Undefeatable – Ch185

Chapter 185 – Kneel For This Daddy

Who else could the small figure be other than Fan Zhangjian?

He was really anxious.

Extremely anxious. He was anxious on behalf of his boss but couldn’t think of any way to help him.

At the same time, he was hiding all this time.

Waiting for Fan Da to appear.

He was pretty sure now that the man he once considered as the best uncle ever had killed his parents. His heart was hurting so much like it was bleeding from being stabbed.


Fan Zhangjian was very clear that Fan Da killed his parents because he wanted to become the king.

Since Fan Da couldn’t get his hands on the King’s Seal, he had to use other means. For example, becoming the gnome race’s hero!

“Father, mother, I won’t let him succeed. I will make him pay the same price as well.” Fan Zhangjian promised in his heart. At the same time, he shouted: “Boss, catch me!”


Luo Tian was startled as he turned around.

He was very worried for Fan Zhangjian’s safety but now seeing he was okay, it was as if a large rock had been lifted from his heart. Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “No problem!”

Fan Zhangjian flapped his arms and quickly descended towards Luo Tian.

Luo Tian caught Fan Zhangjian and whispered: “What are you planning on doing?”

Fan Zhangjian then asked: “Boss, you will help me right?”

This question was the same as the last time!

At this moment, a system alert sounded off in Luo Tian’s mind.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for triggering the quest: Rescuing the gnome race.”

Quest: Save the gnome race

Difficulty: A-rank

Rewards: 20,000 experience, 5000 profound energy, and a random supportive skill.

In an instant, his quest that was previously filled with question marks disappeared and became like this. Luo Tian was somewhat happy but somewhat depressed at the same time. He had received quite a few A-ranked quests already so he wasn’t that excited when those mysterious questions marks he had anticipated for so long only turned out like this. He then internally said: “An A-rank quest… well, let’s see what supportive skills will pop out this time.”


There was no hesitation in Luo Tian’s thoughts. Even if Fan Zhangjian didn’t ask him, he would still try to help him out. Since he had called him boss, then Luo Tian had to be responsible for this little brother’s well being. Luo Tian then said: “Of course I’ll help. I will cooperate with you on whatever you plan on doing next.”

Fan Zhangjian was moved by this, and a trace of tears appeared in his stubborn eyes. Luo Tian was most likely the only person who would still dare to help him right now.

“Don’t cry!”

“A real man can bleed but cannot cry. Your crying will only make your enemies became even more smug. No matter how big your grievances are right now, you better shove it back inside. Right now is not the time to cry!” Luo Tian shouted in a muffled tone. He always believed that men had to be responsible for their own fate.

Fan Zhangjian pulled back his tears and tried hard to suppress his grief. He then said: “En, I won’t cry!”

Immediately after…

Fan Zhangjian’s eyes became firm once again as he said: “Boss, send me to the front.”

Luo Tian did just that.

The gnomes all swarming in were stunned and most of them stopped.

“Your Royal Highness the Prince!”

“It’s the Royal Prince! Didn’t someone say he was missing?”

“He has captured the Prince.”

“This damn human is too despicable!”

There was a slight change to Fan Da’s expression. His right hand made a move and his powerful oppressive pressure could be activated at a moment’s notice. He was glaring at Fan Zhangjian with gloomy eyes before saying to a guard nearby: “Go get all the Iron Blood Corps to come here.”

After issuing the command, Fan Da showed a painful expression and said: “My nephew! This shameless and despicable human dares to hold our prince hostage? What a hateful bastard!”

While internally, Fan Da was saying coldly: “You think you can deal with me after working with a human? A seven year old child wants to overturn this scenario? You want to avenge your parents? Humph! Just wait a bit and I’ll send you to hell to have a reunion with your damn parents!”

Fan Da’s current expression was on cue.

His acting was probably ten thousand times better than those Oscar winners.

Fan Zhangjian’s expression was ice cold without any trace of panic. He then angrily glared at Fan Da and shouted: “Kneel down for me!”


His voice was like a muffled thunder.

Everyone had shocked expressions on their faces.

The corner of Fan Da’s eyes was twitching while his anger was secretly growing inside him. He then showed an expression like he had no clue what was going on and said: “Zhangjian, I’m your uncle. Don’t be scared, uncle will save you in a bit.”

Fan Zhangjian once again angrily shouted: “Fan Da, kneel down for me!”

His voice shook the sky.

This time, Fan Zhangjian directly called out his name.

Luo Tian was internally surprised by this. Looking at Fan Zhangjian’s calm expression, Luo Tian internally praised him: “Not bad, he has the image of a monarch. He can still be so calm and collected at this moment, and still possess a trace of craziness. He is indeed my, Luo Tian’s little brother. Hahaha…”

Fan Da now had an ugly look on his face.

His eyes turned fierce and his voice turned cold as he shouted: “You want me to kneel? I don’t think a Prince of the gnome race has such an authority! According to status, I am your uncle so you should be the one kneeling before me!

“No authority?”


“Boss, take out the King’s Seal. It’s fine that you keep holding onto it and there’s no need to give it to me.” Said Fan Zhangjian. He was very careful because he was afraid he was incapable of protecting the King’s Seal, that’s why he wanted Luo Tian to keep holding onto it.

Luo Tian pulled out the strange looking coin and raised it into the air.

“The King’s… King’s Seal!”

“The highest authority of our gnome race.”

“Heavens! Why would it be in the hands of a human?”

The moment the King’s Seal appeared, a large amount of gnomes started kneeling without hesitation.

It represented the gnome race’s highest authority!

No matter who was in possession of it, the gnome race had to kneel down before it.

At this moment, Fan Zhangjian also kneeled down with a very devout expression.

Fan Da had an even uglier look now as he said through clenched teeth: “Sure enough, you handed it over to the human. You damn brat, I should’ve killed you in the beginning.”

Luo Tian wiped his forehead of imaginary sweat and mumbled: “If I knew this thing was so useful, I would definitely have pulled it out early on.”

Fan Zhangjian then said: “Boss, you are now the king of the gnome race. Even if the original king was here, he would still have to kneel before the King’s Seal. Your words are absolute and whoever doesn’t listen can be directly killed.”

“Oh shit!”

“It’s that awesome?”

Luo Tian’s lips formed a smug sneer. With an expression like he was the Heavenly Emperor, Luo Tian pointed at Fan Da and shouted: “You damn old fogey, kneel for this daddy!”

Fan Da didn’t move and coldly shouted: “My fellow tribesman, the prince that we once loved has colluded with the humans. This is too heartbreaking and unexpected, therefore…”

Speaking to this point…

Fan Da paused and smiled evilly. He then continued: “Therefore I’ve decided to enforce justice on behalf of the heavens and kill this vile traitor!”

“A little hairless brat wants to fight with me?”

“You wish to take out the King’s Seal to suppress me?”

“The only thing this world recognizes is strength. You think that bringing out a piece of scrap iron is enough to suppress me? You guys are all overestimating its worth.” Fan Da started chuckling conceitedly in his heart.


Fan Zhangjian stood up and clearly pronounced each word: “Fan Da, you’re not even letting a child like me off? Killing my parents was all for the position of king… aren’t you being a bit too ruthless?”

Numerous gnomes were somewhat moved by this.

Fan Da had a cold smile on his face as he asked: “Since you say I killed you parents, do you have any proof?”

Fan Zhangjian pulled out a demon core and slapped his palm into the air. A Projection Array then started appearing…

Fan Da’s expression underwent a drastic change as his rage reached the skies!

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