Undefeatable – Ch186

Chapter 186 – F***, My Experience Is Flying Away

It wasn’t strange that the little guy could engrave arrays.

A three year old child of the gnome race could form basic arrays.

So it was natural for Fan Zhangjian to know this.


The array he formed was a bit different from others. This was an array similar to a video projection and was developed by his father. Most likely in the entire world, no one but Fan Zhangjian was able to do this now.

He was only activating the Projection Array that his father had developed…

And Luo Tian was stunned by this.

Luo Tian showed a shocked expression and mumbled to himself: “Isn’t this basically a f*cking movie projector? This is way too advanced for this world!”


“Fan Tai, you are unqualified to be the king anymore. My friendly advice is to pass the position to me; otherwise I’ll have your whole family disappear from this world.”

“Second brother, what are you planning on doing?”

“Planning on doing? My strength is much greater than yours but because you are one year older than me, father gave the king’s position to you. Based on what? What qualifications do you have to become king? After all these years, what have you accomplished? Elder brother, this is the last time I’ll be calling you this. A wise man submits to fate; everyone in and outside of the palace are my people. I have prepared for this day for ten years now…”


The projection was of two gnomes talking.

Apart from them two, the main palace halls were filled with other gnomes including: Kua Tai, Fan Er, the soldiers of the Iron Blood Corps with weapons in hand, and finally the killers in black clothing.

Those two started quarreling.

Soon after, they made their move.

The King and Queen were then eventually killed.

They were both personally killed by Fan Da.

His actions were extremely cruel and didn’t have the slightest room for leeway. When Fan Tai had no more strength to fight back, Fan Da viciously ripped his head off causing blood to shower the area.

As for the Queen…

Her fate was even more horrible. Several leaders of the Iron Blood Corps ripped off all her clothes and defiled her for an hour before killing her.

This was inhumanly cruel and cold-blooded!


Rage was crazily soaring.

The rage inside Luo Tian’s heart was continuously soaring as he clenched his fists. The killing intent in his heart was rising at an unprecedented rate and his jaws were making cracking sounds from clenching so hard. Was this even actions of a civilized race?

Killing one’s brother in order to seize the throne is fine.

But he was about to die anyway yet you still had to rip off his head? This type of action was worse than a beast’s!

Worst of all, he didn’t even spare his own sister-in-law.

He allowed his own subordinates to defile her. What justifications did a person like this have to remain on this world? At this moment, the rage in Luo Tian’s heart was erupting like a volcano and his killing intent became incomparably intense.

Luo Tian looked over at Fan Zhangjian.

Fan Zhangjian didn’t cry, but his face was a bit pale and there was some blood on his mouth from biting down so hard.

He was biting his lips and using all his strength to not start crying. There was no sound coming from him but the tears were gushing out like crazy. Fan Zhangjian’s heart felt like it was bleeding as the pain of his parent’s death was unbearable to him.

If your father’s head was ripped off and your mother was defiled, would there be any greater hatred in the entire world?

Fan Zhangjian then shouted through clenched teeth: “Fan Da! You damn beast, why aren’t you kneeling to accept your punishment?!”

“Kneel down!”

“Kneel down!”

“Kneel down!”

The crowd started shouting in unison…

And their voices shook the sky.

Many of them started crying while cursing out at Fan Da.

“Is that still considered a person?”

“Murdering your brother and disgracing your sister-in-law; you are beneath a beast! A person like you should be fried in oil!” ¹

“This is too cruel.”

Even in his dreams, Fan Da never imagined the scene of the palace would be recorded by a Projection Array. He also never expected Fan Zhangjian would get his hands on this projection. Everything he had done so far had gone up in flames.

He was roaring inside his heart.

His heart was going crazy…

But suddenly…

Fan Da started laughing like mad. He then flew into the air and glared at Fan Zhangjian coldly. “You’re right; your father was killed by me. You mother is so beautiful and should be enjoyed by everyone, hahaha…”

“As for a little mongrel like you, I should’ve slapped you to death in the beginning.”

