Undefeatable – Ch193

Chapter 193 – The Legendary Place

Demon Core Mountain!

Demon Core Mountain!

Luo Tian’s target was of course the aptly named Demon Core Mountain!

Once he gathers the five elemental demon cores, he’ll be able to crack the array on the ancient scroll and the whereabouts of the ancient treasure will be revealed. By then…

Thinking to this point, Luo Tian started drooling unconsciously because this was simply too tempting!

That’s why Luo Tian couldn’t wait any longer.

Fan Zhangjian was startled by this and started giggling. “Don’t worry boss, I will definitely bring you to our Demon Core Mountain and help you find the ones you need. You should first join us in celebration!”

“Hero, hero, hero!”

“Hero, hero, hero!”


It was like a sea of gnomes all shouting hero in joy.

In their hearts, Luo Tian had become one of the gnome’s greatest heroes.

It was Luo Tian’s appearance that spared them from a huge crisis. It was also him that eradicated one of the greatest villains of their time.

It was also because of Luo Tian’s appearance that the gnome race started to see humans in a different light.

Luo Tian was infected by the joyous atmosphere and was no longer eager on knowing where the mountain of demon cores was. He too began celebrating like crazy with the gnomes.

Not long after…

All the fine wine and cuisines of the gnome race were brought out.

As for Luo Tian, he setup a bonfire and prepared to grill a Green Skinned Boar that was a few thousand jins of weight.

“Grilled meat, grilled meat, grilled meat!”

“Grilled meat…”

The mouths of the gnomes eating the grilled meat were covered in delicious and oily residue. The boar that weighed a few thousand jins was simply not enough to go around. It was hard to imagine that the stomach of these gnomes that were only the size of a couple of fists could hold so much food.

With the smooth wine accompanying the barbequed meat, this was practically the most perfect match under the heavens.

This joyous celebratory feast went on late into the night.


All is quiet in the dead of the night.

There were drunken gnomes slumbering in the square right outside the palace.

Fan Zhangjian stared up at the dark night as a tear rolled down uncontrollably. He then said softly to himself: “Father, mother, your son has avenged your death. Your son really misses you two… he misses you a lot…”

All the pressure he was putting up with was now being released.

His innocent looking face was filled with endless longing for his parents.

It was unknown when…

Luo Tian arrived behind Fan Zhangjian’s back and patted his shoulder. He then consoled him: “Go ahead if you want to cry. Now is the time for you to do it.”

Fan Zhangjian had suffered too much.

Having too much pressure in one’s heart could damage the body. Now that everything had been settled, Fan Zhangjian needed to release it all out.

Fan Zhangjian turned around and embraced Luo Tian. He grit his teeth, his mouth puckered, and then…

He couldn’t hold back anymore and tears poured out.

He started crying uncontrollably!

But no sound could be heard because he didn’t want the people of his kingdom to see the weak side of him.

He was now the new king of the gnome race. He had to be strong in order to face all adversaries in the future!

Luo Tian gently patted Fan Zhangjian’s back as he too felt a bit emotional. The pain of losing one’s parents is one of the greatest pain a person can experience. That pain cannot be described with words.

After a while…

Fan Zhangjian stopped crying and left Luo Tian’s embrace. He then wiped the substance off his face that could be tears or snot. Half his face was smeared with it as he giggled like a kitten: “Boss, let me bring you to our Demon Core Mountain.”

Fan Zhangjian had regained his composure very quickly.

At only seven years old, he was really different to other normal kids.

Luo Tian was a bit stunned and asked: “Do you need to rest for the night? We can always go tomorrow.”

Fan Zhangjian knew Luo Tian was desperately searching for attributed demon cores so he replied: “No need. We can go early and come back early; I can still rest after that.

“Fine then.”

Luo Tian laughed excitedly to himself: “Finally, I’m about to gather all five elemental demon cores. The ancient scroll’s secret will then be revealed to me, hahaha…”

After waiting so long for it, the day had finally arrived!

It would be false to say Luo Tian wasn’t excited!

Fan Zhangjian was leading the way in the front while Luo Tian followed behind him.

The two of them walked into the depths of the gnome race’s palace.


In the legends…

The gnomes were the wealthiest race of them all.

They were good at forging, digging, and had accumulated all the gold buried in the grounds. They had constructed a huge palace made of gold and inside were countless mysterious treasures. They were a race from the ancient times or even of the primordial era, who had appeared in this continent thousands upon thousands of years ago.

Legends were merely just legends.

Whether it was true or not for their race, no one could prove it.

Luo Tian had seen this legend in books so that’s why he was rather excited.

Could it all be true?

The two of them continued walking in a neither fast nor slow pace. Fan Zhangjian’s mood was really good and kept on chatting nonstop. Upon thinking of the King’s Seal, he smiled and said: “Boss, do you know why the King’s Seal could break through the Ancient Dragon Execution Array?”

Luo Tian shook his head and replied: “I have no clue.”

When mentioning the King’s Seal, he really couldn’t understand how that thing could have such a strong power hidden inside it.

Fan Zhangjian explained with a smile: “The King’s Seal and the Ancient Dragon Execution Array all came from the same ancestor. The records show that the King’s Seal was made from a dragon’s skull, and its power can purposely negate the Ancient Dragon Execution Array. Even in his dreams would Fan Da not have realized this.”

This was one of the top secrets of the gnome race, and no one was permitted to know except for the current king.

Fan Zhangjian only knew about this after rising to the throne and reading about it.

Luo Tian’s heart went cold as he said: “Made out of a dragon’s skull? So that means your ancestor really used the Ancient Dragon Execution Array to kill a dragon?”

Fan Zhangjian immediately said: “Of course! The name Ancient Dragon Execution Array came to place because it had killed someone of the dragon race. Otherwise, where would we get our hands on a dragon’s skull? Sigh… our progenitor was truly powerful. During that era, the gnome race was considered an overlord of a large region, but now…”

Thinking about that, Fan Zhangjian couldn’t help feel sad about it.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “I believe that you will bring the gnome race back to its peak one day.”

A seven year old who already had such a powerful ability… the rise of the gnome race was just a matter of time.

Fan Zhangjian’s eyes turned firm as he said: “En, I won’t let boss down. Hee hee…”


Those two walked and chatted at the same time, and an hour passed by unknowingly.

The two of them were already at the deepest parts of the palace.

It was also the lowest level of the gnome’s territory.


A blinding golden light flashed.

It was similar to the sunlight coming from the crack of a door, except this golden light was so blinding to the eye that Luo Tian couldn’t adapt to it. The golden light was similar to the glow around a super powerful last boss.

Fan Zhangjian faintly smiled and said: “Boss, we’ve arrived!”

“The legendary City of Gold!”

Luo Tian was shocked stiff from the sight before his eyes.


There was gold everywhere!

The palace was made of gold, the road was made of gold, and even the flowing water in the river was gold in color. Everything here was made of gold!

And in this huge golden palace where one couldn’t see the beginning or the end of it, stood a mountain sparkling with holy crystal lights. The Demon Core Mountain!

This was an incomparable huge mountain of demon cores!

He couldn’t even tell how tall it was after looking straight up!

Luo Tian was completely ecstatic as he mumbled to himself: “F*ck! The legends were true!”

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