Undefeatable – Ch19

Chapter 19 – This Sister Is Too Amazing

“Fatty Lei, you’re in charge of looting the corpses.”

“White clothed sister, you’re the damage dealer. You have to remember to leave them on their last breath for me to kill!”

“I will be in charge of drawing the demonic beasts and maintaining aggro.”

“You guys understand?” Asked Luo Tian as he swept his gaze past them.

This was the most basic language of online RPG’s and it was also the most common strategy.


Feng Lei stared at Li Xue’er and she stared back at him. They both then shook their heads like a rattle drum and said in unison: “Don’t understand.”

“Young master, what is looting? What’s dealer? What’s aggro? How come I can’t understand a single thing?

“Can you say it in a way we can understand it?”

Luo Tian helplessly sighed, “Sister, you will be in charge of attacking the demonic beasts. Fatty Lei, you will be in charge of taking the demonic beasts’ blood essence. I will be in charge of luring the demonic beasts over, so do you guys understand now?”

“Young master, if you had said that the first time, we definitely would have understood you.” Feng Lei grinned in a silly manner.

Li Xue’er suppressed a giggle and said: “That’s right.”

“It’s really difficult at times to communicate with someone not of my world.” Luo Tian said to himself. Right after that, his gaze tensed up and he pointed in a certain direction crying out: “There’s a demonic beast approaching us from there, we’ll act in accordance to what I’ve said.”

As his voice faded…

Luo Tian leapt out and landed in front of a Metal Skinned Pig. He then bent his finger beckoning, “Little kid, grandpa is right here.”

It looked like the Metal Skinned Pig knew what Luo Tian was saying. It humphed twice before its forelegs pawed the ground and madly charged at him.

He had gained aggro!

Luo Tian panicked and started running once he saw those sharp fangs protruding from the pig’s mouth. If he was rammed by its large nose, he will definitely be smashed flying into the air. As he was running, Luo Tian loudly reminded: “It’s coming, it’s coming! Get ready to attack sister!”

Seeing the Metal Skinned Pig chasing Luo Tian like mad, Li Xue’er’s gaze tightened. She glared at the green colored pig and viciously said to herself: “Stinking pig, you want to hurt my big brother Luo Tian? Watch me take your life!”

A white light flashed.

“Move away; let me take care of it.”

Before she even finished speaking, Li Xue’er had already struck with her sword.

Luo Tian immediately changed directions, allowing Li Xue’er’s lightning fast sword to stab into the head of the Metal Skinned Pig.


Fresh blood sprayed out and a painful “ow” noise came out of the Metal Skinned Pig’s mouth.

“Oh crap, this sister is truly a bit too powerful.”

Amongst all the 1st rank demonic beasts, the Metal Skinned Pig’s defense was probably one of the best yet a single stab was able to penetrate into its head. Her attack power was simply too powerful.

Luo Tian was inwardly shocked and when he saw the angry looking Li Xue’er, he immediately said: “Sister, leave it with its last breath so that I can make the killing blow.”

If she were to kill another one, his experience will disappear again!

It absolutely cannot be so wasteful.

Luo Tian rushed forth like a loose arrow and roared out: “Let me do it!”

Li Xue’er stuck out her tongue and leapt off to the side, “Okay, I got it.”

The Metal Skinned Pig was growling and howling in pain. Its life was already near the end and didn’t have the strength to dodge. Luo Tian’s punch then came crashing down.



“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for killing a Metal Skinned Pig. You have gained 200 experience points, 20 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for gaining 1 point of Metal Skinned Pig’s essence.”

“200 experience points… a 1st rank demonic beast truly deserves their name, the rewards are so plentiful! Leveling up to the Profound Pupil 6th rank requires 30,000 experience points, which means killing 150 of them will allow me to level up.” Luo Tian said to himself.

Apart from experience, he gained the most important thing – profound energy.

Berserk consumed too much profound energy so within these three days, he had to accumulate as much profound energy as possible. There’s most likely a tough battle waiting for him at the Luo family confines. As long as he has enough profound energy, then he wouldn’t be scared even if he had to face Luo Xiaoshan again.

