Undefeatable – Ch184

Chapter 184 – The Boss Appears

An angry roar seemed to have come from the void!

The oppressive pressure crushed down like an avalanche! It was simply way too strong!

It all crushed into Luo Tian’s heart and mind causing his body to sink down. It was similar to having ten thousand jins of weight suddenly added to his body, causing his legs to helplessly shake.

Even though this was the case, Luo Tian didn’t stop his action!

Luo Tian’s magma covered hand squeezed down directly causing Fan Er’s head to explode. This time, blood didn’t even splatter out because it had been immediately evaporated by the heat.

The headless corpse toppled over and convulsed a few times before coming to a stop.

“I already said I will have you die a gruesome death!” Luo Tian coldly harrumphed.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Fan Er. You have gained 5000 experience points, 600 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining a wind attributed demon core.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining an earth attributed demon core.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Engraving Arrays skill. Would you like to cultivate it?”

“It exploded out!”


“As expected, the skill to engrave arrays exploded out.” Flowers were blooming in Luo Tian’s heart. Seeing how Fan Er used arrays to block ten of his attacks, Luo Tian started desiring to cultivate arrays as well. The moment he killed Fan Er, Luo Tian was already silently praying: “Explode, explode, explode for me!”

He never imagined the skill would actually explode from the corpse!

“Xuanwu’s Great Array!”

“Hell Lotus Array!”

“Profound Escape Array…”

All of these arrays were very powerful. There was an attack type, defensive type, and even an array that lets one escape a thousand miles away. These skills could be described as all encompassing; an indispensable remedy for one that enjoys traveling abroad! How could Luo Tian not cultivate this?

Without hesitation, Luo Tian made a thought: “Cultivate it!”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for learning the Engraving Arrays skill.”

Martial Skill: Engraving Arrays

Grade: 9

Proficiency: 0/5000

Consumption: 1000 profound energy (Consumption increases as level increases)

Skill Description: Engraving Arrays is a skill that gnomes do not teach others. There are ten levels in this skill. (After surpassing the last great perfection level, the user may comprehend earth, heaven, and divine arrays. These three types of arrays are considered epic arrays.) Each new level will result in different array. The strength of the array is directly correlated to the user’s proficiency level.

A typical skill will be split into ten levels.

Engraving Arrays was also split into ten levels, but surpassing the last great perfection stage (level 10) will result in epic ranked arrays. This made Luo Tian internally shocked, “I can understand earth and heaven arrays, but what are divine arrays? Could it be the arrays will activate some sort of divine magical skill? Isn’t this a bit too overbearing?”

“Second brother!”


A figure shot over in the air with eyes ablaze and an extremely ugly look on his face. He coldly looked at Luo Tian and shouted: “You killed my little brother!”

Golden glow!

A blinding golden glow!

Luo Tian’s eyes brightened and immediately became excited. “The boss has arrived!”

Fan Da’s appearance caused all the gnomes to be surprised.

Many people kneeled down in respect.

“General Fan Da!”

“General Fan Da has come.”


There was a commotion amongst the gnomes; there were many that kneeled but some that didn’t.

There were also some with serious expressions on their faces.

Some were whispering: “I heard General Fan Da has taken over the gnome tribe. Even the king was killed by him.”

“Is that for real?”

“How can the news coming from the palace be false?”

“That’s impossible. The king is his biological brother so how could he kill his own eldest brother?”

“If the king was alive, he would have appeared already. There’s no way the king would allow a lowly human kill any member of our gnome race.”

Fan Da’s expression turned grim as he endured the rage in his heart.

Fan Er’s death had enraged Fan Da, but his little brother’s death must have some value to it. Fan Da wanted to cause a public outrage so that every gnome would treat Luo Tian as the number one enemy. When he killed Luo Tian, he would then become the tribe’s hero.

Only then would he become the king!

This was the fastest shortcut.

Immediately after…

Fan Da shouted: “Say it; who sent you here?! Was it the Great Tang dynasty? Or was it the Mountain Sword Sect? Your human race is truly wicked! We’ve already been driven to the depths of the Ghostly Mountain Range yet you still won’t let us off? Your human race has simply gone too far!”

Hatred had risen to another new level!

This was hatred between races!

As Fan Da’s voice faded, it was similar to a tossed stone causing a thousand ripples.

And this wasn’t a common ripple caused by the stone, as it had become thousands of huge waves! The anger within the gnomes all exploded at once as they inched closer to Luo Tian. It was as if flames were crazily burning in their eyes right now.

In an instant, no one was discussing the issue of Fan Da killing the king.

Instead, another topic of discussion appeared.

“General Fan Da, kill him. Kill this human that deserves a thousand deaths.”

“Take revenge for our ancestors.”

“The human race has gone too far. We cannot let this human off at all.”

“Kill him!”

Their voices became louder than the next.

Just a few words from Fan Da and the public’s anger was aroused.

A cold smile unconsciously appeared on Fan Da’s face. This was exactly the scene he wanted as he happily said internally: “I really need to thank a human like you. It would be even better if you killed a few more people.”

The hatred had risen to the racial level now, and Luo Tian couldn’t help but admire such a move by this gnome. With a self deprecating smile, he could only say: “Brilliant; what a brilliant move.”


Luo Tian’s right hand made a move and grabbed onto a black clothed killer. He then smiled and said: “It’s unfortunate that you’ve forgotten I still have someone of yours here.”

A flash of coldness exuded from Fan Da’s smile as he faintly said: “Really?”

Fan Da’s brows twitched…

The head of the killer in Luo Tian’s grasp suddenly exploded! He directly died without saying a word!

Luo Tian’s expression underwent a drastic change.

He was able send out oppressive pressure to kill, but so could Fan Da.

In front of a wily old fox like Fan Da, Luo Tian’s considerations weren’t thought out well enough.

At this moment, Fan Da angrily shouted: “You’ve killed another member of my tribe! How many more people of my race is a damn human like you planning on killing? You killed my minister, killed my General, killed elderly, women and children. How many more of my people are you going to kill before stopping? Is it truly that you humans cannot let our gnome race off?”

Each sentence of Fan Da was said with pain; and each sentence was driving Luo Tian into a dead end.

Fan Da was creating a greater conflict between the gnomes and the humans.

He was completely demonizing Luo Tian.

This move of his was simply too brilliant.

He had played Luo Tian to the point of being tongue tied. Luo Tian had always thought his eloquence was quite sharp already but never expected this little midget was better than him. And this midget had such a painful expression on his face while deep down was exuding incomparably smugness. This kind of smugness was something Luo Tian was clearly able to sense.



The civilians were thoroughly ignited at this moment in time…

Causing a thunder like boom to rumble out.

Everyone closed in onto Luo Tian. Their hatred and anger had now transformed into a thick killing intent.

These people didn’t know that they were currently being used by someone.

“What should I do?!”

Luo Tian kept retreating backwards and was about to forced into a dead end. He became anxious and said to himself: “Do I really have to make a move against these normal civilians? Can I even do it?”

Luo Tian had no other choices left!

Seeing how smug Fan Da looked, a strong killing intent appeared in Luo Tian’s eyes. “This daddy will definitely explode your corpse!”

Around this time…

Off in a distance, a small figure suddenly appeared behind Luo Tian’s tall stature.

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