Undefeatable – Ch196

Chapter 196 – Powerful To A Complete Mess

Jiao Dragon!

Possessing the bloodline of a true dragon.

Even though the percentage was very slight, they could still successfully become true dragons through continuous arduous cultivation!

This Jiao Dragon was already at the peak of rank 8. As long as it steps onto the last great perfection realm, it could become a true dragon that travels the heavens uninhibited.

In order to attain its goal, it had struggled hard for several thousands of years!

It had been cultivation arduously these years in order to fly freely through the heavens.

Because it had the bloodline of a true dragon, its personality was incomparably proud and treated all other living creatures as trash. When it came to this low leveled patriarch, especially of the gnome race who had once shamed a true dragon, this Jiao Dragon had once sworn:

As long as he reached the great perfection realm one day, he will definitely annihilate the gnome race without allowing any survivors!


These gnomes that deserved a thousand deaths had come again!

This made him extremely angry.

As it rose into the air, the Jiao Dragon’s eyes were filled with endless contempt. Its mouth then started moving as it coldly harrumphed: “A bunch of trash like you guys dares to challenge my dragon’s might? Simply courting death!”

Cold pride!

This was the incomparably cold pride of a dragon!

The eyes of the Jiao Dragon were practically looking down on everything in this world.

This pride was something inherently born in the dragon race.

Even though it hadn’t evolved to a true dragon yet, it had already treated itself as a member of the dragon race.


The dragon race had never considered the Jiao Dragons to be one of them, but this guy treated himself as one. It treated itself as a true dragon that stood above all creatures with unbridled arrogance!

“This guy is truly not simple!”

“It can even speak the human language! The Black Tortoise Xuanwu who Fan Da summoned was also at the peak of rank 8, yet it couldn’t speak yet. It looks like this guy is a level stronger than Xuanwu.” Luo Tian said to himself. His heart was filled with chills but at the same time extremely excited.


The stronger the boss, the better the loot explosion!

This was an eternal rule of video games.

This world wasn’t a video game, but a lot of things did follow along the line of it.

This Jiao Dragon before his eyes was already an unrivaled existence in this world. If it was a character inside a video game, it would definitely be a boss monster that dominated a whole region. Wanting to kill such a boss would at least need a thousand players and everyone would have to be equipped to the teeth.

Luo Tian wanted to kill it.

He really really wanted to!

But he also knew that with his measly Profound Spirit 8th rank cultivation, he might not be even be able to get near it.


Luo Tian needed to rely on the demonic beast army and the Iron Blood Corps. He then started praying internally: “You guys need to use all your strength, and I will take over when that Jiao Dragon is on its last bit of HP, heh heh…”


The Blood Mane Lion’s mouth moved as it began to roar out madly.

Its mane started exploding outwards and its body doubled in size.

Within this instant, all the demonic beasts released their most brutal and primitive auras.

The all roared in unison!

The Blood Mane Lion strengthened its hind legs before pouncing straight for the Jiao Dragon like a mountain crushing forth.


“A little Pekingese dog like you is courting death!”

“Back then, your father would prostrate before me and not make any movements. Now you dare to act presumptuously in front of me with your tiny strength?!”

“This dragon shall crush you all into nothing!”



The Jiao Dragon whipped its tail into the water causing the water to splash everywhere. Before the water descended, they all instantly turned into icicle swords in the air!

They were incomparably sharp icicle swords!

“Swish~, swish~, swish~…”

The icicle swords poured down like rain.

Every demonic beast struck with the icicle swords did not suffer any injuries but the icicles rapidly melted onto their bodies. These extremely sharp looking icicle swords appear to have zero attack power, which was very strange for such circumstances.

Luo Tian sent out his spiritual senses and was able to detect the path these melting icicle swords were moving in around the demonic beast’s bodies. His expression sank and he shouted: “Quickly wring off the water! Quickly!”

Many demonic beasts turned around to glance at Luo Tian.

Some demonic beats did it while some of them completely ignored him.

Listening to the advice of a weak human?

If it weren’t for Fan Zhangjian’s relationship with him, they would’ve ripped Luo Tian into shreds already.

A weak human like him was unqualified to battle amongst them.

No matter what happened inside the gnome territory, these demonic beasts still looked down on Luo Tian. This attitude was something they were born with deep inside their bones.

Firstly: It was because Luo Tian was of the human race.

Secondly: Because Luo Tian’s cultivation was just too weak.

This type of weak human was not qualified to even stand among them.

Having Luo Tian around with them was considered an insult.

Just from their eyes and the way they gazed at him, Luo Tian already knew how these demonic beasts felt. He already felt it right at the beginning when they grouped up.

They were unhappy to see him while Luo Tian was unhappy with them too. If it weren’t for needing their strength and their relationship with Fan Zhangjian, Luo Tian would be too lazy to jump out to advise them. Luo Tian once again shouted: “Quickly wring the water from your bodies! Hurry up or else it’ll be too late!”

It was just like before.

Not many demonic beasts listened to Luo Tian’s words.

Luo Tian shook his head and smiled bitterly. He then coldly said: “You guys should just wait for your deaths then.”

As his voice faded…

The Jiao Dragon roared out in a low tone: “Seal them in ice for me!”




The bodies of dozens of demonic beats hit by the icicle swords started freezing up. And the ice seems to be coming from inside their bodies before spreading outwards. The moment the Jiao Dragon spoke, their bodies had already begun to freeze into a block of ice.



Those demonic beasts turned into ice sculptures all started toppling over.

The other demonic beasts became pale. Some of them were regretting while some looked over at Luo Tian.

Those demonic beasts that happen to wring the water from their bodies were secretly happy and were filled with gratitude towards Luo Tian.

“Fracture for me!”

As the Jiao Dragon’s low voice faded, a chilling energy exploded forth from its body and directly landed on those frozen demonic beasts.



Those extremely strong demonic beasts with bodies like small mountains instantly burst apart! Their bodies directly turned into fragmented frozen red crystals that showered the ground. Their bodies then started melting while their blood finally rained down from the sky!

A rain of blood poured down!

In just a few seconds, everything here was covered in a bloody rain. It was similar to a big pool of blood that was scarlet in color, gloomy looking, and carried a thick aura of death.

What a ghastly scene to behold!

In just a mere instance…

Those so called super powerful demonic beasts died just like that.

They didn’t even know how they died!


Too powerful!

This was so powerful that it was to the point of a complete mess!

This was complete suppression! The gap in strength was too large, to the point that they couldn’t even be mentioned on the same breath!



The Jiao dragon started laughing in an unbridled manner with complete disdain in its tone. The disdain in his eyes was like someone staring at a nest of ants. It then said with unbridled arrogance: “You reckless things, a bunch of trash like you guys dares to be presumptuous in front of this dragon?!”

“Little Pekingese dog, the beasts you’ve brought with you are simply too trashy! Hahaha…”

Immediately after…

The Jiao dragon’s expression changed and its eyes widened. It suddenly turned around and its huge body shot out and only stopped when it was half a meter away from Luo Tian. It then just glared at him!

At this moment in time…

Luo Tian felt like he was experiencing something more painful than death.

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