Undefeatable – Ch198

Chapter 198 – This Daddy Will Definitely F*** You Over

The Jiao Dragon was too strong!

Even if a rank 9 demonic beasts arrived, they might not be the Jiao Dragon’s opponent.

So many high rank demonic beasts were killed by it within a few moves. It was simply too outrageously strong!

Ten million points health bar.

Even if one’s attack can get past its defense, how long would it take if it just stood there for you to beat on?


Luo Tian wasn’t discouraged at all. We could say that the stronger the Jiao Dragon was, the more excited he became. Luo Tian was someone that would find a way to kill this damn four legged lizard just so that he could gain the loot explosion. This was something he would definitely do!

Luo Tian clenched his fists as his figure shot out.

He was flying outwards like crazy.

The Jiao Dragon barely glanced at Luo Tian’s back before ignoring him. To him, Luo Tian was even below an ant. At least an ant would bite back while Luo Tian was at most an ant’s egg. An egg couldn’t bite back.

Luo Tian was completely ignored.

Luo Tian grinned and started smiling evilly. He then said to himself: “Just wait for me. In one day’s time, I will definitely f*ck all eighteen generations of your ancestors. This daddy will let you know how strong this daddy is. This daddy will let you know how much of a piece of trash you really are!”

His heart tightened.

His speed increased as he shot outwards like mad.

At around this time…

Fan Zhangjian shouted: “Iron Blood Array, activate for me!”




Sounds of war drums were heard from all directions. Within a radius of one kilometer, battle intent erupted like a volcano and turned incomparably fierce.

In the midst of the Iron Blood Array…

It was similar to thousands upon thousands of cavalry charging out. There were cries from gnomes and cries from horses. Their cries shook the heavens and were filled with slaughter intent. This scene was similar to a huge battleground that made one’s heart palpitate and their blood stimulated.

The Jiao Dragon’s expression looked annoyed as it coldly harrumphed: “It’s this same array again. Those of your gnome race only know how to use unorthodox methods. This dragon is really tired of this useless crap.”


“Two thousand years ago, your so called Iron Blood Array couldn’t trap me. Yet here you are now, trying to trap me with the strength that was even lower than before? Humph, you guys really overestimate your own powers.” The Jiao Dragon coldly harrumphed in disdain.

Two thousand years ago…

The gnome race had performed a siege against the Jiao Dragon.

The price they paid was almost total annihilation, yet they still couldn’t kill the Jiao Dragon.

After two thousand years of development…

The Iron Blood Array underwent continuous changes and its power went up exponentially. But the Jiao Dragon’s strength had also risen continuously these past two thousand years. Since it was able to break out of the array back then, this time it might be able to overcome it again.


Fan Zhangjian had no other choices.

The gnome race had many powerful arrays under their disposal, but no one was able to engrave them.

Fan Da, a Grandmaster array expert was already killed by Luo Tian. If he was still alive though, establishing the Ancient Dragon Execution Array would probably be able to kill the Jiao Dragon. It’s just that Fan Da was no longer of this world.

In this world, there was no longer anyone that could engrave the Ancient Dragon Execution Array.

Of course…

Fan Zhangjian didn’t know that Luo Tian had already gained the esoterics of the Ancient Dragon Execution Array. Luo Tian only needed time; just one full days of time.

The reason being his Engraving Array skill was only at level 1, and wanting the array to demonstrate its strongest power required Luo Tian to spend some time. Nothing can go wrong either because a slight mistake would cause the array to fail.

Apart from more time, this will also test Luo Tian’s will.

As long as it was a supportive skill, the training would definitely be mentally exhaustive.

One day’s time!

This was a long duration and high consumption endeavor for his will. He also had to maintain a fine balance so that the Ancient Dragon Execution Array could be completed in one try!

Fan Zhangjian had no idea why Luo Tian wanted him to hold out for one day.


He believed in Luo Tian. It was the same belief back in the gnome territory that Luo Tian would definitely be able to kill Fan Da.

