Undefeatable – Ch195

Chapter 195 – Super Super Big Bo…

The sky was getting dark.

A burst of rhythmic footsteps was heard in the midst of the mountain forest.

Behind them was a large group of demonic beasts. They were over a hundred of them, all ranked 7 and 8!

When placing such a large army in human controlled lands, it could definitely capture any rank 2 city!

But this group was advancing very carefully.

They didn’t dare to walk too loudly.

“We’re almost there; it’s just right up front.”

“Boss, you just need to hide to the side in a bit and I’ll take care of the rest.” Fan Zhangjian said this softly with an alert expression. It was as if he didn’t dare to raise his voice in case of alerting someone.

That mountain of demon cores within the City of Gold didn’t have a single water attributed core.

Because the contract their ancestor signed with the Demon King did not include any demonic beasts with water affinity.

Water attributed demonic beasts and ground ones were a bit different.

In simpler terms, those two types of demonic beasts had different kings.

Therefore, the demonic beasts with water affinity would not listen to the commands of the gnomes.

And this was the reason why the mountain of demon cores didn’t have any water attributed cores.


Within the Ghostly Mountain Range, there’s a place that will definitely have demonic beasts with water affinity. And those demonic beasts will definitely have water attributed demon cores. The reason why, is that the water demonic beast was a peak rank 8 beast, and it was the absolute overlord within 100,000 kilometers radius.

It was only a bit away from rising to a rank 9 demonic beast.

Luo Tian could feel a chilling intent the closer they got. The surrounding temperature was slowly decreasing as if it was an oncoming cold winter night where snow was about to start falling.

This chilling intent was something that no matter how hard you try to defend against, it was completely useless.

This chilling intent went straight into the depths of one’s heart.

Luo Tian breathed out some white mist before saying “En, I’ll stand to the side like a passerby and support you whenever necessary. Little squirt, you and the Iron Blood Corps need to be careful; I can tell this demonic beast isn’t ordinary.”

Luo Tian could tell just from the chilling intent in the area.

Fan Zhangjian nodded and said: “I will take care; boss needs to be careful too.”

Immediately after…

Fan Zhangjian raised his right hand and made a gesture for everyone to stop. He then ordered softly: “Pass on my command: Those in the Iron Blood Corps spread out and start preparing the Iron Blood Array.”

“Fellow demonic beast brothers…”

“You guys will be the first wave of attackers, but make sure to protect yourselves. Once the Iron Blood Corps finishes the Iron Blood Array, you guys can retreat. Remember not to over exert your attacks and focus on defense.”

Although they were demonic beasts, Fan Zhangjian had started to treat them like brothers.

This was one of the reason these demonic beasts rushed over when hearing his summons.

A Blood Mane Lion nodded to show it understood Fan Zhangjian’s words.

Fan Zhangjian then said with a low voice: “Begin the operation!”

“Whoosh~… whoosh~… whoosh~…”

The gnome guards of the Iron Blood Corps started spreading out quickly and efficiently.


A robust voice struck the minds of everyone present.

“Who is that doesn’t want their lives anymore? You dare to invade my territory?”

As the voice faded…

Fan Zhangjian shouted: “Fellow demonic beast brothers, make your move!”




Hundreds of high ranked demonic beasts roared to strengthen their momentum. They all then started rushing out.

The earth was rumbling.

The sky was shaking.

This kind of scene was even more powerful than thousands of cavalry charging forth. Luo Tian’s heart was really shocked from observing on the side, and his desire to have his own demonic beast army was becoming stronger and stronger. How cool would it be if he could kill and steamroll all opponents everywhere he went?

At the same time…

Luo Tian was thinking of a problem.

Out of these hundreds of high ranked demonic beats, there were at least a dozen at rank 8 and the rest were at the peak rank 7 stage. With such a large demonic beast army, was it still not enough to deal with a peak rank 8?

The difference in strength between demonic beasts can’t be too far apart, right?

They still had to wait for the Iron Blood Corps to setup an array for killing… so what kind of water affinity demonic beast were they dealing with?

How strong was it?!

Luo Tian really wanted to see what kind of demonic beast it was. And…

He started saying in his heart: “If this demonic beast was killed by me, the experience, the profound energy, the loot explosion… Holy crap, I’m getting excited just thinking about it!”

Luo Tian represented the type of the person that wanted to get rich or die trying.

He’s the type whose leg can’t stop inching forward upon seeing a boss. He would think of all and any methods in order to kill it!

If over a hundred high ranked demonic beasts didn’t have much of a chance in killing it, then what level of power has this single demonic beast reached?

Luo Tian was really looking forward to it!

At this moment, Luo Tian activated Shadewind Steps. He then hid his aura and silently followed the group.


“It’s you despicable midgets of the gnome race again.”

“You guys must feel that you’ve lived for too long!”

The robust voice was heard in everyone’s mind, which was capable of causing their hearts to feel a crazy amount of chilling intent.

The demonic beast army was still rushing forward madly, but their speed had lessened when compared to the beginning.

Fan Zhangjian brought the Iron Blood Corps to a certain position to quickly setup the array. He then shouted in a commanding tone: “We have to kill him this time and retrieve the water attributed demon core! This is something my boss wants and we have to get it for him!”


“Your majesty, just leave everything here to us. You should retreat first.”

“We will definitely get the water attributed demon core for the boss. He’s our benefactor so we’ve decided that we will complete the mission no matter what price we have to pay!”

Fan Zhangjian smiled in satisfaction but didn’t retreat from the area.

Although Luo Tian was the boss, he had never requested or made Fan Zhangjian do anything for him. But in Fan Zhangjian’s perspective, he and the entire gnome race owed Luo Tian. That’s why they had to pay it back with something substantial!

No matter what price they had to pay, they had to pay him back!




The demonic beast army had already arrived at the target location.

It was a lake filled with thick dark colored water.

The surrounding vegetation of the lake was snow white with towering trees covered with icicles reflecting a chilling light.

In the midst of the lake…

Chilling white mist was constantly coming from the surface causing the surrounding temperature to drop drastically. Those demonic beasts that had arrived were now covered in a layer of white frost, and many of them were now shivering from the cold.

The fight hadn’t even begun yet and they were already shivering!


“It’s a bunch of trash again. This time, none of you should dream of escaping!”


The lake looked like it was boiling and the mist from the water started gushing upwards like crazy. A terrifying amount of chilling intent then rose up from the midst of the deep lake.



Water from the lake started rising up causing a hundred foot tall waves. As the wave gushed down, a head covered in scales appeared. It had long and thin whiskers, there was a pair of short antenna shaped horns on its forehead, its eyes were like an abyss, the body like a snake’s, four claws, and its whole body covered in black scales.

A Jiao Dragon!

It was just a little bit away from evolving into a true dragon!

It contained the bloodline of true dragons!

Luo Tian was completely shocked stiff. The only time he had ever seen a dragon was the CGI in the movies of his previous life. He had never seen a real life one until this point in time…

But that wasn’t important!

The most important thing was this guy was surrounded by a golden glow so bright that Luo Tian couldn’t even open his eyes properly!

A boss! A super super big boss!

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