Undefeatable – Ch194

Chapter 194 – Huge Fortune!

City of Gold!

A place of legends.

Luo Tian was completely shocked by what he was seeing.

The crystal clear light reflecting off the demon cores were shining onto all the gold in the area. And the light reflecting off the gold seems to give everything a golden light which was incredibly eye-catching.

“We have the City of Gold, so would there also be those ancient primordial treasures as well?” Luo Tian said in a soft voice.

Fan Zhangjian was stunned by those words and said: “Apart from the mountain of demon cores, there’s nothing else in the City of Gold.”


“That means the legends aren’t completely accurate then.” Luo Tian’s heart sank and his mood deflated a bit.

If it was exactly as the legends depicted, then the City of Gold would have ancient and primordial treasures within it. At that time, who would need to unseal that damn ancient scroll? Luo Tian could directly grab some treasures from here!

With him being the gnome race’s hero, it shouldn’t be a problem to grab a few super treasures from the primordial era right?


There was nothing here!

That’s why Luo Tian’s mood became a bit depressed as he mumbled: “How come there aren’t any treasures?”

Fan Zhangjian thought Luo Tian was asking him a question so he replied: “There used to be some back then, but during the myriad race war ten thousand years, all the treasures our ancestors had accumulated suddenly disappeared one night. The only thing left was the City of Gold.”


Luo Tian then asked: “Then where did these demon cores come from?”

There was probably over a hundred million demon cores piled up high into a mountain, so there’s no way this amount could be gathered in a day or two.

Fan Zhangjian smiled and said: “Did you notice that all the demonic beasts out there are somehow obedient to me?”

“Of course I noticed.”

“Didn’t you say you had no idea why they were obedient to you?”

Luo Tian felt this situation was very strange.

Luo Tian just couldn’t figure it out. Why would such powerful demonic beasts be so obedient towards a little gnome? This totally went against logic!

Fan Zhangjian giggled and said: “I had actually lied to you. In fact, any demonic beast within the Ghostly Mountain Range will not attack the members of my gnome race. And they will unconditionally listen to our commands! This is all because of their Demon King Ba Tian, who had once requested a favor from us gnomes. We helped him so he signed a contract with us. As long as those demonic beasts were below rank 9, they had to listen to the members of our gnome race. And those at and above rank 9 didn’t have to listen to us but absolutely cannot harm us.”

“Oh shit!”

“So that’s the case, no wonder it looked so freaking cool. So there’s a contract involved.” It was like Luo Tian became enlightened as he mumbled: “If I manage to sign a contract with the Demon King, maybe he could send me 80,000 – 100,000 random demonic beasts a day for me to slaughter. Wouldn’t that be freaking cool?”

Fan Zhangjian smiled and said: “The Demon King is no longer on this continent.”


Luo Tian chuckled and asked while walking: “Then how did this mountain of demon cores come to be?”

Fan Zhangjian continued by saying: “Demonic beasts are similar to humans where if their cultivation cannot make any further breakthroughs, their life will eventually reach its end. When they know that they are about to die, they are similar to elephants who go off to a certain graveyard to await their end. Within the Ghostly Mountain Range, only we gnomes know where this graveyard is. And after ten thousand years of collecting their cores, it resulted in this Demon Core Mountain.”

“No wonder!”

Luo Tian was a bit shocked from knowing the truth.

If these demon cores were made known to the public, it would most likely incite a war.

Even those larger Sects would be attracted to such a large mountain of demon cores.

Unknowingly, those two had reached the base of Demon Core Mountain.

Luo Tian looked while his heart became a complete mess of shock and awe. “How many demon cores are piled here? I can’t even see the end of it!”

Fan Zhangjian faintly smiled and said: “Boss, just grab whatever demon core you need. There’s no need to be polite with me, just grab as much as you want. These cores aren’t that valuable to us and are only considered a material for us to engrave arrays.”

“A random three year old gnome would have a dozen plus demon cores on them.”

Luo Tian had a stunned expression while he said to himself: “F*ck, a single demon core in Jade Mountain City had already caused an internal conflict in the family. Just because of the core of the Furious Thunder Bull, Luo Jianshan had caused so many problems for me. Now knowing that a random three year old child would have a dozen plus demon cores on him? Their value is practically cheaper than cabbage from the market stalls!”

Anyone would be excited in front of such a large pile of demon cores.

To Luo Tian, demon cores were considered mana potions.

A normal demon core is capable of giving him over ten thousand points of profound energy, while an attributed core would give even more.

If one was to think further…

When experts fought, one couldn’t kill the other and vice versa so the two would just keep consuming their profound energy. With so many demon cores at hand, who could exhaust Luo Tian’s energy? All opponents would only in turn be exhausted to death by him. And anyone that wants to fight a war of attrition or taking turns to tire Luo Tian out will only be courting their own deaths.

Luo Tian smiled excitedly and said: “Then I won’t be polite.”

Fan Zhangjian replied: “There’s no need to be polite with me. You were the one the saved me and my entire gnome race, and I still haven’t fully thanked you for that yet.”

Without Luo Tian around, the gnome race might have been finished.

Fan Zhangjian will forever remember Luo Tian’s grace!

Luo Tian didn’t bother saying anymore nonsense and directly pulled out several spatial plaques to absorb the loot. He then said internally with excitement: “I’ve really struck it rich this time! I’m rich! Even if An Chunchun’s mother is auctioned off, this daddy has no fear anymore!”

He was originally anxious about his finances, but now any number in the tens of millions is merely a drizzle when he had so many demon cores on hand.

Luo Tian was crazily throwing cores into his spatial plaque and was targeting those with attributes. The attributed demon cores can replenish a higher amount of profound energy and cost several times more than normal ones. A single attributed demon core is equal to multiple normal ones, so he was definitely grabbing those first.

Fan Zhangjian then asked: “Boss, you mentioned back then you needed demon cores of the five elements; which elements do you need?”

While still busily shoving cores in, Luo Tian said: “Gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. I currently have fire, earth, and gold but missing the wood and water demon cores. Since I’m so busy right now, you might as well help me look for them.”

“Wood and water attributed?”

There was a slight change to Fan Zhangjian’s expression as he mumbled: “Wood attributed ones are still doable, but water attributed ones…”

“What about water attributed ones?”

Luo Tian paused and looked at Fan Zhangjian. His main goal of coming here were demon cores of the five elements. A mountain like this containing hundreds of millions of demon cores, was it possible that he won’t be able to gather all five elements?

Fan Zhangjian scratched his head and said: “Boss, we do have some wood attributed demon cores but we don’t have any water attributed ones!”

“There’s no water attributed demon cores?”

“Little squirt, you’re not joking with me right? Such a large mountain of demon cores and there’s no water attributed ones? Luo Tian was confused while his heart sank a bit. In order to unseal the ancient scroll, he needed all five elemental demon cores. He worked so hard these few days and thought success was near. Looking at such a large mountain of demon cores, Luo Tian thought that not to mention demon cores of the five elements, he would be able to find other cores with natural attributes. But now…

Your sister!

There’s actually no water attributed demon cores?!

Are you f*cking messing with me?!

Luo Tian instantly turned bitter as he looked at the embarrassed expression on Fan Zhangjian.

Without the water attributed demon core, how was he supposed to crack the array on the ancient scroll?

Oh the tragedy!

At this time…

Fan Zhangjian’s brows tightened before saying: “Boss, I know where there are water attributed demonic beasts. And they will definitely explode forth a water attributed demon core!”

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