each and every one of them flying, humph!” Fan Zhangjian said to himself.

His tone was slightly lacking…

Because he was actually quite worried!

“Not good!”

“I need to find a way to get out of here and help boss.” Fan Zhangjian made up his mind. He then looked at the main hall’s entrance with four guards there as sentries. They happened to be all personal guards of Fan Da.

Wanting to leave by the main entrance was impossible.

Fan Zhangjian’s eyeballs quivered as a slight smirk appeared on his face…


Luo Tian was standing on top of a large rock as he watched a huge amount of densely packed gnomes rushing towards him. He then grinned: “Holy shit, so many gnomes are coming over.”

He was a bit shocked…

Because he didn’t expect for so many of them to come at the same time.

And they all happen to look quite angry and aggressive. Could this be the beginning of a scene where he was ganged up on?

“He’s over there!”

“Beat him to death for me! This damn human dares to call us little midgets? We need to let him know that ten thousand years ago, we were taller than the dragon race! We are also taller than the nether sea race! He dares to call us little midgets? He’s practically courting his own death!”

“We’ve ridden on dragons; we’ve commanded giant titans; we are the world’s most perfect race!”

Countless angry shouts were heard.

But their words almost made Luo Tian laugh out loud.

He had no idea what the gnome race looked like ten thousand years ago, but he was definitely clear on their current appearance. The gnome race didn’t even reach his thigh and was even shorter than a dwarf, and they described themselves as tall?

Are they trying to make me laugh?

Of course Luo Tian didn’t laugh out loud because this would be adding disrespect on top of disrespect.

Around this time…

In the rear of the large crowd were two columns of soldiers in armor holding onto steel spears. They were rushing over with Kua Tai leading in front.

Kua Tai was wearing a robe embroidered with various birds and beasts which made him stand out from the crowd. Luo Tian spotted him immediately and sneered: “Kua Tai, you damn f*cker finally decided to show up? You’ve made this daddy wait for a long time already.”

The flames of anger inside Luo Tian’s heart erupted upon seeing Kua Tai.

Thinking of all the injuries he suffered in the Hell Lotus Array, the flames of anger he was feeling couldn’t be suppressed anymore.

Kua Tai pointed at Luo Tian off at the distance and loudly shouted: “A damn human like you dares to act recklessly in our gnome race’s territory? This old man thinks you must be feeling that you’ve lived too long! Iron Blood Corps listen to my command!”


Many soldiers roared in a mighty manner.

“Kill him for me!”


Their steel spears moved in unison, all pointing towards Luo Tian’s direction.

A cold smile appeared on Kua Tai’s face as he said complacently: “You’ll be begging for your life in front of me very soon, hahaha…”

“Beg in front of you?!”

“You damn little midget, you’re over thinking things!”

Luo Tian smiled mockingly. Seeing how all the Iron Blood soldiers were rushing towards him, Luo Tian noticed there was no one around Kua Tai now. The ridiculing sneer on Kua Tai’s face was annoying the crap out of him.

In an instant…

Luo Tian shouted: “Shadewind Steps!”

“Level 2!”

A light breeze appeared around Luo Tian’s feet before his body disappeared from the spot.

Multiple phantom images of Luo Tian were seen in the air heading towards Kua Tai.

A shocked expression appeared on Kua Tai as he shouted: “Quickly come back! That kid is flying towards me!”

Kua Tai almost shit his pants from fear and almost forgot to run away.

The speed of the gnome race was rather fast so that naturally held true for Kua Tai. But he was panicking from recalling Luo Tian’s previous slap so he was instilled with fear. He was so scared that it even affected his normally quick speed.

Luo Tian had instantly caught up and landed in front of him. Luo Tian then revealed a grim reaper like smile and coldly said: “You damn f*cker, keep running why don’t you? Go on, keep running and acting arrogant.”

“You lowly human, do you dare to kill me?”

“I am an official minister of the gnome race. If you dare…”

Luo Tian was too lazy to listen to the rest of his words and directly slapped out with a shout: “Go die now!”


¹ – Eating a bear’s heart or leopard’s gall is conceptual metaphor for being fearless.

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