“Fatty, this demonic beast will be passed to you now.”

“Sister, give Fatty Lei the wooden space plaque that the Luo family gave to you. We’ll first fill up yours before we fill ours.” Said Luo Tian.

The sister was the main damage dealer so the head of the demonic beasts should first belong to her.

The wooden space plaque was one of the most mysterious dimensional storage objects in the Tianxuan Continent. The space inside was about the size of a small room.

All participating disciples were given one to be used to store the heads of the demonic beasts.

Killing a demonic beast and then cutting off its head, it was the only way to prove the kill. As long as one killed a 1st rank demonic beast, they could leave the contest right away and become a core disciple of the Luo family.

But if one wanted to compete for the first place, then they had to continue killing more demonic beasts.

The rules of the hunting contest – a 1st rank demonic beast was worth 1 point, a 2nd rank demonic beast was worth 5 points, a 3rd rank demonic beast was worth 10 points,4th rank demonic beast was worth 100 points, and a 5th rank demonic beast was worth 1000 points…

A 1st rank demonic beast was very common while a 2nd rank demonic beast was hard to come by within the contest grounds. If one encountered a 3rd rank demonic beast, that was equal to death. As for those super strong 4th and 5th rank demonic beasts, they will only appear in the depths of the Ghostly Mountain Range and it was impossible for them to appear in the outskirts.

Those demonic beasts at the 4th rank or above had demon cores in them.

The demon cores contained rich profound energy since this was basically their cultivation essence that had been formed for over a thousand years. The price of demon cores were at least 10 times the amount of xuan stones.

This was an ultimate treasure in the eyes of cultivators, an item that was near impossible to find.

The demonic beasts that had demon cores were all tyrannical existences. A single 5th rank demonic beast could flatten the entire Jade Mountain City in a day’s time.

In the history of the Luo family’s hunting contest, one had never appeared before because once it did, it would become a devastating blow to the family.

Li Xue’er didn’t take out her space plaque and said in a serious manner: “I definitely don’t want any bloody heads. I can help you kill but I don’t want any, you guys can have it all.”

Luo Tian looked at Li Xue’er and could tell she was being very serious. He then said: “Fatty, we’ll first fill your space plaque then.”

“Got it!”

Feng Lei picked up the Metal Skinned Pig and took out his machete before slashing down. The moment the head of the Metal Skinned Pig came off, he started sucking all the blood essence from it.

As the blood essence entered his mouth, Feng Lei’s face started turning red before becoming normal again in a few seconds.

Luo Tian couldn’t help wonder how powerful Fatty Lei’s mouth was. Seeing the thirst in his eyes, Luo Tian guessed that it wasn’t as simple as enjoying the blood essence. It was almost like it was a carnal desire, just as Luo Tian would desire this sister if she were to be naked before him.

Li Xue’er felt like throwing up from watching but she didn’t say anything.

Time was precious so Luo Tian didn’t bother asking questions either. “I’ll go scout ahead, you guys follow in a bit.”

Luo Tian rapidly dashed into the gloomy forest.

Li Xue’er was afraid Luo Tian would be attacked by demonic beasts so she quickly followed after him.

Feng Lei wiped his bloody mouth with a smile as a brief flash of red light was seen on top of his bald head. The pattern of a demonic beast appeared on his head giving off a ferocious aura of an ancient beast before disappearing.


“Get back sister, let me do it!”


“Ding, Congratulations Player…”



The demonic beasts were always at the edge of dying before being finished off. Li Xue’er would strike with her sword while Luo Tian followed with a punch. Demonic beasts kept dying and experience points continued racking up.

The cooperation between the two became more in sync.

After two hours of killing, they had already eliminated over a dozen demonic beasts. Not mentioning the abundance of experience points, Luo Tian’s profound energy were almost at a thousand points! This was too awesome!

If this continued on, he would level up within five hours!

Luo Tian couldn’t help sigh in his heart, “This sister is simply too amazing!”

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