Undefeatable – Ch181

Chapter 181 – Luo Tian Smiles


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing…”


“Undefeated value +1.”

An attack made of oppressive pressure!

Locking onto the target and releasing the oppressive pressure of his grim reaper’s killing intent. This was similar to tens of thousands of water pressure smashing into one’s head. It would be strange if the black clothed gnome’s head didn’t explode!


Luo Tian shouted excitedly, and the rage in his heart had lessened by a bit.

Right after that…

Luo Tian’s eyes moved and locked onto a Black Cloud Killer that was about to make a move. His oppressive pressure instantly smashed down like a mountain.


That black clothed killer being locked down my Luo Tian’s oppressive pressure couldn’t move. His face paled and cold sweat started appearing on his body. In his hand was a dagger gleaming a chilling light, and it was only a few centimeters from the throat of a civilian.

Luo Tian loudly shouted: “Quickly look guys…!”

Around this time…

Another black clothed killer’s expression sank as his blade struck out.

Luo Tian sneered and said: “You want to silence someone in front of this daddy? Such wishful thinking!”

After splitting his spiritual will, Luo Tian froze the other black clothed killer with his oppressive pressure. He then made another shout: “Quickly look; it’s them that are secretly killing you guys and not me!”

Luo Tian’s voice was very loud.

Therefore many gnomes heard it and all looked over.

“What’s going on?”

“Who are these people in black clothing?”

“That was close, I was almost killed!”

“It was them killing us? They are clearly gnomes as well so why would they kill us?”


A loud shout came from someone in the crowd: “Don’t believe him! Look at how they’ve been frozen by evil sorcery and cannot move or talk. It has to be this damn human up to no good again. Everyone shouldn’t believe his words!”

“That’s right!”

“We cannot believe his words!”

“Shit, this daddy was almost cheated by him.”

“Humans are the most devious of all races so we mustn’t believe his words. We can’t even believe it to be real if he farts!”

Once again, many ordinary civilians pointed their fingers at Luo Tian as the culprit.


Who would believe an outsider? Especially when it was a human that they deeply hated.

Although Luo Tian had stopped two of those black clothed killers, the civilians didn’t believe him.
This wasn’t considered ignorance because in their hearts, they would never think their fellow tribesman would hurt them. This was an impossible situation!

Luo Tian’s heart sank and didn’t explain himself further. He coldly laughed out and said: “Fine! Since everyone thinks they were all killed by me, then I will start killing them in front of your eyes!”

The fire inside Luo Tian’s heart had finally exploded!

He originally didn’t have much patience.

I’ve already brought out the evidence yet you guys still refuse to realize your error. Then there’s no need for me to explain any further.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian shouted internally: “Level 1 Berserk!”


Two times the attributes exploded forth causing his oppressive pressure to become stronger.

After accurately targeting those two black clothed killers, he crazily smashed out with the pressure.


“Bang~, bang~!”

The bodies of the black clothed killers exploded like a watermelon.

The expressions of everyone in the surrounding turned pale.

Luo Tian ferociously smiled and said: “Did you see that? This daddy has no qualms in taking responsibility for those I kill, but you guys want to blame me for the deaths I’m not responsible for? Fine! Everyone was killed by me! A bunch of ignorant midgets that don’t know they are being used by others. What a bunch dumbasses!”

Luo Tian was angrily cursing them out.

Because there was too much irritation in his heart.

At this moment…

Luo Tian locked into the aura of two more black clothed killers and shouted: “You two should go to hell as well!”

“Boom~, boom~!”

It was another pressure attack!

And another two of them keeled over.

The crowd was in shock.

Luo Tian’s figure moved and instantly arrived in another area. He locked onto three people and sent three streams of oppressive pressure out while shouting: “Go and die for me!”


“Bang~, bang~, bang~!”


Luo Tian was going crazy locking down on the auras of those killers, and then sending one after another to hell with his oppressive pressure. The surrounding gnomes were scared stiff by his actions. Wasn’t this human a bit too powerful?




There were constantly people in the crowd keeling over before exploding into a splatters of meat and blood.


Those black clothed killers hiding in the crowd were getting scared. Their bodies were shaking as they tried to hide themselves further.

They were scared just like that?!

This daddy hasn’t played enough yet!

Luo Tian’s oppression was released into the air, amplifying his voice which was like the raging sea: “Not all humans are like what you believe them to be. There are some humans that are good, just like there are some evil villains amongst your gnome race. I don’t really care that you guys are being used by someone, but that someone wants to use it against me. I’m sorry to say but that mastermind has sorely miscalculated because when this daddy is angry, I will f*ck all eighteen generations of his ancestors up!”

As his voice faded…

Luo Tian’s figure suddenly moved and his right hand stretched into a seemingly empty space. He then directly grasped onto a trembling black clothed killer and raised him up into the air. Luo Tian’s eyes glared at the killer while revealing a death like smile. “Can you tell me who told you to kill those children and the elderly?”

“You should know how Kua Tai died, right?”

“Do you wish to end up like him as well?”

“If you don’t, then you better honestly reply to my question or else I’ll make you suffer ten thousand times worst!”

Luo Tian’s killing intent was fused into his voice.

The black clothed killer almost shit his pants from fear. His teeth were chattering and his face extremely pale. He then stuttered: “It, it, it was…”

Within this instant…


There was a slight fluctuation in the air and an arrow seemed to appear from the sky.

“Another arrow sneak attack. It looks like you’re the mastermind behind the scenes!”

Luo Tian’s lips formed a cold sneer as he said: “I knew you’d try to silence him. This daddy was already prepared for it!”

“Level 2 Berserk!”

“Eternal Kingdom!”


A powerful energy shot out from Luo Tian’s body creating a five meter independent space with him as the center. Inside this space, Luo Tian was the overlord. With his spiritual intent, the arriving arrow entered the spatial domain and stopped before suspending in midair.

Luo Tian extended his right hand and easily plucked the arrow from the air.

Also at this time…

The Eternal Kingdom skill disappeared.

The crowd was looking around at each other. It was like they knew something had happened but didn’t exactly understand it. It was a rather strange feeling for them.

Luo Tian played around with the arrow in his hand and ridiculed: “Black clothed midget, you want to silence him?”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian looked at the black clothed killer in his grasp as said: “See that? Your master wants to kill you. If you don’t tell me everything now, I’m afraid you won’t have any chances later.”

The black clothed killer was shocked. He then thought for a bit before saying: “I’ll talk! I’ll tell you everything!”

Luo Tian smiled!

On top of a tower of the palace, Fan Da’s rage had reached the skies. He then shouted: “Kill him! Kill him for me!”

At this moment, Fan Da’s figure disappeared as he directly charged towards Luo Tian.

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