Undefeatable – Ch18

Chapter 18 – Very Silly And Very Cute

When something like this happens to a girl, their first reaction should be:


That’s right, a piercing shrill scream that would scare off all the flying creatures. The girl would then retreat off to a side in panic as she clutched her chest trembling with fear.

Apart from clutching her chest, Li Xue’er wasn’t shaking or scared and was only pouting at Luo Tian. She then emphasized: “Nothing happened just now, nothing happened at all, understand?”

Feng Lei looked at Li Xue’er with a silly expression before saying: “Just now, you…”

Li Xue’er’s eyes changed and angrily glared at Feng Lei, “What just now? Nothing happened just now, nothing at all.”

Seeing Li Xue’er’s eyes that looked like she was going to eat him alive, Feng Lei started backing away.

Luo Tian crawled up from the ground and patted off the dust on his butt, “Understood. It’s the same as last time when you kissed me, nothing happened.”

“That’s more like it.”

Li Xue’er nodded in satisfaction but still frowned while muttering to herself before loudly saying: “You bastard, I didn’t kiss you.”

After saying that, her cheeks once again became faintly red.

Recalling what had happened just then, Li Xue’er’s heart started beating faster. The more she thought about it, the faster it was beating and the redder her face became. This made her look even cuter and impossible for someone not to be attracted to her.

Her faintly red cheeks, a slightly angry look coupled with her delicate face made Luo Tian dumbfounded. He then deliberately said: “I wonder whose tongue was just going around in circles in my mouth?”


Li Xue’er’s faint red cheeks once again became completely red. She stomped her foot and pouted in anger as she glared at Luo Tian, her tears almost coming out.

At the side, Feng Lei was blinking and blinking before asking in a serious manner: “Young master, what does it taste like to have someone’s tongue in your mouth going around in circles?”

Luo Tian smiled, “You ask her, it wasn’t my tongue going around in her mouth.”

Feng Lei turned towards Li Xue’er and before he could even ask, her stare at forced him to look away. He then scratched his head and looked off into a random direction like a mouse had just seen a cat.

“Okay, I’ll stop messing with you.”

“You should quickly leave, I’m about to start working.” Luo Tian’s expression became serious; he didn’t participate in this contest to hit on girls.

He didn’t have any mood to hit on girls right now.

He had to quickly level up and make some more breakthroughs. This A-ranked quest had to be completed. Not only was the experience a lot from completing the quest, just that Grade 3 supportive martial skill alone was something he couldn’t miss out on. The entire Luo family or even the entire Jade Mountain City, there was no such thing a book of Grade 3 martial skill. If he was to possess one, how awesome would his existence be?


He was currently in a dangerous situation since Luo Lin could be bringing people over to hunt him down at anytime.

He had exhausted his profound energy and unable to activate Berserk. If he doesn’t quickly level up soon, he would definitely not be Luo Lin’s opponent if they find him. Also, Luo Tian wasn’t sure if Luo Jianshan was going to send out an even more powerful killer to take care of him or not.

Everything was an unknown.

The only thing Luo Tian could do was kill demonic beasts to level up.

As long as he made more breakthroughs, his strength will increase and no matter who comes, he could kill with a single punch!

“I’m not leaving.” Li Xue’er pouted with a grin and silently said to herself: “Big brother Luo Tian, I’m here to protect you. Luo Lin wants to deal with you so don’t drive me away.”

Luo Tian started frowning and seriously said: “Sister, there are demonic beasts everywhere in the Ghostly Mountain Range. Based on Feng Lei’s and my strength, we can only protect ourselves and don’t have the ability to look after you. Not to mention staying together with us is very dangerous!”

“I know it’s dangerous.”

“And I don’t need you guys to look after me.” Li Xue’er’s expression also turned serious as she silently said to herself: “I’m here to protect YOU, you big dummy.”

“No way!”

“It’s too dangerous.” Luo Tian’s expression turned serious. The Ghostly Mountain Range wasn’t an amusement park, not to mention the vicious demonic beasts; just Luo Lin alone had made his situation extremely dangerous. There’s no way he would allow an unfamiliar girl encounter danger with him.

Li Xue’er stubbornly said: “No matter what, I’m still staying together with you two.”

She wanted to say she was here to protect Luo Tian, but was afraid by saying that since it would hurt Luo Tian’s self-esteem. After all, for a man to need a woman to protect them would cause them to completely lose their face. At least that’s what Li Xue’er was thinking.

There’s another thing.

Luo Tian didn’t recognize or remember her. Li Xue’er was a bit disappointed by that but also felt this was kind of fun.


Luo Tian’s eyes suddenly tensed up before roaring out: “Watch out Feng Lei!”


A vicious wolf with red eyes and a red body had pounced towards the large burly Feng Lei.

It was a 1st rank demonic beast – Scarlet Flamed Wolf!

It was a common demonic beast in the Ghostly Mountain Range. It was extremely savage with a very strong attack power, making it very difficult to deal with.

Feng Lei had also detected the danger. His fat body rolled out of the way and ingeniously dodged the Scarlet Flamed Wolf’s sneak attack. He was then planning to pounce on top of the wolf to hold it down and create an opportunity for Luo Tian to kill it.


Within an instant…

A white figure flashed by and a sword light was seen.


“Owwww… Owwww…”

The Scarlet Flamed Wolf cried before dying as its body twitched on the ground. Its two eyes glared at the beautiful yet fierce girl as if it died filled with regrets.

“Holy crap.”

“So violent, so steadfast… a 1st rank demonic beast killed in seconds. You…” Luo Tian was awed, completely and utterly in awe.

A 1st rank demon beast was similar to someone at the Profound Pupil 8th rank. Even if it was Luo Lin, there’s no way he could kill it with a single sword strike. Yet this sister…

Li Xue’er retracted her sword. Upon seeing Luo Tian and Feng Lei’s shocked expression, she smiled smugly. “How was it, do I still need you guys to look after me?”

Feng Lei’s head was shaking like a rattle drum. When the sword strike passed by in front of his eyes, he almost died from fright. His fear towards Li Xue’er had been increased even more at this point.

Luo Tian chuckled and suddenly pretended to be filled with deep profoundness: “No need, no need at all. You can follow us if you want, but I have a condition.”

“What condition? As long as I can go with you guys, I will agree to any condition.” Said Li Xue’er.

As long as I’m around, no one will be able to bully big brother Luo Tian.

Therefore whatever condition Luo Tian proposes, she would agree to it.

Luo Tian didn’t know what Li Xue’er was thinking or else he would propose another condition.

“In the future, don’t directly kill the demonic beasts with one strike; leave them on their last breath so that I can kill it.” Luo Tian’s heart ached while staring at the Scarlet Flamed Wolf in its own pool of blood.

This was experience points!

This damn System, if he didn’t kill it himself, then he wouldn’t get any experience out of it.

Since Li Xue’er was so awesome, a strike here and there would get rid of each demonic beast. Getting first place and completing the quest would be easy, but he wouldn’t get any experience points.

How can he level up without experience points?

Luo Tian’s goal in participating in the hunting contest was to level up. Why bother monkeying around here if he wasn’t going to level up?

Li Xue’er didn’t really understand why but readily agreed, “Fine.”

In the end, her heart was secretly relieved since she was afraid Luo Tian would propose some sort of perverted request. Yet in her heart, she was willing to agree to anything Luo Tian proposes.

This girl was just so silly that she was extremely cute!

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