There was no logic behind this belief.

It was solely because Luo Tian was his boss!

Fan Zhangjian angrily cursed out: “We indeed lost two thousand years ago, but today we will show you the power of our new Iron Blood Array! We will then redeem our gnome race’s reputation of being the greatest in arrays! Damn four legged lizard, you just wait and see!”

“Yellow flag, go!”

As Fan Zhangjian sent out the command…

Over a hundred thousand Iron Blood Corps soldiers appeared in the Iron Blood Array.

The all madly rushed towards the Jiao Dragon.

The Jiao Dragon’s expression only slightly changed before coldly saying: “It looks like the Iron Blood Array has indeed improved a lot; even illusions have been added to it. Not bad, not bad at all. Today, this daddy will once again break your dog’s fart array!”

“Dragon’s Arrival!”

“Colossal Ice Seal!”

“Come out for me!”


After shouting those words, the Jiao Dragon rose up into the sky. The chilling aura from its body felt like it came from the depths of ancient glaciers, and the air seemed to start freezing as well.

The powerful oppressive pressure from the Jiao Dragon was sweeping through every part of the Iron Blood Array.

Those gnomes wearing yellow armor were being frozen one by one, causing Fan Zhangjian to frown. He waved his right hand and some energy rushed out making all those soldiers disappear from their spot.


Fan Zhangjian shouted: “Red flag, go!”

“Whoosh~, whoosh~, whoosh~…”

All the gnomes were like miniature airplanes as they rose into the air. They pulled out their bow and arrows and started shooting at the Jiao Dragon.

The large amount of arrows was similar to pouring rain.

Wherever an arrow landed, a loud and powerful explosion was heard.

The Jiao Dragon once again smiled in disdain before saying: “It’s the same attack like before. You just said that the array had been improved yet it’s the same type of attacks like back then. It looks like the progression of your gnome race has gone downhill. That’s fine as well; saves me the time to look for you guys later. You all can go to hell for me right now!”

“I really don’t understand how you guys could’ve killed a member of my dragon race back then. Perhaps this was just a rumor you guys drummed up on your own. A bunch of useless midgets are capable of killing a member of our high and mighty noble dragon race? What a ridiculous joke!”

The Jiao Dragon didn’t believe the gnomes were capable of killing dragons.

There was no way he was going to believe that!

The Jiao Dragon swept out its tail before suddenly opening its eyes wide with a shout: “Hidden Dragon Ascension: Ice and snow covers the world!”


The Jiao Dragon rushed into the air and spat out a column of water.

The water column sprayed out of its mouth looked like a water fountain descending.

The water swept through the entire array before the Jiao Dragon’s expression turned fierce. It then coldly laughed out before shouting: “Dog’s blood array, break for me!”

“City of Ice!”

“Crack~, crack~, crack~…”

The entire surrounding started freezing at a crazy rate.

The sky filled with arrows started freezing before exploding into crystal powder.

Every part of the Iron Blood Array was now frozen.

This was extremely unbearable.

Fan Zhangjian was shivering from the cold. When he recalled Luo Tian’s words of “hold him back for one day, one day will be enough”, anger struck his heart before shouting: “Iron Blood Refines the Heavens: Souls of our dead soldiers, come out for me!”

Underneath the frozen grounds, ghostly wails of deceased gnomes started crawling out.

“Four legged lizard, today this daddy will fight you to the death!” Fan Zhangjian angrily shouted.


There were continuous collisions between the Iron Blood Array and the Jiao Dragon.

There were constantly engaging each other.

Time flew on little by little…

The Iron Blood Array was in ruins and could be broken through at any time. As for the Jiao Dragon, it only suffered some minor injuries.

At this time…

Luo Tian was moving back and forth. Every time he changed positions, a demon core would be dropped down. His then said internally: “Just wait for this daddy… this daddy will definitely f*ck you over!”

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