Undefeatable – Ch187

Chapter 187 – Do You Dare To Fight One On One?

A whole bunch of experience was gone just like that.

It would be false to say Luo Tian wasn’t depressed by this. There was huge glob of experience and undefeated values involved, so if he actually managed to kill them all…

To say the least, the Azure Dragon’s bloodline would be within his grasp.


Luo Tian wasn’t some crazy serial killer. He still had his own standpoint and a bottom line he wouldn’t cross.

Moreover, the Iron Blood Corps had already sided with Fan Zhangjian so killing them wouldn’t be logical right? Killing his little brother’s little brothers? That’s pretty messed up!

Another important point…

Fan Da had an extremely ugly look on his face; worse than the look when one had eaten shit.

Seeing how pissed off he was, Luo Tian was enjoying the scene to the max. He was sincerely admiring the move Fan Zhangjian was able to pull off. At such a young age, he was able to pull of stunt like this so Luo Tian couldn’t help but admire his awesomeness.

The Iron Blood Corps had completely surrounded Fan Da.

This made Luo Tian worried as he mumbled to himself: “I’ve already lost the little soldiers, don’t tell me they aren’t leaving the boss for me either?”

Luo Tian started worrying because no matter how high Fan Da’s cultivation was, there’s no way he was the opponent of an army filled with elites.

He was really afraid Fan Zhangjian would give the order and the entire Iron Blood Corps would rush in to spear Fan Da to death. Then Luo Tian would have nothing to do with his demise.



“Good move! I’ve underestimated this little mongrel. I never imagined my personal troops would betray me. Your father truly gave birth to a good and intelligent son!” Fan Da ferociously roared out.

Fan Zhangjian faintly smiled while a faint aura of a monarch exuded from him. “This was all forced by you. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have become like this. Fan Da, you’re already at a hopeless situation so just stop struggling and submit yourself. I will give you decent death, not like the one you gave my parents.”


“Stop struggling and submit myself?”

“Little mongrel, that’s just wishful thinking. Did you think a mere Iron Blood Corps is capable of capturing this daddy?” Fan Da continued speaking in a disdained manner: “I am the gnome race’s number one person when it comes to engraving arrays. Even your deceased father’s talent isn’t as good as mine, and you want to stop me with a bunch of trash?”


Fan Da’s ability to engrave arrays was extremely powerful.

Wanting to capture him was an extremely difficult task.


Fan Zhangjian wasn’t worried as he said with a smile: “You forgot that beside me is my boss, a person capable of spatial laws. No matter how fast your Escape Array is, would it be faster than the spatial laws? Everything is within my calculations and there’s nowhere for you to run. It’s best that you just die with dignity so that it saves the trouble for everyone.”

His words were calmly spoken that were neither quick or slow.

His expression showed that the outcome was under his control and it was futile whatever you did.

This little guy seemed to have completely changed into an adult.

In addition…

He had calculated this ploy with Luo Tian as a backup.

After saying that…

Fan Zhangjian looked over at Luo Tian and said apologetically: “I’m sorry boss.”

Luo Tian was a bit unhappy to be meshed into the ploy, but what else could he say when it was devised by a seven year old? Luo Tian faintly smiled in response: “Don’t worry about it!”

Luo Tian didn’t put it to heart.

Because Fan Zhangjian was still calling him boss and wasn’t throwing around his weight as the gnome race’s prince. He was still showing an expression of a little brother which made Luo Tian quite happy internally. How cool was this when he could tell others that his little brother was a prince.

His relationship with Fan Zhangjian was a bit different from Tang Jiu.


Spatial laws were the nemesis to the gnome race’s arrays.

Fan Da’s eyes turned fierce as the corner of his eyes twitched a bit. He glared at Luo Tian and recalled the death of Fan Er. His heart turned grim as he said to himself: “Is this damn human really the reinforcement the little mongrel planned in advance?”

Immediately after…

Fan Da laughed out in a gloomy manner before saying: “You want to use him to stop me? Little bastard mongrel, you want a trashy Profound Spirit 8th ranker to stop me? It looks like you are really just a child with your naive thoughts.”

At this time…

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said with incomparable arrogance: “Whether I can stop you or not, we’ll know once we give it a try. You damn little midget, why don’t you test it out by using your Escape Array? We’ll see if I can chop your head off the moment you try disappearing off into that space of yours.”

Half of Fan Er’s body had disappeared into that spatial crack before he was directly dragged out by Luo Tian.

Fan Da hesitated.

When one uses the Escape Array, they cannot use other arrays. This means that they can’t retaliate with an attack. When one’s body starts moving randomly, it’s highly possible for the distorted spatial crack to crush one’s body into nothing. This was one important point that all users were clear on.

The activation of the Escape Array cannot be interfered with any outside force!

This was very similar to League of Legends Recall ability. Any interruption during the 8 second channeling will stop the process.

Fan Da didn’t dare to take the risk.

Luo Tian saw through this and mocked Fan Da: “Damn midget, why aren’t you using the Escape Array to run away? Go on, escape! Why don’t you give it a try? You don’t dare? Scared? If you’re scared, then you better kneel down and kowtow to this daddy and await your death!”

“Who the f*ck told you to be so smug? You never expected you’d see such a day huh? You damn midget that’s even lesser than a beast!”

Luo Tian let out a series of curses as he vented out everything that was suppressed within him.

Fan Da’s expression underwent multiple changes. From red to green, from green to white, then from white to purple. His body was exuding a heat that was coming from his rage, and within the rage was an endless amount of killing intent.


The boss was enraged!

The golden glow around his body was even more dazzling to behold.

Luo Tian’s lips curved up as he smiled in excitement.

Fan Zhangjian’s expression turned grim as he threw out a reminder: “Boss, don’t piss him off too much.”


“Why not?” Luo Tian was puzzled by this.

Fan Zhangjian lowered his voice and said: “The Iron Blood Corps is actually not going to make a move against him nor help him. If we can’t find a way to kill Fan Da, we will die instead because the Iron Blood Corps will switch sides and align with him.”


“Why didn’t you mention this earlier?” Luo Tian tried hiding his surprised expression.

Fan Zhangjian continued saying: “This is the agreement I made with their commander. If Fan Da dies, they will support me. If he doesn’t die, it is us that will die. I promised them that you’d definitely be able to get rid of Fan Da.”

Why else would the Iron Blood Corps take such a risk if I didn’t say this?

And why would they believe in Fan Zhangjian’s words?!

In order to convince the Iron Blood Corps to remain neutral and appear to help him on the surface, Fan Zhangjian was going to appoint the commander, the position of General with other privileges. This position was something only those of the royal bloodline were qualified to have.

This was the status that the commander of the Iron Blood Corps had always wanted.


This was something that appears everywhere and anywhere!

Luo Tian hiddenly clenched his fists. He originally thought the Iron Blood Corps would be the vanguard against Fan Da but didn’t expect it to turn out like this. Luo Tian’s heart shuddered a bit as he realized he was almost played to death by the little squirt.


This also made sense.

Otherwise, the A-rank quest wouldn’t have been triggered.

Since that’s the case, then…

Luo Tian’s lips curved up as he called out his Blood Devouring Wild Blade. The huge 1800 jin blade was then pointed at Fan Da’s face as he coldly shouted with a domineering aura: “Damn little midget, do you dare to fight me one on one?!”

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