Undefeatable – Ch189

Chapter 189 – Midget, The Day Of Your Death…

Black Tortoise Xuanwu was summoned?!

F*ck, isn’t this a bit overpowered?!

This was completely unexpected that Fan Da was capable of using the Psychic Array, one that was able to summon out a huge beast.

Black Tortoise Xuanwu.

One of the four divine beasts.

Although the Psychic Array’s summon of the Black Tortoise Xuanwu wasn’t able to allow it to reach its true terrifying powers, its strength had already surpassed a normal rank 8 demonic beast and was almost reaching a rank 9.

How on earth was one supposed to go against such a fierce beast?!

Fan Er only knew how to use the Xuanwu’s Great Formation.

But Fan Da was able to directly summon Xuanwu out!

This was too terrifying!

Terrifying to the point of a complete mess.

Sounds of wailing and crying could be heard everywhere. Black Tortoise Xuanwu stomped down and instantly crushed a bunch of gnomes into meat paste. The aura coming from its extremely hard armor then directly shattered the blade aura that Blood Devouring Wild Blade was exuding in Luo Tian’s hands.

The blade didn’t even get to fully descend yet and the tortoise’s spreading aura had already caused Luo Tian’s arms to tremble in numbness. It seems like there was no way he could continue chopping down anymore.


Way too powerful!

A light halo then surrounded Black Tortoise Xuanwu, which was its shield that it was naturally born with.

Between the four divine beasts, Xuanwu’s defense was the strongest.

Even amongst all the possible heavenly beasts, the ranking of its defense was unshakeable. Especially when it came to its tortoise shell; divine weapons couldn’t break it and the most powerful force of nature couldn’t destroy it. It was basically impossible to fight against it.


Fan Da started laughing conceitedly before saying in disdain: “Kiddo, you want a one on one fight with me? You’re either going to die, or die. Hahaha…”


Fan Da was expressing extreme smugness!

No matter how strong Luo Tian was, it was all useless when facing the Black Tortoise Xuanwu. Since Luo Tian won’t be able to break past its defense, he can only await his death.

Once Luo Tian dies…

Fan Da then shouted internally with excitement: “The King’s position is mine! I will be the king of the gnome tribe; their overlord; their God! Hahaha… Black Tortoise Xuanwu, crush them for me! Stomp all these disobedient ants to death for me! Hahaha…”




The Black Tortoise Xuanwu continuously stomped its feet, tragically killing all the gnomes that were frozen in fear.

Fan Zhangjian’s expression sank lower and lower as he shouted: “Fan Da! The ancestors of us gnomes have issued a rule in the past that we cannot bring demonic beasts into the tribal territories. You’ve now committed a huge taboo, so aren’t you afraid of the ancestor’s wrath?”

The gnome race was naturally short. Once a large demonic beast entered tribal territories, the only outcome would be a complete massacre to the ordinary citizens.

And all the structures made by the gnomes underground would be destroyed.

Therefore, no demonic beasts were allowed to enter into gnome territories.

Fan Da’s expression was extremely evil with a trace of excited ferociousness. He then ridiculed: “A little mongrel like you wants to suppress me with the ancestors? Are you even qualified to mention our ancestors? You brought a human into our gnome race’s territory which is also a serious offense in our rules. Could it be that you aren’t afraid of the wrath of our ancestors?”

“Mentioning some dog fart ancestors with me?”


“I am your ancestor! Even in front of our forefathers, I am now their God. Your lives are now in my hand. Whoever I want to die, will have to die. Hahaha…”


Complete insanity!

The Black Tortoise Xuanwu was simply too strong.

While sitting atop the divine tortoise, Fan Da was acting extremely smug and arrogant!

The Black Tortoise was basically a huge monster sweeping through everything in an unrestrained manner.

“Save us!”

“Ancestors, save us!”

“Fan Da, you damn murderer! You will definitely die a horrible death!”

Many gnomes were kneeling down begging the heavens.

