Undefeatable – Ch212

Chapter 212 – The Girl Riding A Qilin

Azure Dragon’s bloodline?!

What reason was there to not exchange?

Luo Tian didn’t even hesitate and immediately said: “Exchange! Exchange! Immediately exchange for me!”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for successfully exchanging for the Azure Dragon’s bloodline.”


“Player Luo Tian currently has 0 points in the Undefeated Value!”


“The Azure Dragon’s bloodline is in my hands!”

Luo Tian started laughing crazily into the air to express his joy. Every time he thought of Murong Wanjian possessing the bloodline of a whatever true dragon, his heart felt extremely irritated. And now that he possessed the Azure Dragon’s bloodline that was no different to the true dragon’s bloodline, how could he not be happy?!

Luo Tian made a thought and opened the system interface to take a look.

Item: Azure Dragon’s Bloodline

Grade: ? ? ? (Unable to be determined)


“Will you be fusing with it?”

When Luo Tian was checking out the information of the Azure Dragon’s bloodline, the system gave him an alert tone.

Luo Tian started giving it some thought.

The Azure Dragon’s bloodline could only be considered a single level higher than the true dragon’s. His desire to use the Azure Dragon’s bloodline to suppress the true dragon’s bloodline was impossible. What this means is that fusing with the Azure Dragon’s bloodline that’s only a single level higher than Murong Wanjian’s true dragon bloodline is unable to truly suppress him.


“If I want to suppress him, it must be absolute suppression!”

Since there’s still about two years of time before heading to the Shattered Sky City, then he’ll gamble even bigger.

He had to force Murong Wanjian to the point of being unable to get up ever again!

The proudest thing Murong Wanjian had was his true dragon’s bloodline. If Luo Tian was able to completely suppress his true dragon’s bloodline, the feeling of giving him dozens of face slaps would be extremely awesome!


Luo Tian made up his mind and said internally: “No!”

The Four Divine Beast bloodline was way above a true dragon’s bloodline.

This bloodline was the fusion of the Azure Dragon, Black Tortoise, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger bloodlines. No matter if it’s the power contained within, or the innate talent it came along with, this would absolutely suppress the benefits of someone with a true dragon’s bloodline.

Since Luo Tian wanted to suppress Murong Wanjian to the point of exploding, then he had to play it bigger!

Once he fuses all four divine beast bloodlines together, let’s see how that Murong Wanjian will act arrogant in front of this daddy! Hatred started rising in Luo Tian’s heart as he muttered: “Who told a f*cker like you to steal my woman? This daddy will show you the consequences of stealing this daddy’s woman!”

After closing the system interface…

Luo Tian’s blood was still boiling. His heart couldn’t stop beating faster when he thought of the Azure Dragon’s bloodline.


He couldn’t continue fantasizing about this right now. He had to kill all the bandits from the Autumn Mountain first. Once he has determined not a single one of them was alive can he leave this place!

Luo Tian had no sympathy for these bandits who killed people like cutting grass.

He attacked swiftly and fiercely without any mercy.

The law of the jungle was prevalent in this world. If one wasn’t strong enough, their lives could be lost at any time. If Luo Tian didn’t completely annihilate these bandits, everyone in Jade Mountain City could be slaughtered within three days. His Luo family will also disappear forever!

Luo Tian went down the mountain and looked in the direction of Jade Mountain City. He then mumbled: “I’ll be heading to Heavenly Sword City now and I don’t know when I’ll be coming back. Elder brother Song, you guys need to take care of yourselves!”

Jade Mountain City, see you later!

Immediately after…

Luo Tian rushed towards the direction of the imperial capital.


The sky gradually grew lighter. At the peak of Autumn Mountain…

A half drunk old guy riding a donkey while holding a jug of wine was seen. There was a large mole on his chin and strands of white hair grew out of it.

He was the Autumn Mountain’s Second Leader, and people called him Adviser Bai!

In fact…

He had another identity – Li Wenzong’s housekeeper!

Adviser Bai looked at the corpses lying all over the place. The expression of his face drastically changed as he started searching all over the place like crazy. He was flipping over corpses to look for something but didn’t find what he was looking for.


He rode his donkey and rushed towards Jade Mountain City.

