Undefeatable – Ch200

Chapter 200 – Grandson, Your Grandpa Has Arrived

He disregarded everything and rushed forth!

For honor!

Fighting for their ancestors.

At this moment, all the Iron Blood Corps moved like they had thrown away their lives.

They were all forming seals with their hands and arrays were activating on both hands.

Fan Zhangjian then shouted: “Esoterics of the Iron Blood Array – Humanoid Array!”

Every Iron Blood soldier was using their physical bodies as the power source of the arrays. The arrays they formed were filled with a thick powerful energy as it all shot towards the Jiao Dragon.

They were planning to perish together!

The Jiao Dragon’s expression underwent a drastic change as it became cautious. Back then, he was seriously injured by the esoterics of the Iron Blood Array which caused him to use over a hundred years to recover. Now he was only a tiny bit away from breaking into the rank 9 stage.

If he was injured again this time, most likely he will never be able to break into rank 9 his entire life!

He can forget about stepping into the last great perfection realm and becoming a true dragon. The rest of his life will be spent living in this tiny lake!

“No way!”

“I refuse to stay in this place my entire life!”

“I want to enter the Dragon Palace. I want to become a member of the dragon race. I want to look down upon this world!” The Jiao Dragon’s heart shuddered. Seeing how these gnomes were charging at him and ignore their own lives, a huge power exploded from inside him. His dragon’s heart beated thunderously and power gushed out like a raging storm at sea.

“Soaring Dragon!”

“Ice Dragon Wall!”

“Solidify for me!”

Roared the Jiao Dragon. He was afraid that he would be injured so he used his most powerful move. He used this energy to form a defensive crystal wall that stretched outwards to trap all the gnomes within it.

At this time…

The Jiao Dragon started laughing coldly before shouting: “You want to perish together with me? You lowly creatures shall tremble before my dragon’s wall! Hahaha…”

“Solidify for me!”

The ice crystal wall continued to expand upwards and outwards like a prison.

The Iron Blood soldiers tried to desperately fly away but couldn’t outrun it. One by one, they were being entrapped by the crystal wall!

“Your Majesty, what should we do?”

“Are we all going to be trapped to our deaths inside this wall?”

“This Jiao Dragon appears to have seen through our methods. Back then, our ancestors failed with the Iron Blood Array so I’m afraid…”

They were caged by imminent death.

Their hearts sank to the abyss while everyone looked towards Fan Zhangjian.

Fan Zhangjian frowned before his right hand suddenly slapped down with a prepared array. He then shouted: “Underground Array!”


Black mysterious looking runes started expanding outwards before a large portion of the ground was covered by it.

At this moment…

The bodies of the Iron Blood Corps gradually entered the ground. In just several seconds, they had all disappeared deep underground.

Fan Zhangjian already knew the Jiao Dragon would eventually use such a move even though two thousand years have passed. The Jiao Dragon had experienced the Iron Blood Array before so he would definitely take precautions against it. Fan Zhangjian already thought of this so he had already started forming seals for the Underground Array. This array was a beginners array in the gnome race where even a three year old was capable of engraving.

All the members of the Iron Blood Corps naturally knew it as well, but they didn’t think of it under such a tense battle.

The gnomes all disappeared beneath the ice crystal walls.

The Jiao Dragon was pissed and smashed the ice crystal walls into powder. He then shouted: “A bunch of mongrels who only know how to bury their heads in the ground; what complete trash! You guys have lost all face for your ancestors, humph!”

In the depths below the ground.

“Your Majesty, he’s scolding us.”

“The damn four legged lizard thinks of itself as a dragon when it’s actually just considered a little snake.”

“I heard that he stole a newborn dragon’s egg and absorbed its blood essence in order to become a Jiao Dragon. Now he regards himself as a member of the dragon race, humph!”

“Your Majesty, we should go back up. A four legged lizard dares to insult us; so even if we die, we won’t let him have a good time.”

Fan Zhangjian frowned but didn’t respond.

They will all die if they went back up.

“It’s all because of that human!”

“If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have lost so many brothers. We helped him to kill the Jiao Dragon while he ran off by himself and played us like dogs. Don’t let me see him in the future or else I’ll definitely teach him a lesson!”

“That’s right!”

“Our ancestors were correct; never believe the words of those humans.”

Many gnomes started voicing their displeasure and resentment towards Luo Tian.

Fan Zhangjian then angrily shouted: “If you guys dare to continue insulting my boss, don’t blame me for being impolite! My boss will never leave us behind. He is different from the other humans and will definitely not deceive us.”

Fan Zhangjian was extremely unhappy from hearing the gnomes bad mouth Luo Tian.

If these weren’t his fellow tribe members, Fan Zhangjian would’ve already ran up to them and slapped them a few times.

The gnomes all lowered their heads.

One of the gnomes was heard muttering: “Your majesty, don’t be deceived by him. The one day’s time has already passed but he still hasn’t appeared. Isn’t that messing with us? Do we still continue believing in him?”

“If he hasn’t escaped already, he should appear before us right now.”

“Your majesty, humans are all the same. None of them can be trusted and this human is no exception.”

Fan Zhangjian started frowning and wanted to vent his anger, but he couldn’t because he had no way to refute their words. Since he couldn’t find any ways to refute them, it’s highly possible that they had hit the mark with their words. One day’s time was up. If Luo Tian hadn’t run away, he should be appearing in front of them right now.

At this moment…

Fan Zhangjian was wailing internally: “Where are you boss?!”

He was originally hoping that the further Luo Tian ran, the better. The Jiao Dragon was too powerful; much more powerful than it was two thousand years ago. He didn’t want to see Luo Tian die so he hoped Luo Tian had run as far away as possible.

But now…

Being confronted by the words and hatred of his tribe, Fan Zhangjian hoped that Luo Tian would now appear even if it was just for a little bit.

There were some types of pressure that he really couldn’t handle!

Fan Zhangjian was clear that ten thousand years ago, their ancestors had made some mistakes and humans weren’t all bad. He wanted to improve the relationship between humans and gnomes, and Luo Tian happened to be the ideal bridge. Luo Tian was utterly fearless to everything and his way of doing things made Fan Zhangjian completely admire him.

He believed that Luo Tian would one day rock the entire continent.

By that time, the gnome race will be able to leave the depths of the mountains. They will be able to live normally on the continent and see the sun, the moon, the stars, just like the humans.

This was Fan Zhangjian’s dream!

But if Luo Tian doesn’t appear, everything he had hoped for will crumble into dust!

The trust he had finally built up will instantly collapse, and will never be able to be established ever again.


“Hurry up and appear!”

“Quickly appear!”

Fan Zhangjian was crying out continuously within his heart.


A thunderous roar reverberated through the earth.

A robust and anger filled voice was heard. “Grandson, your grandpa has arrived!”

Luo Tian then made his appearance!

Once he saw the mess around him was made up of bodies of the Iron Blood Corps, the anger in his heart flared up into the sky. “What did you do to the little squirt?! This daddy is going to f*ck you and all your ancestors up!”

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