Undefeatable – Ch201

Chapter 201 – Instakill

His rage reached the skies!

Luo Tian’s rage was out of control!

The flames in his heart were like a blazing sea that roiled about uncontrollably!

He needed one day’s time in order to setup the Ancient Dragon Execution Array.

He was desperately engraving and setting up the array like his life depended on it.

During that time, he hid his aura and cleared his state of mind. This allowed him to concentrate fully on what he was doing. Luo Tian had to be extra careful since this was his first time setting up the Ancient Dragon Execution Array. He didn’t have any extra time to waste on mistakes.

Wasting a single second could mean more gnomes dying.

In order to get that water attributed demon core, Fan Zhangjian had summoned all his troops in the Iron Blood Corps and over a hundred highest ranked demonic beasts. This was all because of him.

It was in order to kill the Jiao Dragon…

It was in order to get the water attributed demon core…

That’s why Luo Tian was very grateful, and also why he endured the disdain by the demonic beasts.

Once he saw that the demonic beast army had been wiped out, his heart started aching.

For any living creature that fought with him, no matter if they were demonic beasts or of the gnome race, Luo Tian will consider them as brothers! Brothers that have gone through life and death together!

Seeing so many of his brothers dead, Luo Tian’s heart was filled with extreme rage.

But the strength of the Jiao Dragon was simply too strong. So strong that its position could not be shaken.

Back then…

Luo Tian felt like all hope was lost when he couldn’t find a way to kill the Jiao Dragon. He wouldn’t be able to attain the water attributed demon core and would have no way to unseal the ancient scroll’s array when he was only missing one of the five elements. Not getting his hands on the ancient treasure meant he couldn’t make himself stronger!

To Luo Tian, these several months of hard work would be considered all for nothing.


The Ancient Dragon Execution Array gave him a glimpse of hope!

As long as he was able to setup the array, not to mention a little wannabe dragon, he could even kill a true dragon if it appeared!

But engraving the Ancient Dragon Execution Array required a full day’s time.

Time was precious to practically everyone. And now it seems like there was a great price to be paid for that time. Luo Tian didn’t think too much of the complexities when he asked Fan Zhangjian to hold on for one day’s time.


His heart felt like it had sank into an abyss.

Seeing so many corpses of the gnome race lying about, his heart felt extremely heavy.

It was all due to his selfish request that made so many gnomes lose their lives. Luo Tian’s heart very heavy, and at the same time the flames of rage burned ferociously. His eyes looked up as the grim reaper’s killing intent covered his entire body. He was now exuding an incomparably cold and terrifying aura.

Even the Jiao Dragon’s eyes underwent a change as a light tremble was felt in his heart.

A cold intent that was even colder than his icy intent smashed against his mind. This completely pissed him off. What was going on with himself? Why was he afraid of a weak and lowly human?

Luo Tian’s reappearance made the Jiao Dragon a bit surprised.

Thinking of the words he said back then, his heart felt very unhappy with this situation. Once again looking at the extreme cold aura coming from Luo Tian and the lack of fear in his eyes, this pissed the Jiao Dragon off even more. It was like the Jiao Dragon suffered a great insult as he coldly said: “A trashy human like you actually…”

Luo Tian didn’t wait for the Jiao Dragon to finish before he cursed out: “F*ck your mom you motherf*cker! This daddy is here to rip you into pieces! You self-righteous four legged lizard who keeps calling himself a dragon; you’re just a damn snake. An incomplete transvestite four legged snake you piece of shit!”

The pupils of the Jiao Dragon shrunk.

It was already considered a great insult to have his words interrupted by a human. Now that he was scolded to no ends, this made it even angrier.

Its tail slammed down as it roared into the air: “You damn human, I will definitely seal your soul deep down in the abyss. I will then make your physical body an eternal slave of mine, and let you experience what a living hell is!”

Luo Tian sneered and clenched his fists. He then shouted: “I’m just going to twist your head off! It’s that simple!”

