Undefeatable – Ch179

Chapter 179 – Instakilling Kua Tai With A Punch


A loud slapping sound was heard.


Kua Tai was instantly smashed flying. He landed on his face causing his mouth to be shifted at an odd angle, blood seeping from his mouth, and several teeth falling out.

Kua Tai was completely enraged.

He opened his bloody mouth and was about to start cursing out a storm…

When at this time…

Luo Tian viciously stepped on Kua Tai’s face and angrily asked: “You damn little midget, you want to keep blabbing on again? This daddy is too lazy to listen to you so I’ll only ask you one thing: Where is my little brother Fan Zhangjian?”

A brief flash appeared in Luo Tian’s eyes.

His eyes contained an icy cold killing intent.

After that, he slightly let off the pressure from his right leg. Kua Tai gasped for air first before glaring at Luo Tian and cursing: “This daddy’s not going to let a damn human like you off! People come, kill him for me! Kill…”

Luo Tian didn’t wait for him to finish his words and his right leg directly stomped down. Half of Kua Tai’s face was now smooshed into the wet muddy ground giving him quite an embarrassing image.


“Obediently respond to this daddy’s question! If you dare to spout another sentence of bullshit again, I’ll directly send you off to the afterlife!” Luo Tian coldly glared at Kua Tai while his eyes looked like he was going to eat him alive.

At this time…

The so called Iron Blood Corps of the gnome race had arrived while pointing their steel spears at Luo Tian. One of the leaders cursed out: “You damn despicable human, let go of our Lord Kua or else don’t blame us for being impolite to you!”

Luo Tian sneered like he didn’t hear a thing. He lowered his body and asked again: “I’m going to ask you again so you better answer me, or else I’m really going to kill you!”

Luo Tian’s tone of voice was very low.

Kua Tai started smiling ferociously before shouting: “Wu Shan, kill him for me!”

Kua Tai thought Luo Tian was afraid of them all.

He had presumed that this was the gnome race’s territory, so there’s no way the human would dare to kill him.

He also thought that as the gnome race’s official minister, Fan Da would not let him die.

He thought that with the Iron Blood Corps nearby, he could act however he wanted without any worries.

He thought that…

However, Kua Tai was the only person imagining this as if he was living in a dream.

Luo Tian lightly harrumphed while revealing grim reaper’s smile. His right fist started forming a fist before aiming at Kua Tai’s head and smashing down. “Motherf*cker, did you really think this daddy doesn’t dare to kill you?!”


Kua Tai’s head was instantly smashed open. Blood flew everywhere and splattered onto Luo Tian’s face.

Instantly killed by a punch!


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Kua Tai. You have gained 1 experience point, 1 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining a wind attributed demon core.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining a thunder attributed demon core.”


“Undefeated value +1.”

A series of system alerts were sounding off in Luo Tian’s mind.

Luo Tian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He then spat on Kua Tai’s corpse on the ground before cursing: “F*ck your sister, you only gave me one single point of experience? At least I got an undefeated value so that will be considered my consolation prize.”


“Wait a minute; the gnome race also increases my undefeated points?” Luo Tian’s was a bit surprised by this. Excitement also rose inside his heart when the thought about the Azure Dragon bloodline, but he managed to suppress his killing intent.

This was Luo Tian’s first time getting a single experience point from killing a monster.

The experience wasn’t much, but the loots that exploded out were quite good – they were all demon cores with attributes. The only unfortunate thing was that Luo Tian didn’t get the wood and water attributed demon cores he needed. But this also reinforced his belief that the gnome race definitely had the demon cores he wanted.

Such a low leveled monster would give him so many attributed demon cores, then what items would the corpse of a boss explode out with?

He was really looking forward to it!

Luo Tian’s move made the surrounding area immediately become silent.

Even a pin drop could be heard!

There was absolutely not a sound!

Over these thousands of years, no human has entered their territory nor dared to kill a gnome race member. Didn’t this human before their eyes know of the treaty between the gnome race and the human race? Didn’t this human know how much the gnome race hated humans?

Daring to kill a gnome race member inside their own territory; was this guy a lunatic?

This guy wasn’t far from his own doom!

“He actually killed Lord Kua…”

“This human actually killed Lord Kua.”

“This damn human actually killed a member of our gnome race in our own territory.”


Each voice was louder than the next. Eventually, the eyes of all the gnome race present looked like they could spout fire. Their eyes glared with such hatred, it was like Luo Tian slept with their sister and tasted their mother!

Their gaze was similar to wanting to eat someone alive.

Luo Tian shrugged his shoulders and casually said: “This guy deserved his death. Besides, I did give him a chance but he didn’t take it, and he kept challenging my bottom line. For a person like him that didn’t cherish their own lives, I can only send him along to a better place.”

Luo Tian’s stature wasn’t that tall.

But when standing amongst the gnome race that was only half a meter in height, the saying a crane standing amongst chickens couldn’t be used anymore. He was more like an elephant amongst chickens right now.

He was like a giant.

How could a giant fear little midgets?

So what if the midgets looked fierce? If they dared to act arrogant, a single slap would send them to their deaths.

Of course…

Luo Tian didn’t want to do this. He didn’t have any deep grudges with these cute and narcissistic gnomes. Even if he was able to gain more undefeatable values, he didn’t want to become some type of crazy serial killer. If he had no qualms about it, he would’ve done that already in Jade Mountain City.

If he massacred a few hundred thousand people, he could’ve gained whatever bloodline he wanted.

This was something Luo Tian couldn’t do.

He was capable of pinching all the soft persimmons around him, but he would only pinch his enemies.


Luo Tian cleared his throat. He looked at the gnome race inching closer towards him and took a few steps back before saying: “He was holding your gnome race’s prince as a hostage, which is considered a serious crime. I was merely punishing him on your behalf. You guys should be thanking me for getting rid of an evil official.”


“What qualifications does a human like you have to exercise such rights?”

“Go together and kill him! We shall avenge Lord Kua!”

At this time…

The gnome race was like a dense colony of ants rushing towards Luo Tian.

Don’t look down on how short these gnomes were. Their cultivation levels weren’t weak as they continuously released their powers.

Luo Tian retreated backwards and shouted: “Don’t force me to make a move!”

“The human is scared!”

“A lowly race like his dares to act unbridled in our territory? Play him to death!”

Many gnomes continuously landed in front of Luo Tian and started displaying their powerful skills. Luo Tian didn’t fight back, which caused the anger inside him to keep rising higher.

Not very far away…

Above the palace’s main hall.

Fan Da narrowed his eyes and a brief nefarious light flashed in them. There was a slight curve on his lips as he said to himself: “I couldn’t find the King’s Seal but the appearance of this human might be a good opportunity for me to take over.”

“Heh heh…”

Fan Da coldly chuckled.

Immediately after…

Fan Da said in a low voice: “Fan Er, send out some of our men and force that human to the brink of death. Force him to make a move and start killing; it’ll be best if he causes blood to flow like a river. Then I’ll appear to clean up the mess. By that time, the entire gnome race will thank me and treat me as the gnome race’s hero. Then I won’t need that damn King’s Seal anymore, hahaha…”

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