Undefeatable – Ch191

Chapter 191 – Give Me A Big Loot Explosion!

It was unknown when…

Even Luo Tian hadn’t noticed it…

The King’s Seal was undergoing a transformation like some sort of video game item. It was changing due to some sort of energy interference.

Ancient Dragon Execution Array!

An array that ancestors of the gnomes created, and had once killed an ancient dragon of legends.

The array’s fame had resounded throughout the continent and was recorded in many old manuscripts, but no one had actually personally seen it.

To the point that…

Even members of the gnome race believed the array had been lost through the passage of time.

No one was able to engrave it!

They never imagined Fan Da would be able to recreate it, so it looks like his research into arrays had reached an unprecedented level! His comprehension with arrays was so strong that the title of Grandmaster cannot be used to describe him any longer.

Little did people know that Fan Da had comprehended the esoterics of the Ancient Dragon Execution Array a long time ago.

He slowly learned and compounded upon its powers!

This was Fan Da’s last trump card; a chess move to have everyone perish together!

His hands formed the last seal before he slapped down with the weight of a mountain. Eight mysterious looking runes appeared on the ground and started extending itself outwards like crazy. The runes then started resonating with the star like lights floating in the air, instantly causing the entire gnome territory to start shaking violently. Houses started collapsing left and right!

It was as if the end of the world had arrived!

At this time…

Nearly everyone had given up hope.

Because they understood that this array was unbreakable. The enormous power behind the array was something no one could survive. The gnome race was going to forever disappear on Tianxuan Continent this day. Their miserable defeat ten thousand years ago had made them hide at the depths of the Ghostly Mountain Range, but at least they managed to survive for ten thousand years.

The human race didn’t continue to exterminate them.

The irony was that they were now going to be exterminated by their own kind.

How laughable was this?

Fan Zhangjian slumped onto the ground while he stared at the sky with an absent look. He felt that all hope was lost while mumbling: “Father, mother, your son will be seeing you soon. Our gnome race is over; gone forever.”

There was only deathly silence in his heart.

Without any traces of fluctuations.

The surrounding gnomes were just like Fan Zhangjian with eyes filled with lifelessness. They were dully looking off at random directions and mumbling: “It’s over, it’s over, everything is over.”

Some of the gnomes were hugging onto their families tightly.

Fan Da was still laughing like crazy. And the moment the Ancient Dragon Execution Array was progressing further into its activation, he laughed even more ferociously. He then shouted savagely: “Hahaha… everyone is going to be buried with me! Everyone will accompany me in burial, hahaha… I, Fan Da, am the strongest gnome in our entire history! Hahaha… all you ants should just go die!”


Incomparable insanity!

Fan Da looked completely insane right now.

No one bothered with him any longer and some didn’t even bother cursing him either.

Because he too had to die along with them.

Everyone present had to die.


The gnomes in every part of the tribal territory were filled with despair and their hearts like withered ash.

Everyone had lost all hope except for one person…

Luo Tian!

His heart was very calm while his spiritual senses were paying attention to his surroundings. His belief was no matter when or the obstacles involved, one could not fall into despair. Because once you’re in despair, that means you have completely lost. And Luo Tian had been losing for twenty years in his past life.

He cannot lose anymore in this life!

Luo Tian’s eyes turned fierce as he coldly glared at Fan Da. He then shouted: “You want us to accompany you in burial? Then you should go to hell first!”


“Kill him!”

At this moment…

Black Tortoise Xuanwu was shivering. Even though Luo Tian could control its will, it was currently terrified and how no courage to battle. It was being crushed by the pressure of the Ancient Dragon Execution Array. If the array was capable of killing those divine dragons, then how do you think it felt right now?

Even the unbridled Black Tortoise was in despair.

It was shivering and kneeling on the ground without rushing at Fan Da.

Fan Da started laughing.

He was laughing with utmost savageness before pointing at Luo Tian and ridiculing: “A lowly human like you of course doesn’t know the power of the Ancient Dragon Execution Array. Not to mention Black Tortoise Xuanwu, even if a real divine dragon came, all it could do is await its death. Hahaha…”




Thunderous ear piercing sounds were now heard in every corner of the gnome territory, and a crushing pressure started appearing in the air. An ancient power started condensing in the air and started to spread through every nook and cranny.

At this moment…

Death was descending soon!


“The Ancient Dragon Execution Array is starting to activate! You bunch of ants should all just die for me!” Fan Da screamed in frenzy with his face all flushed red.

Luo Tian was irritated.

Extremely irritated!

He was irritated with Fan Da’s unbridled arrogance and at the gnome race’s despair.

Luo Tian flexed his right hand and the Blood Devouring Wild Blade appeared. He then angrily shouted in the air: “This daddy refuses to believe this! An array is engraved by a person so I refuse to believe it doesn’t have a weakness! This daddy refuses to believe that I can’t chop it apart!”

“Level 3 Berserk!”


Luo Tian leapt into the air and aimed at the starry lights up in the sky before chopping forth.

The blade aura shook the skies!

The blade’s power was like the sea but the starry lights had no reaction like it had devoured everything.

Fan Zhangjian sighed while saying: “Boss, it’s no use. All attacks are useless inside here now. An array of this level cannot be broken by anyone and there are no special methods to crack it. Even a Profound Sovereign present would not be able to do anything. Unless one of our progenitors descends onto this plane of existence… but how could that be possible?”


“Little mongrel, you seem to know your stuff.” Fan Da started laughing before continuing: “But our progenitor has died over ten thousand years ago, so there’s no one present in this world that’s capable of cracking this array. This is your ending for not letting me becoming the king! Hahaha…”

Luo Tian frowned and shouted: “Little squirt! You cannot give up no matter what difficulties you face. Giving up means you’re admitting defeat! Look how smug Fan Da is acting; it’s all because you guys are despairing that allows him to act this way!”

“He has to die just like the rest of you, so why do you need to show fear?”

“What’s so scary about dying?!”


There are many things scarier than dying.

So what’s there to fear about dying?!

Fan Zhangjian contemplated what Luo Tian was saying. He then stood up and laughed: “That’s right! What’s so scary about dying? Fan Da, you’re also going to die inside this array. Hahaha…”

Luo Tian’s words inspired the surrounding gnomes.

Since they were going to die, they might as well go out with a boom.

They all started standing up tall with a very calm look.

Also at this time…

The gnomes started giving off a light like they were fireflies. The light orbs then started converging towards Luo Tian’s body.

Luo Tian couldn’t understand what was going on.

Some place within him, a power started pulsing and crazily absorbing the lights that was approaching. His body then started giving off a light as well and started resonating with the other lights.

Luo Tian reached in and exclaimed with shock: “It’s the King’s Seal?!”

A strange looking image on the seal started moving and the power of the Ancient Dragon Execution Array was suddenly being suppressed!

The moment the seal was finished absorbing the light orbs…

Unconsciously, Luo Tian tossed out the King’s Seal and it exploded in the air.


The power from the explosion directly shattered the Ancient Dragon Execution Array! It had been broken!

At the same time, Luo Tian roared our fiercely. He raised the Blood Devouring Wild Blade above him and stepped forth. Backed up with the power of level 3 Berserk, Luo Tian chopped towards the confused Fan Da. “Give me a big loot explosion!”

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