Since everything had been exposed, then there was no need for him to continue pretending.

They’ve regrettably reached this step already so there was no need to avoid this taboo any longer. And not too far off, the majority of the Iron Blood Corps had arrived by now.

“Fan Da, are you still even a gnome?”

“How could our gnome race have such a beast like you?”

After tearing off the facade, Fan Da had now become even more reckless.

Many of them started cursing at him again.

But Fan Da merely coldly smiled before shouting: “You bunch of trash of the gnome race; I will give you all a chance to live. Capture those two for me or else I will send you all to hell one at a time!”

“Never on our lives!”

“The soldiers from the Iron Blood Corps have arrived.”

“This is bad!”

Fan Zhangjian then coldly shouted: “Fan Da, what do you plan on doing?!”

Fan Da fiercely laughed out once before saying: “The humans have a saying: Those with me will prosper while those against me will die! Your damn father was unqualified to rule us gnomes; he was unqualified to control the mountain of demon cores; and unqualified to control our gnome race’s supreme treasures. He should have stepped down long ago but that damn dog thing was unwilling to abdicate no matter how much I persuaded him. Since that’s the case, I could only snatch the position from him. He deserved his death and as for you guys…”

“Heh heh…!”

Fan Da started laughing in an evil manner before shouting: “Everyone present, I will say it again: Those with me will prosper while those against me will die! Whoever dares to not listen to my commands will be directly killed!”

He controlled everything.

He was also ready to wash the entire gnome race in blood!

As long as the Iron Blood Corps listened to him, nothing else would be a problem.

Without the King’s Seal and unable to become the gnome race’s hero, there was still one path left: An uprising filled with soldiers and blood! Removing all opponents and destroying all voices of dissent, the price of blood was normal for any regime change.

It will be the same this time as well.

In Fan Da’s eyes, the process didn’t matter as long as he attained his goals!

“We will never take part in such tyrannical methods!”

“Fan Da, you are the scum of our gnome race!”

Various voices were heard.

Fan Da’s gaze turned vicious as his oppressive pressure struck down like a heavy sword. Those gnomes that made those comments were then directly crushed into meat paste. He then coldly laughed: “This is the outcome for going against me, hahaha! This world is a place where only the strong can speak. As for a bunch of ants like you guys, you aren’t qualified to live in this world. It’s only out of the generosity and goodness of my heart that I’m giving you guys a chance to live. If you dare continue going against me, then death is the only path left for you. Hahaha…”

Such savageness!

Extreme and unbridled savageness!

Fan Da’s gaze was insufferably arrogant. It was as if he was the overlord of the entire world in control of everyone’s life.

“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”

“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”

Over ten thousand soldiers of the Iron Blood Corps had arrived and surrounded the place!

As soon as the Iron Blood Corps army arrived, Fan Da became even more unrestrained and smug. He started laughing crazily: “A damn human like you, and that damn little mongrel; the day of your death has arrived! Hahaha…”

Luo Tian’s brows twitched while his lips formed a sneer. He then excitedly said: “You want a big battle huh? This daddy’s Blood Devouring Wild Blade has long been hungering and thirsting for blood!”

While in actuality, his internal monologue went like this:

This is awesome! With so many monsters for me to kill, how much experience am I going to get out of this?


Fan Zhangjian faintly smiled as his body started exuding an aura of one that held a position of power. He coldly smiled and said: “You should take a look at who they’re actually coming for!”

Fan Da’s expression turned grim as he realized all the steel spears of the Iron Blood Corps were pointed at him!

Luo Tian became stunned as he started to admire this little brother of his. Except his heart was bitterly complaining: “F*ck! My experience is flying away!”


¹ – In Chinese mythology, hell has eighteen levels with various punishments and being fried in oil is one of them.

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