Undefeatable – Ch182

Chapter 182 – Play To Your Heart’s Content

Everyone had their own reverse scale.

Everyone had a scar that cannot be touched.

Fan Da’s method of seizing power was too treacherous and cannot be known to the outside world. Otherwise, he can forget about ruling the gnome race or becoming their king his entire life.


The things he had planned on were perfect for the assassination group he had groomed; therefore he was clear on the repercussions.

That’s why this was his reverse scale.

When he heard the black clothed killer was about to reveal everything, Fan Da was similar to a cat having their tail stepped on. His rage exploded out instantly and his figure disappeared from his position as he shot into the air.

A monstrous amount of killing intent was shooting over.

Luo Tian smiled in a smug manner and said to himself: “The mastermind behind the scenes couldn’t endure it anymore.”

Right after that, Luo Tian said to the killer in his grasp: “You see? Your boss can’t hold back anymore. He’s really going to kill you now. That previous arrow was most likely a sneak attack on me but I stopped its trajectory. This time he’s most likely aiming for you so you have no other choice.”

The black clothed killer was played by Luo Tian to the point of almost dying.

He hated Luo Tian deep to the bones but didn’t dare to reveal it. As Luo Tian has pointed out, he had no other choices left.

Thinking about everything, he replied: “As long as you can safeguard my life, I can tell you everything. I can even tell you how Fan Da managed to secretly kill our king as well.”

Luo Tian’s heart sank.

“Oh shit!”

“I didn’t expect the waters here were this muddy.”

“This is exactly the opening of a coup d’état.”

Luo Tian was shocked inside because he had unknowingly embroiled himself in a regime change. He then said to himself: “Since I’ve been shoved into this mess, I might as well make use of it. I can help the little guy snatch the king’s position back or something.”


Luo Tian grunted out: “Fine, I will guarantee your life. But you need to remember what you’ve agreed to or else I will make you suffer a life worse than death.”

As he was saying this…

Luo Tian had infused his voice with the grim reaper’s killing intent. The black clothed killer’s heart sank and his expression turned even paler. He rapidly shook his head to show he wouldn’t lie because he was truly afraid of Luo Tian.

Luo Tian moved his right arm and threw the killer into his spatial plaque.

Also at this time…

Ten arrows were shot out towards Luo Tian. Each arrow had sealed a path of retreat and they all contained an incomparable amount of power within. Streaking through the air, those ten arrows were like huge swords piercing towards Luo Tian.

Each arrow contained an overwhelming amount of explosive power!

Just a mere touch of them would cause the arrows to explode, just like how it had happened at the base of the mountain earlier before.

Recalling that experience, the flames of anger burst forth inside Luo Tian’s heart. He then shouted: “Motherf*cker! Kua Tai has died and there’s still you, a black clothed midget left. Shooting out arrow sneak attacks in the rear huh? This daddy will let you shoot until your heart’s content!”

An instant later…

Luo Tian made a move and shouted: “Eternal Kingdom!”


A force filled with the spatial laws burst forth and the ten arrows were immediately controlled by Luo Tian.

He then swept his right hand out and quickly grasped onto all the arrows. Using all his strength, Luo Tian threw the arrows back to their origin point and shouted: “Do it again! You damn little midget, do it again if you have the guts! Watch how this daddy literally beats the shit out of you!”

“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”

A series of crazy explosions was heard not far away.

Then, a dark shadow started leaping through the air away from the area. Luo Tian’s eyes locked onto the figure and smiled to himself: “You’ve finally appeared.”

His target was locked on!

Luo Tian’s right leg stomped down as he shouted: “Level 2 Shadewind Steps!”


Luo Tian’s figure instantly shot out and arrived next to Fan Er in less than half a breath. He then revealed a ferocious smile and glared at Fan Er who was less than a meter away. “You damn little midget, try sneak attacking with arrows again for this daddy.”

Fan Er didn’t panic and actually started smiling coldly.