After staying there for half a day, he had an extremely ugly look on his face. Standing at the gates of the city, flames of rage was burning deeply in his heart. The muscles on the corner of his eyes were twitching like crazy as he fiercely made a promise internally: “Jade Mountain City, Luo family, you guys just wait for it! You even dare to kill the imperial supervisor’s nephew? Everyone in the city will accompany him in burial!”

His rage had practically reached the sky!

Adviser Bai had gotten a hold of Luo Tian’s image. Looking at the image, Adviser Bai fiercely glared at it while saying in a gloomy tone: “Kid, prepare to go to hell.”

Right after that, he quickly rushed towards the direction of the Heavenly Sword City.


Half a month later.

Outside the Heavenly Sword City.

Luo Tian raised his head to look up while passionately saying to himself: “Holy crap! The city walls are over a hundred meters tall! This is too majestic! It’s even more domineering than the Great Wall of my previous life!”

He was overcome with emotions.

Heavenly Sword City, the Great Tang Dynasty’s imperial capital.

Just the entrances itself reached sixteen of them, and each day over a million people would pass through it. As for the interior of the city, it was capable of accommodating over ten million people.

It was also considered the number one city of the entire Tianxuan continent!

Why was it called Heavenly Sword City?

Ten thousand years ago during the myriad race wars, the Tang family back then had an expert who used swords – his name was Tang Tianjian (Heavenly Sword). His sword alone had killed over a million invaders and the Great Tang Dynasty was established solely based on his deeds.

That’s why the imperial capital was named after him.

There was also a deeper meaning to it.

Deep within the imperial palace where the dragon veins were, was a supreme sword. This supreme sword was known by others as the Heavenly Sword.

Rumors say that over ten thousand years ago, the Heavenly Sword was forged by a guru using rocks that flew down from the sky. It was the only divine weapon of the human race that could be compared to other divine weapons of legends out there. Its powers were basically unstoppable!

There were also rumors that…

Even the imperial family members of the Great Tang didn’t know where the sword was stored at. They only know that the sword was used to suppress the dragon veins. If it were to disappear, the dragon’s vein would shatter and their kingdom most likely would come to an end.

Countless people were searching for it.

But after searching for over ten thousand years, no one was able to find it.

Of course…

These were just rumors.

But sometimes rumors are also based on real facts that have been obscured over time. Other than the goal of saving An Chunchun’s mother, Luo Tian’s other goal was to search for the ancient treasure mentioned in the scroll.

The ancient scroll depicts the treasure is within the tomb of the emperor of the previous dynasty!

That tomb of the previous dynasty’s emperor might be the location of the dragon vein, so could the ancient treasure actually be the Heavenly Sword?

Not too far off from the city gates, Luo Tian was standing there gathering his thoughts and looked like some country bumpkin that had never seen such grandeur in his life. He had a goofy smiling expression because he was kind of excited upon thinking of Qin Yue’er. She was the woman that had once told Luo Tian that when he arrived at the Heavenly Sword City, she would be waiting for him naked on the bed.


Thinking Qin Yue’er’s hot figure and her bouncy huge twin peaks, Luo Tian couldn’t help swallowing down his saliva a few times. He then started chuckling pervertedly and said to himself: “Little demoness, this big brother has come. Be obedient and wait for me on the bed. This big brother ain’t battling with you for 3000 rounds; this big brother will be battling with you for a full three days and three nights instead! Hahaha…”

People passing by saw Luo Tian’s idiotic expression and couldn’t help show their disdain towards him.

Luo Tian rolled his eyes at them and also stared back at them with disdain in his eyes. He then gave them the middle finger while saying coldly: “Screw you!”


There was a commotion at the entrance of the city gate.

It was like complete turmoil as dust was being kicked up while people scrambled away in a panic.

“Quickly move aside! Quickly move aside!”

One could see an animal covered in scales with a cloud of fire below its feet, making it look very similar to a Qilin. It was clearly out of control while rushing straight towards Luo Tian. And riding on top of this mount was a girl filled with panic on her face.

A very pretty girl!


(T/N: In the simplest terms, a dragon’s vein is a feng shui spot that is very favorable to a dynasty/family’s destiny. Destroying it could mean the end of their karmic fortune.)

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