Undefeatable – Ch199

Chapter 199 – Collapse

The sky and the earth darkened.

The fight continued on…

Gnomes continued dying but more would keep rushing up.

“Hold on!”

“Endure it!”

“The king’s boss told us to hold out for one day so we have to endure! This is our commitment to the king’s boss!”

“Fellow brothers, boss will definitely come back! He will definitely play this guy to death!”

All the gnomes believed in this.

This was mindless belief!

This was because Luo Tian had given them hope during the time of despair in the gnome territory. And they were able to survive during that hopelessness. To these gnomes, Luo Tian had practically become their savior; a young man that had become a godly existence!

They had once again fallen into a crisis but they believed in Luo Tian without reservation!

They had no idea why Luo Tian asked them to hold out for a day but they believe he would definitely return!

Fan Zhangjian watched as his tribesman fell one by one, and the Iron Blood Array became riddled with holes. The array could be broken through any moment now but Fan Zhangjian maintained his resoluteness and directed his troops. He then cried out in a hoarse voice: “Fellow brothers of the Iron Blood Corps! You must hold on for me! One day’s time is almost over and boss will definitely be back by then!”

In turn…

Fan Zhangjian showed a proud expression as he coldly stared at the Jiao Dragon who was constantly spraying out ice. He then coldly laughed: “Four legged lizard, your doomsday will be here in another half an hour! Hahaha…”


Strong and unmatched confidence!

The Jiao Dragon started chuckling in a cold manner. Looking at Fan Zhangjian who was even smaller than a piece of his scale, he said in disdain: “Who gave you such courage? Was it the human that escaped? Hahaha… I’ve always thought of you gnomes as a race with a bit of intelligence, but now I realized the little bit of intellect you guys possess have all been eaten by dogs. You guys actually chose to believe in a lowly human. Their hearts are the darkest of all races – greedy, cunning, unscrupulous, and always run at the first sign of trouble.”

“This human acquaintance of yours is the same.”

“He has long fled this place and it’s only a bunch of idiotic midgets like you guys who have chosen to place your trust in him. Such stupidity… such idiocy, hahaha…”

Believing in a human?

One might as well believe that pigs could fly.

Through the thousands of years of cultivating, the Jiao Dragon had encountered many humans.

He had seen how a human’s heart was filled with murderous intent, wanting to kill him to get his blood, bones, and his dragon scales. But when he exploded forth with his full might, those humans ignored their companion’s well being and just ran to save their own lives.

Some of them even threw their companions towards him hoping that he would eat their companions first so they could gain more time themselves.

He had watched this scene happen a lot of times.

To the Jiao Dragon, humans were a race at the top of his list when it came to being untrustworthy.

Hearing Fan Zhangjian’s words, the Jiao Dragon started laughing. His laughter was similar to someone laughing at an idiot doing something stupid.

A majority of the gnomes were also startled by this.

Did they all believe in Luo Tian a little too blindly?

At this moment, their belief was somewhat swayed because they still hadn’t seen Luo Tian come back yet. They only knew he ran off somewhere doing something, but no one knew what he was up to.

Could Luo Tian really have run away and left them all behind?!

This thought started appearing in every gnome’s heart.

The army of high ranked demonic beasts were killed, and defeating the Jiao Dragon was pretty much hopeless. Luo Tian might have cowardly escaped already!

This was indeed something humans would do.

Could this really be the case?

The expression of many gnomes underwent some changes and their rate of attack clearly slowed down. They all had this question in their minds now.

The Jiao Dragon then blatantly ridiculed them with laughter. “Only idiots like you guys would believe in a human. It appears to me that your gnome race was originally betrayed by the humans and then forced to live with demonic beasts in the Ghostly Mountain Range. Why can’t you guys learn your lessons from your ancestors? Yet you all still chose to believe in a human, which is simply way too funny! Hahaha… He’s probably ten thousand kilometers away from here by now.”

The Jiao Dragon’s words were reverberating inside their heads.

“He escaped already?”

“Did he really run away and leave us behind?”

“Did he just treat us as cannon fodder?”

“Humans… I told you humans were untrustworthy. Over ten thousand members of our Iron Blood Corps helped him kill the Jiao Dragon but in the end, he treated us as a cannon fodder shield so that he could run away. Humans are indeed untrustworthy.”

“We fell for the bait!”

At this moment, their spirit collapsed.

It was collapsed by several sentences by the Jiao Dragon.

There was only one person left…

Fan Zhangjian. He still chose to believe in Luo Tian because of that same old reason: Because Luo Tian was his boss.

Immediately after…

Fan Zhangjian shouted: “Everyone shouldn’t be deceived by his words! Boss will definitely come back and won’t leave us behind just like that. You all saw his actions in our gnome territory; even though we were facing death, he didn’t run off. It is the same this time as well. Everyone should not be deceived by the random nonsense of this four legged lizard!”


“You truly are a child.”

“You actually believed in the words of a damn human? Do I even need to deceive you gnomes? Everything I’ve just said is a fact. If that human really was going to come back, it would already have appeared by now. He wanted you to hold on for a day so that he could have more time to escape. If you don’t even realize that, you guys are a bunch of dumb fools!” The Jiao Dragon sneered with ridicule. He then continued with eyes of disdain: “It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not because all you gnomes still have to die! No one shall dream of escaping!”

“Oh heavens!”

“We have truly been betrayed!”

“What a despicable human!”

When facing a hopeless situation, they couldn’t help think that Luo Tian had betrayed them.

This was natural for humans and humanoid creatures.

Luo Tian still hadn’t appeared after their situation reached a desperate point, which meant he really treated them as cannon fodder and had already escaped far away.


The feeling of utter despair rose up in their hearts.

The despair this time was different when compared to back then in the gnome territory.

The despair this time made them even more depressed.

Fan Zhangjian’s brows furrowed before shouting angrily: “Every one of you better raise your spirits for me! Even if it wasn’t for the boss, we should be fighting for the dignity of our gnome race and our ancestors. Did you all forget the suffering this four legged lizard has brought upon our gnome race?”

“Our ancestors were defeated.”

“But their deaths were never forgotten in our gnome mountain.”

“Why is this called the Iron Blood Array? It’s because we’re commemorating them with it. Could it be that you all had forgotten about it?!”

Fan Zhangjian was screaming at them in a heavy tone.

His eyes then glared at the Jiao Dragon with a smug expression. Fan Zhangjian then loudly cursed out: “Even if this daddy dies, I won’t let you have an easy time! Fellow brothers; fellow warriors of our gnome race; for our dignity and for the honor of our ancestors, kill for me!”



The gnomes present had their spirits ignited by Fan Zhangjian’s words.

It wasn’t for Luo Tian…

It was for the sake of dignity and the glory of their ancestors. Even if they had to die, what’s there to be afraid of?

Just like what Luo Tian had said in the past: What’s so scary about death?”

At this time…

Fan Zhangjian looked towards the direction Luo Tian had gone off to. He then muttered in his heart: “Boss, I hope you’ve run far away and don’t bother coming back.”

Immediately after…

Fan Zhangjian made some hand seals before rushing towards the Jiao Dragon…

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