Undefeatable – Ch190

Chapter 190 – Ancient Dragon Execution Array

Magic Charm!

This was a spell that Wizards in the game Legend of Mir learned.

This was a spell that could make monsters into your own pet and had become rather special in this world. It wasn’t that strong in the game but had now had become powerful enough to be a life saving straw for Luo Tian. It was no different from a life saving talisman!

The skill beamed out.


The system gave off an alert tone and Luo Tian was extremely pious internally. Once again, he started naming off the women he could never forget in his previous life: “Teacher Sola Aoi, Sister Maria Ozawa, Sister Yui Hatano, Yuhua… uhh, ptui ptui ptui, I meant Sister Haruno Saki, please come and bless me! It has to succeed in one try!”

Whether Magic Charm can succeed on the first try or not will be up to the heavens.

The percentage of success was irrelevant!

Humans shall fight for their own destiny!

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for your successful recruitment!”

“Holy motherf*cker, I succeeded with one try!”

Luo Tian’s heart ignited into a fervor as he eyes blazed with excitement. He then started laughing madly into the air. It was so crazy that he was like a peerless show off artist. He was putting on such airs that the crowd actually paused their attempts in running away and wondered if the human had suddenly gone insane with fear.




“Fan Da, you damn little midget! The day of your death has arrived!”


Incomparable and unbridled arrogance!

Luo Tian was so smug that he looked like an evil villain right now. All the anger suppressed inside him had instantly exploded forth. He made a thought and commanded out loud: “Xuanwu, stomp that trash to death for me!”


Fan Da’s expression showed his shock as he realized Black Tortoise Xuanwu had suddenly stopped. He couldn’t help but be startled by this. Seeing how Luo Tian was crazily laughing, he unconsciously blurted out: “Damn trashy human, did your brains get fried? You dare to command Xuanwu who I’ve summoned…”



Fan Da didn’t manage to finish his sentence when Black Tortoise’s body trembled and he was flung off.

Fan Da was scared stiff.

He was so scared that he didn’t know what on earth was happening. His eyes were glued to the Black Tortoise’s figure while unknowingly above its head were the words Black Tortoise Xuanwu (Luo Tian). All Fan Da could think of was “Why are there suddenly words there?! What the hell is going on?!” ¹


Luo Tian leapt up and landed on the shell of the Black Tortoise. He made a mental command before bragging: “Fan Da, you never expected this huh?”

Luo Tian was standing high up there while he coldly glared at Fan Da.

At this time…

Luo Tian’s expression was similar to someone staring at an ant, exactly how Fan Da had stared at him previously.

Fan Da then shouted in shock: “What did you do to it? How could it…?”

Luo Tian revealed a look of disdain and said: “How could it become my battle pet huh? Didn’t you say you were a God? Well, this daddy is the ancestor of the Gods! The Xuanwu that you summoned can be taken over by me on a whim!”

“How could this be possible?”

“Heavens, what am I seeing?”

“This human… this human… what kind of martial skill did he cultivate?”

“Hahaha, human brat, I’m beginning to like you more and more now. Hurry up and kill this scum of our gnome race.”

“Right, kill him! Kill him!”

The surrounding crowd of gnomes started getting worked up.

The hatred they had for Fan Da had reached an unprecedented height.

And now Luo Tian had become their life saving straw, their savior, their hero!

Fan Zhangjian started crying emotionally and shouted in a hoarse voice: “Boss is the most domineering! Long live the boss!”

Right after he screamed that…

Almost all the gnomes screamed out in unison: “Boss is the most domineering! Long live the boss!”

Their voices shook the heavens!

This was an unprecedented event!

A human that had garnered the admiration and cheers from the entire gnome race. Never had this happened before! This never happened back then with the Profound Saint Li Qing or the Demon King Ba Tian either. This was the first time in the history of the gnome race!

Luo Tian was domineering to the extreme!

Fan Da had an extremely ugly look on his face while looking up at Luo Tian. The honor was supposed to belong to him, but now it was stolen by a human. The hatred inside him became much stronger and the killing intent soared to its highest peak.


Fan Da roared out. His hands started forming seals and his palms gave off flashing lights of an array activating.

Almost at the same time…

Two attack arrays shot out.

Luo Tian showed no fear and faintly smiled. “Black Tortoise Xuanwu, crush this damn midget for me!”

With a single thought, both of them shot forward.

When the Black Tortoise received Luo Tian’s command, it had surged forward like crazy without caring for anything. It didn’t care that Fan Da’s left and right hands contained attacking arrays. No matter how strong the arrays were, Xuanwu considered them as a drizzle of rain that wasn’t even strong enough to scratch an itch with.



Those two arrays exploded onto Xuanwu’s body.

The light shield around its body only trembled a bit before the attack disappeared.

The defense of the Black Tortoise was practically awesome to the point of defying the laws of this world!

The most important thing out of this exchange was Xuanwu’s light shield had actually caused a backlash to Fan Da, causing him to cough out multiple mouthful of blood. He almost couldn’t get back on his feet, and the current him was an extremely embarrassing sight to behold.

Luo Tian was shocked by Xuanwu’s power and started ridiculing: “Fan Da you damn little midget, is this the extent of your attacks? Are you a p*ssy or did you not eat a meal today? I’ll have to trouble you to put in a bit more strength please.”



All the gnomes started laughing out loud.


This was contempt at its purest form!

Luo Tian was extremely smug right now. Seeing Fan Da’s expression, he was feeling especially refreshed and happy.

When it was time to be smug, then one had to be smug to the max. This was Luo Tian’s way of doing things!

Fan Da couldn’t say a single word while filled with regret. Why did he summon out the Black Tortoise Xuanwu?

This allowed Luo Tian to take control of it.

What kind of f*cked up situation was this?!

Fan Da’s hatred for Luo Tian kept getting stronger.


Fan Da’s aura started rising while his hands started forming strange looking seals. Over a hundred demon cores surrounded him out of nowhere, each filled with a rich essence of profound energy and containing a terrifying aura of different attributes.





“Eight Trigrams, come out for me!”


The demon cores floating around Fan Da suddenly shot out to every corner of the gnome’s territory.

Once the demon cores landed, they were brightly flashing a crystal light.

The flashing light shot into the air and formed an ancient looking pattern as if one was looking at the stars.

Fan Zhangjian’s expression drastically changed. He then shouted: “Ancient Dragon Execution Array?! Fan Da! Did you go insane?! Are you planning on destroying the entire gnome race?!”

Ancient Dragon Execution Array!

As the name implies, it was an array to kill those divine dragons!

How terrifying would the power behind that array be?

Since it was capable of killing those of the dragon race, how would mere gnomes and a Profound Spirit realm Luo Tian fair?

Fan Da had gone mad!

Completely and utterly insane!

Fan Da started laughing ferociously: “Hahaha… not letting me off? I will make all of you accompany me in burial, hahaha! Ancient Dragon Execution Array… you will all have to die! You will all be buried along with me! Hahaha…”

“Damn brat, weren’t you just very arrogant?”

“You damn human; it was you that ruined everything for me. Now it’s time for you to go to hell!”

“Rise for me!”


The Ancient Dragon Execution Array was activated causing endless amounts of killing intent to surge out!

At this moment…

A holy type of light started flashing from the King’s Seal in Luo Tian’s possession.


¹ – I think the author made an error because other than Luo Tian, no one should be able to see the game mechanics of names above monsters/people’s head.

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