They had fallen into desperate situation.

When facing against the powerful Black Tortoise, they were completely helpless since their strength difference was too great. This gap was so large that they couldn’t even dream of matching.

Fan Zhangjian’s heart felt like it was bleeding as he wiped the tears across his face. He then said in a serious manner: “Fan Da, in order to become king, do you really have to kill so many gnomes? These are all the common citizens of our gnome race so you’re not even going to let them off?”


“Little mongrel, I already told you I am the God of this place. Whoever I want to die, shall die. This bunch of disobedient ants only has your trashy father in their hearts, so I need to kill them all. Hahaha…” Fan Da started laughing like mad.

The Black Tortoise was now at a state where it was unstoppable!

It was practically unbeatable!

A bunch of gnomes were being stomped to death each time and their blood dyed the ground red. Broken and scrunched up limbs were strewn everywhere.

At this time…

The once peaceful gnome territory had turned into a living hell.

Fan Zhangjian couldn’t endure this anymore. The pain he had been suppressing all this time exploded forth with him balling his eyes out at the current scene. He was crying with such heart wrenching pain that anyone seeing it would pity him.

After all, he was merely a child that was seven years old.

He was under the weight of too many things.

The pressure was too great.

He just couldn’t hold on anymore and everything exploded out.


At the same time when Fan Zhangjian was crying, he raised his head into the air and loudly screamed out: “Boss! Help me! Save my gnome race! Save us! Save…”

The words following that had become hoarse.

Luo Tian’s heart sank into an abyss as he was feeling tormented from hearing Fan Zhangjian’s voice. He was clenching his fists continuously and his thoughts on overdrive: “How can I stop this Black Tortoise Xuanwu? What can I do?”

“Luo Tian, weren’t you very arrogant just now?”

“Quickly think of something!”

“Can something so simple stump you just like that?”

“How are you going to rescue An Chunchun’s mother later? How are you going to reach Shattered Sky City? How are you going to beat Murong Wanjian like the dog he is?”

Luo Tian was asking himself these series of questions.

Fan Zhangjian had triggered the deepest part of his heart where his weakest nerve laid.

Luo Tian’s brain was on overdrive as he simulated different methods.


He really couldn’t think of a solution when facing against a matchless powerhouse like the Black Tortoise Xuanwu.

The Black Tortoise was too strong!


“Once again, my strength isn’t f*cking enough!”

Luo Tian started roaring madly inside his heart: “My f*cking cultivation level isn’t strong enough again! When he wasn’t strong enough, he couldn’t protect his fellow brothers and couldn’t protect his women!

At this moment…

A strong sense of irritation poured out from Luo Tian’s heart.

He was blaming himself for incompetence since he couldn’t figure out a way to deal with Xuanwu. Luo Tian watched how the Black Tortoise kept slaughtering the common citizens, how Fan Zhangjian was crying for help, and how arrogantly smug Fan Da’s lips curved into a smile. He wanted to calm down but couldn’t.

“Is there really no solutions available?”

Luo Tian opened up his system interface.

He then opened up his skills page with a thought.

As the first page of his skills appeared…


Luo Tian became excited as he stared at a certain skill on the page. He then said through gnashed teeth: “Damn midget, the day of your doom has arrived!”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian leapt into the air and flew towards the Black Tortoise Xuanwu.

Fan Da noticed Luo Tian was rushing towards him and started laughing in ridicule: “Trashy human, courting your own death huh? This daddy will send you along then!”

The Black Tortoise Xuanwu was like a speedy tank charging towards Luo Tian!

Luo Tian stopped in the air and stared fiercely at the incoming Black Tortoise. He then roared out: “It’s all up to you! You have to succeed on the first try!”

“Magic Charm!”


A bright light with crackling noises of static electricity was heard coming from the Black Tortoise’s body.

A few seconds later, a wondrous sounding alert tone was heard in Luo Tian’s mind.


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