“Four legged lizard…”

“I’m going to show you the repercussions of messing with this daddy’s brothers.”

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed!

His spiritual will then controlled all the demon cores arranged several kilometers out.

At this moment…

The Jiao Dragon’s anger had exploded from Luo Tian’s words. His expression was extremely ferocious while he roared out. The roar was filled with a dragon’s power which caused all the creatures within a ten thousand kilometer radius to start trembling.


Luo Tian remained motionless while his heart showed no signs of trembling. He coldly smiled while looking at the Jiao Dragon in an insufferably arrogant manner. Luo Tian then iterated one word at a time: “You, should, go, die, for, me, now!”





“Eight trigrams, ancient gate open for me!”


Several thousand demon cores acted like they heard Luo Tian’s summon and instantly gave off a bright crystal light. The lights shone into the sky forming a range of stars, and an illusory door filled with power appeared and started opening!

Powers of antiquity!

An ancient power started descending!

The expression of the Jiao Dragon underwent drastic changes as it shouted: “Ancient Dragon Execution Array?!”

His voice was clearly trembling.

At this moment in time, his body, his heart, his mind, and his sea of consciousness were all trembling!

His arrogance was no longer there.

His smug smile was no longer there.

His disdainful expression was no longer there either.

Everything was replaced by fear.

Utter fear!

Incomparable fear!

The appearance of the ancient power was a powerful threat towards the Jiao Dragon. This energy was crushing against his mind causing him unable to move at all. The Jiao Dragon’s pupils widen as it shouted: “How did a human like you learn a secret skill from the gnomes that have never been passed to outsiders?! How did you learn this Ancient Dragon Execution Array?!”

Luo Tian laughed.

He was laughing smugly and arrogantly. “Hahaha… are you scared now? Weren’t you very arrogant? Didn’t you want to look down on all living creatures of this world? Weren’t you threatening to kill me, yet now you’re scared?”

“Keep acting arrogant again! Show this daddy how arrogant you can be!”

“Damn four legged lizard!”

“This daddy has said that I will f*ck all eighteen generations of your ancestors! Whatever this daddy says, I will definitely accomplish it!”

Every word from Luo Tian was heavy like thunder crashing down because he was truly in rage.

He was angered by the deaths of the demonic beast army.

He was angered by the deaths of the Iron Blood Corps.

The death of the little squirt made him even angrier.

And the Jiao Dragon’s insufferably arrogant look made him exceptionally angry. All this anger had fused together into a sea of rage. Inside Luo Tian, this sea of rage was smashing against the metaphorical shore lines like crazy!


Incomparable fury!

“Those who kill my brothers, die!”

Luo Tian roared into the air: “Ancient Dragon Execution Array, activate for me!”


The Jiao Dragon coldly harrumphed before saying: “This dragon refuses to believe a broken array can kill me. I possess the bloodline for a dragon; I’m a member of the dragon race; this type of array cannot kill me. I’m going to prove to the world that the Ancient Dragon Execution Array is just hearsay. Being able to kill dragons is something impossible!”

At this moment…

The Jiao Dragon’s aura shot up and spread out over ten thousand kilometer radius.

Also at the same time…

Luo Tian ran out of the array like crazy.

Everything inside the Ancient Dragon Execution Array will be destroyed.

And just as Luo Tian’s foot stepped out of the boundaries, his whole body started sinking down deep into the depths of the earth.

At this moment…

The ancient powers inside the array instantly shot down like lightning.

An alert tone then sounded off in Luo Tian’s mind.


Luo Tian was extremely shocked as he muttered to himself: “F*ck, it’s so powerful to a complete mess! It was actually an instakill!

At the same time, his heart tightened as he said: “Explode, explode, there has to be a big loot explosion!”


(T/N: Sorry for the plot hole, Dragon Execution Array is supposed to only work on those with similar cultivation levels unless Luo Tian’s engraving array skill is maxed out.)

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