Undefeatable – Ch183

Chapter 183 – Being Despicably Cheap

Luo Tian was never afraid of battles of attrition!

After activating Ghost Slash over ten times, a large portion of his profound energy was used up. His arms were shaking a bit but Luo Tian maintained a single thought: “Play him to death!”

Kua Tai had to die, so he was dead now!

This black clothed midget that forced him into the Hell Lotus Array was especially deserving of death!

After ten heavy attacks, it was all blocked ten times. Luo Tian’s anger was practically bursting at the seams now.

“Block it!”

“Keep showing this daddy how you’re going to block!”

With the eleventh slash, the blade’s trajectory cut through the sky as its power didn’t diminish a single ounce.

Fan Er was now breathless and his face flushed from the pressure. He glared at Luo Tian and cursed out: “A lowly human like you wants to kill me? Quit dreaming! How can this daddy be someone a trashy human like you can kill?!”

Luo Tian was astonished by this.

Fan Er was exhausted to death but his eyes was still filled with disdain.

Fan Er was still arrogant and unbridled, completely not putting Luo Tian in his eyes.

Luo Tian couldn’t understand this. Had the gnomes become so narcissistic to this level?

Who gave them the courage to feel that way?!

Luo Tian really couldn’t stand it anymore as his brains were about to be burnt by the flames of anger. He then shouted: “Die!”

His blade chopped down!

This time, Fan Er didn’t utilize Xuanwu’s Great Array to resist. There was a ferocious smile on his face as he shouted: “Profound Escape Array!”

He then slapped his palm on the ground.

With a bright flash, his figure started to disappear.


“This damn gnome race really has all kinds of arrays.” Luo Tian had a shocked expression on his face as he started hating the arrays of the gnomes more and more.

Seeing Luo Tian’s shocked expression, Fan Er started smiling smugly. He then coldly said: “Lowly human, an inferior race like yours wants to kill me? Are you even qualified, you damn trash like existence!”


Unbridled mockery!

“You damn dog thing!”

“Stop running if you have the guts!” Luo Tian didn’t reduce his strength as he continued with another chop.

The speed of the attack was extremely fast.


The speed of Fan Er’s disappearance was quite fast as well. He had calculated the time precisely so that the instant the blade reached him, he would have completely disappeared from his spot. He managed to ridicule Luo Tian at the last moment by saying: “Trashy human, try killing me if you have the guts.”

“Come; come kill me.”

“You inferior race, kill me! Kill me; go ahead and kill me! Can a trash like you kill me?”


An extremely cheap shot! Fan Er’s illusory figure started dancing there with an extremely arrogant and smug look.

Even if your uncle could tolerate this, your grandpa couldn’t!

Sneak attacking with arrows already pissed people off.

Now his super cheap look made Luo Tian even more pissed!

The flames of anger within him couldn’t be suppressed anymore as it exploded with force. Luo Tian’s expression turned ghastly as his lips smiled coldly. “I can’t kill you huh? Being despicably cheap in front of this daddy huh?”


Luo Tian pulled back his blade and shouted: “Chopping you to death is letting you off too easily. This daddy wants to play you to death!”

Within this instant…

Luo Tian frowned and shouted: “Eternal Kingdom!”


The power of spatial laws shot out from his body.

The space surrounding Fan Er was instantly enveloped. The blurry figured Fan Er’s expression sank as he exclaimed in shock: “Spatial energy?!”

When it came to arrays…

Their greatest nemesis was spatial laws.

Fan Er originally thought Luo Tian’s speed was fast and had a strong oppressive ability. He never expected that Luo Tian was knowledgeable in spatial laws as well! Fan Er was scared now; very scared. This fear came from the depths of his heart that gradually spread to every part of his body.

Why would the little guy Fan Zhangjian submit so obediently?

It was because Luo Tian had the Eternal Kingdom skill, or else he would’ve run away from all this conspiracy already.

Why would the gnomes who possessed these heavenly arrays be driven by humans to the extent of becoming residential companions of demon beasts in mountain ranges? It was precisely because humans grasped the skills of spatial laws. It was this reason the gnome race was being oppressed by the humans.

Otherwise, their ability of setting up arrays would truly change the order of this world.

Eternal Kingdom was a skill that was capable of creating one’s own independent space.

In actuality, the independent space created wasn’t a true independent dimension. It was still considered part of the original space of the world except this piece of space was fully controlled by Luo Tian. That is if the practitioner’s cultivation level didn’t exceed Luo Tian’s, he was basically the overlord of the domain!

Fan Er’s cultivation level was only at the Profound Spirit 8th rank.

It was the same as Luo Tian.

That’s why Luo Tian’s Eternal Kingdom skill could be perfectly demonstrated here, completely crushing Fan Er’s expectations.

Level 1 Eternal Kingdom couldn’t only be sustained for two seconds. This was already more than enough time for Luo Tian. He took one step forward, grabbed onto Fan Er’s neck, and directly pulled his disappearing lower half body back to this location.

Time was up!

The surrounding space turned normal again, and the surrounding people felt like they had just experienced a short dream.

Fan Er was scared stiff.

The crotch area of his pants became wet as a yellow substance flowed down his leg. He was so scared that he pissed himself!

The previous arrogant and disdainful expression couldn’t be found anymore. Replacing it was incomparable fear. Fan Er mustered his strength and shouted: “What do you want?! What does a lowly human like you plan on doing? You should know I’m a General of the gnome race!”

At this time…

Fan Er seemed to finally recall he was a General, and immediately shouted: “Are the Iron Blood Corps present? Quickly kill this damn human for me! Quickly now!”

He was screaming in a crazy manner.

The Iron Blood Corps that had faded to the background now rushed forth.

And quickly surrounded Luo Tian.

Luo Tian showed no fear as he slapped Fan Er and cursed out: “You still dare to act f*cking arrogant?”

“You dare to hit me?”

“You damn dog thing, I will make you pay the price for that!” Fan Er roared out. His heart was still greatly in fear but he wanted to bluff Luo Tian so he said with disdain: “My elder brother is the King of the gnome race. A lowly human like you better let me go and start apologizing to me with kowtows. Otherwise…”

Luo Tian asked with great interest: “Otherwise what?”

Around this time…

Luo Tian’s heart palpitated as he said to himself: “Has an expert arrived?!”

An extremely powerful aura stormed towards him.

Fan Er thought Luo Tian was getting scared so he smugly said: “Otherwise your soul will be ripped from your body and you will be forever sealed in my array. You will never enter the reincarnation cycle ever again, hahaha…”



“Shit, I’m so scared.” Said Luo Tian.

Fan Er became even more smug and said: “If you’re scared, kneel down and start admitting your mistakes to this daddy!”

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “I am very scared. I’m scared of having my soul ripped out and never entering the reincarnation cycle. That’s why you must die. As long as you die, those things won’t happen to me.”


“This logic sounds pretty correct to me.” Luo Tian mumbled to himself.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian’s left fist underwent a change.

It changed to hot magma that singed the air with its heat.

Fan Er’s face had turned ash gray as he quickly said: “I misspoke. I’m the one that’s going to kowtow and admit my mistakes…”

Luo Tian chuckled evilly and said: “It’s too late!”

A punch slammed out.

“Stay your hand!”

A heavy oppressive pressure crushed down from the void.

Luo Tian’s body sank down with an uncomfortable feeling. He looked up into the air and cursed out: “If you tell me to stay my hand and I stayed my hand, then how will this daddy have any face left?”

Luo Tian’s speed didn’t slow down as his fist turned into a palm. He then directly clawed onto Fan Er’s head and crushed it into mush!


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