This was an extremely condescending smile.

“Heavenly Spirit Array, open!”

Fan Er grabbed a demon core and suddenly slammed it into a certain location in the air.

Eight mysterious looking rune lines started appearing.

With Fan Er as the center, those mysterious rune lines continued expanding outwards while releasing a powerful energy. This energy was so powerful that it felt like it came from another world!

Luo Tian frowned as he shouted: “Yet another array!”

And such a powerful array had formed in such a quick manner; this Fan Er was definitely not ordinary.

The gnome race was innately born to become array grandmasters in this world.

Their battle strength wasn’t high but their ability to setup arrays was peerless.

Fan Er happened to be an array expert of the gnome race, and it only took him several seconds to finish setting up the array. The array possessed such powers that even a rank 7 demonic beast could be easily trapped inside.

When he saw that those mysterious looking rune lines keep expanding, Luo Tian recalled the Hell Lotus Array. This made him even angrier as he shouted: “You love playing around with arrays so much huh? Fine! This daddy will let you play to your hearts content!”

“Level 3 Berserk!”


Eight times the attributes was released, giving Luo Tian’s figure an explosive aura!

Luo Tian raised his right hand out and shouted: “Blood Devouring Wild Blade, come out!”

“Ghost Slash!”

“Second form, Motionless Hades Slash!”

With both hands grasping the hilt, Luo Tian leapt into the air.

A phantom image of the Great Emperor Hades appeared on the blade, bringing along an aura of death that crushed everything in its path. The light in the surrounding dimmed as if one entered the dark world of a magic barrier.

“Slash for me!”

The blade qi shook the sky as the blade chopped down.

Fan Er’s expression changed. His left hand made a move and another demon core appeared. A palm strike flew towards the descending blade qi as he grunted: “Xuanwu’s Great Array, open for me!”

“Boom~, boom~, boom~!”

With Fan Er’s left hand as the center, Xuanwu’s black tortoise shell actually appeared as a shield.

The shield made of light enveloped Fan Er and formed a thick defensive wall. This was basically an impregnable defensive wall!

An array grandmaster at the genius level!

Two hands formed two different seals producing two different arrays. This was done in under a second! This ability practically went against the heavens!

No wonder back then, the powerful dragon race couldn’t handle the gnome race either. With such an ability, who could take them on that easily?

With an array on your left and an array on your right, anyone would be irritated to death by it!


The blade chopped into Xuanwu’s shield made of light.

Sparks flew everywhere and the sky appeared to darken by the collision. The powerful blade qi was crushing everything in the area but the Xuanwu’s light shield was crazily blocking the pressure.

The two opposing forces were continuously being depleted.

The power behind the blade strike was being reduced while the defense power of Xuanwu’s light shield had started to weaken. Eventually, it looked like those two forces of energy had cancelled each other out.

Another shocked expression appeared on Fan Er’s face. The Xuanwu Great Array was extremely powerful but it was still eventually shattered by Luo Tian’s huge blade. He never expected Luo Tian to possess such incredible strength.

Luo Tian was also shocked.


The more his opponent resisted, the stronger the anger would burn in his heart.

This daddy refuses to believe this!

“This daddy will see how many blade strikes you can block!”

He once again shouted in anger: “Motionless Hades Slash!”

Another blade strike heavily chopped down.

Fan Er’s expression turned fierce as he too activated the Xuanwu Great Array.

The collision was once again cancelled out!

Luo Tian chopped down again.

And Fan Er responded by activating another Xuanwu’s Great Array.

This went on for ten more times.

Luo Tian looked like he couldn’t continue anymore while Fan Er was now on the ground instead of floating in the air. His face was pale but he still glared at Luo Tian in a powerless manner.

“Look at your own sister!”

Luo Tian’s right hand moved again as he raised the Blood Devouring Wild Blade into the air. He then shouted in a ghastly manner: “Block! Keep blocking for this daddy!”

Luo Tian then heavily chopped down…

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