Undefeatable – Ch188

Chapter 188 – The Psychic Array That Went Against The Heavens

“You damn little midget, do you dare to fight me one on one?”

As those words left his mouth, everyone looked at Luo Tian.

Luo Tian’s expression was filled with domineering arrogance.

While many gnomes present were dumbfounded by this.

“Madness! This human has become a complete looney!”

“Challenging our gnome race’s number one expert? Is this human okay in the head?”

“He is not normal right?”

“Definitely abnormal. As long as you’re somewhat normal, no one would say such words like his.”

“Fan Da started engraving arrays at the age of two. He was then proficient in all the gnome race’s arrays by the age of five. He was able to break an ancient array of ours at the age of ten and even modify it to become our gnome race’s number one array. He’s an array grandmaster, and also a super expert of the martial path. With his cultivation at the peak of the Profound Spirit 9th rank, he’s only a step away from the Profound King realm. A human that doesn’t know arrays wants to challenge him? If this isn’t courting one’s own death, what else is?”

They hated Fan Da.

They hated his viciousness, hated how he was lower than a beast, and hated what he had done.

They all wished that Fan Da would die; the more miserable his death, the better.


All the gnomes were clear that Fan Da was their tribe’s number one warrior. Unless the entire Iron Blood Corps made their move, no one would be able to kill him. And even if the entire Iron Blood Corps attacked together, they would still have to pay a huge price for it. If Fan Da wanted to escape instead of fight, no one will be able to stop him.

A Profound Spirit 8th ranker wanted to challenge him?

This human definitely had something wrong with his brains!

At this moment, many gnomes were sighing on behalf of Luo Tian.

Fan Zhangjian’s brows were locked together because he didn’t expect Luo Tian would suddenly say such words either. His worry was only for Luo Tian, the boss of his. He advised without bias: “Boss, Fan Da is extremely strong. You…”

Without letting Fan Zhangjian finish…

Fan Da started laughing into the air. He was laughing like crazy and a trace of disdain could be heard. When he finished laughing, he shouted: “Good! I accept the challenge from a lowly human like you. But since this is a duel, there has to be some conditions involved.”

This might be his chance!

As long as he kills Luo Tian, the spatial laws constraint over his head would be lifted. He could then do whatever he wanted, even…

Fan Da started laughing evilly inside his heart.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and replied: “You damn midget, just spew out whatever conditions you have.”

Fan Da glared angrily and said: “My conditions are simple. First: This is life and death battle and won’t end until one of us is dead!”

Since they were going to fight, someone had to die.

In Fan Da’s heart, Luo Tian had to die.

As long as Luo Tian dies, there would be no one left to stop him. Moreover, he had noticed the eyes of some of the Iron Blood Corps soldiers. It was very clear that they were afraid of him. Once he’s able to quickly kill Luo Tian and the little mongrel, the soldiers won’t dare to make any rash moves!

A chance!

This was a great opportunity!

At this moment in time, Fan Da seemed to have seen the dawn of a new day. It was as if he could see himself ascending the throne of the king’s.

As for Luo Tian…

He had never placed him in his eyes!

Luo Tian replied without hesitation: “All you wanted was a fight to the death? This daddy was actually afraid that you would try to run away.”

Luo Tian started laughing internally: “You damn midget boss, fighting to the death is exactly what this daddy wanted. If you wanted to escape, my Eternal Kingdom might not be able to stop you. Having a boss run away would be too great a loss for me.”

The space that the Eternal Kingdom skill creates is best used against those at the same or lower level than Luo Tian. When using against Fan Da who’s at the Profound Spirit 9th rank, it might not be that useful.


Fan Da didn’t know about this or else he would have used the Escape Array and ran away already.

Seeing how Luo Tian agreed, Fan Da smiled in a smug manner and said: “Kid, you’re definitely going to die.”

Right after, he continued: “Second condition: This little mongrel’s life will be under my control. Whether he lives or dies will be up to my mood.”

This would be his protection talisman.

He couldn’t determine if the Iron Blood Corps was going to move against him or not. But if Fan Zhangjian was in the palm of his hands, then whatever the outcome was will no longer be an issue.

“No way!”

“You refused to stop after killing the King and Queen, now you even want to hold the Prince captive? You’re the damn devil incarnate! Don’t agree to it!”

“Don’t agree to it…”

The gnomes immediately opposed the condition.

Luo Tian didn’t agree to it and looked at Fan Zhangjian. Such a condition would need to be personally agreed by the person himself.

Fan Zhangjian didn’t hesitate and replied: “Fine, I agree to the condition!”

As those words faded, he looked towards Luo Tian and giggled: “Boss, I believe in you!”

With his life on the line, there was no hesitation at all!

Fan Zhangjian was really not ordinary.

This gave Luo Tian another surprise since this wasn’t a decision a seven year old could make with such decisiveness. Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “Little squirt, I won’t let you fall into his hands again.


The gnomes present started causing a commotion.

“You’re not Fan Da’s opponent so don’t put our Royal Highness the Prince into it.”

“Fan Da’s abilities in array have reached the apex so how can you be his opponent? If a human like you wants to die, then just go die. Don’t drag our Royal Prince into it as well.”


Many gnomes started opposing like crazy.

They were all clear on how strong Fan Da was so they automatically presumed Luo Tian would lose. And he would lose very quickly and in a miserable fashion.

They were the most clear on how powerful an array was.

The gnomes used their arrays to resist against the devil race, dragon race, and the human race. And Fan Da happened to be an array grandmaster proficient in all types of arrays. Even if a Profound King expert arrived, they might not be his opponent, not to mention Luo Tian who was only at the Profound Spirit 8th rank!

Fan Zhangjian cleared his throat and said: “Everyone, there’s no need to worry about me. He’s my boss and I believe he will definitely win!”


“What’s he going to use to win?”

“With his sharp tongue?” Fan Da started laughing coldly. He then glanced at Luo Tian as if looking at an insect that was about to die. As long as he made a random attack, Luo Tian would instantly die without a burial. Fan Da then smiled smugly and said: “Third condition!”


“Are you done yet you damn midget?!”

Hearing those two words third condition, Luo Tian started scolding out: “Quit blabbing in front of this daddy. It’s useless with all your bullshit and conditions. Since you’re going to die anyway, those conditions are absolutely useless to you!”

There was a slight change to Fan Da’s expression. He coldly smiled and continued saying: “Third condition: When you’ve reached hell, tell that little mongrel’s parents that I, Fan Da has succeeded. Hahaha…”

Fan Zhangjian’s expression underwent a drastic change. He started clenching his fists on and off, causing his fingernails to stab into his palms. Blood then started dripping from the palm of his little hands.

The rage inside Luo Tian’s heart exploded! The Blood Devouring Wild Blade also started giving off an ear piercing ringing sound as it became angry as well.


With a single step, Luo Tian’s figure shot through the air and instantly arrived next to Fan Da with his blade raised up.

A thunderous roar could be heard in the air!

The huge blade started moving as if it wanted to cleave the sky into two. The blade then chopped down filled with a bloody aura.

Fan Da’s lips curved into a cold smile as he said: “You want to kill this daddy with just this level of attack?!”

His right hand formed an array seal before slapping the air and shouting: “Psychic Array – Black Tortoise Xuanwu, come out for me!”


In front of the array, a huge black tortoise known as Xuanwu rushed out!


He was really finished this time!

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