Undefeatable – Ch213

Chapter 213 – I Really Was Bitten By A Dog When I Was Young

“Move aside! Move aside! Quickly move aside…”

The girl was screaming at everyone in a panic.

The crowd all started scrambling away.

Luo Tian stood still and was just about to stand tiptoed trying to see what was going on when everyone parted to the side. He was the only one left standing smack dab in the middle of the roadway.

They were almost about to collide!

Luo Tian’s expression hiddenly changed as he mumbled to himself: “Damn! How come the speed of these people are so quick?!”

“Move aside!”

“We will really crash if you don’t dodge to the side!” The girl’s anxious face was red and her body was shivering while she clenched the reins tightly. Looking at Luo Tian’s country bumpkin look, it seemed like the mount’s speed was deliberately increasing when the idiot didn’t give way.


“Are you bullying me because I’m too handsome or something?”

Luo Tian instantly became angry. Seeing how this mount that looked like Qilin charging towards him, his eyes turned grim and a strong pressure swept out from him!


The energy instantly entered the mount’s sea of consciousness.

“Are you crazy to the point of wanting to die?!”

“You still aren’t running away and want to use your pressure to suppress it? Did you know that even experts at the Profound King realm aren’t able to do it. You…” The girl hurriedly said that in disdain to Luo Tian. Her heart was then resentfully complaining: “Truly a total country bumpkin!”

Hearing the words of the girl…

Luo Tian’s eyes turned serious as he shouted in his mind: “Level 3 Berserk!”

His eyes were staring at the mount’s fierce eyes while at the same time, Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness was roiling about explosively. Like a flash flood, a monstrous oppressive pressure smashed into the mount’s sea of consciousness. Luo Tian then smiled in a gloomy manner while saying: “This daddy refuses to believe that I can’t control you.”

The surrounding sky seemed to be pressing down and everyone in the area felt their minds being oppressed.

It was also the same for the girl.

As for the mount, it revealed a painful expression.

Luo Tian stood his ground without moving away, and that mount who was about to crash into him suddenly stopped. It stopped only about half a meter away from Luo Tian before it glared at him while its nostrils sprayed out white mist. The mount had an expression on its face like it remained unconvinced of its defeat.

Because the mount suddenly stopped, the girl didn’t expect this so…

Being unprepared, inertia caused her body to continue flying forward at high speeds.



The girl was screaming in the air before shouting at Luo Tian: “You better hurry up and catch this Miss! If I get hurt, I will definitely not spare you!”


Luo Tian was planning to catch her because it was an effortless act, and quite easy to catch a free falling person with his current strength. But when he heard her words, Luo Tian changed his mind. There was an indifferent expression on his face as he pretended he didn’t see anything.

Luo Tian started striding towards the city gates.

Commanding this daddy?

“Sorry, this daddy is not used to being commanded by others.” Luo Tian harrumphed coldly to himself.


A few seconds later, a heavy collision sound was heard behind Luo Tian.

The girl fell down looking like a dog eating shit. Her pretty face was covered in mud and her peach like mouth was all crooked. Surprisingly, her face still looked kind of cute.



Since the girl’s face was too funny looking, all the people in the area started laughing at her.

The girl quickly scrambled back onto her feet and raised the whip in her hand. She then fiercely whipped down with a “pak” sound before retorting: “What are you laughing at?! If you keep laughing, this Miss will rip those lips off your face!”

At such high speeds and at such great heights, the girl crashed onto the ground and got up without any injuries. This made Luo Tian’s thought process turn serious.


He couldn’t really be bothered about this and continued on with his own business towards the city.

“Damn scoundrel, you scared this Miss’s mount and you dare to leave before I settle this issue with you?!”


“Let’s see where you can run to!”

Immediately after…

The girl’s whip flicked into the air creating multiple illusory whip shadows before whipping down straight towards Luo Tian’s neck.

Luo Tian didn’t bother looking back and could feel a cold breeze blowing towards him. His body shifted to the side and elegantly avoided the whip. He then said: “It was your stupid beast mount that was randomly crashing into people. You, as the owner can’t even ride it properly and dared to ride it out in public? If it weren’t for me, your fall would have been much more miserable!”


“How was this Miss unable to ride it properly?! If I couldn’t ride it properly, how did I ride it all the way out here? I, I, I, everything was completely under my control!” The girl argued back with less than full confidence.


The guards of the city quickly rushed over.

A person seemingly the leader shouted: “Who was it that rode this mount? Don’t you know that one cannot ride a mount in front of the city gates?”

A person to the side then advised: “Leader, this is a Fire Cloud Unicorn so the girl might be from a big background. We can’t afford to offend her so we might as well let it go.”

Its whole body was covered in scales, the four hooves looked like it was stepping on clouds of fire but it was clearly not a Qilin.

This mount was called a Fire Cloud Unicorn, possessing a trace of the Qilin’s bloodline making it look a bit similar to one. This beast had a fiery temper so that your average person couldn’t control it. Since its strength was quite strong and its speed extremely fast, and the most fearsome thing was its huge sea of consciousness, normal oppressive pressure was useless against it. It was mainly due to this that this type of mount was very hard to tame.

Maybe the correct term is extremely hard to tame because of its trace of Qilin’s bloodline.

Within this half a month, the latest craze amongst the upper class nobility in Heavenly Sword City was to tame these Fire Cloud Unicorns.

Those capable of buying them as demonic beast mounts were all families with power and authority.

The expression of the leader darkened. Once he recalled this, his heart was secretly thanking his subordinate. He then said with a smile: “Miss, I was just spouting nonsense. Did this kid happen to be blocking your path? As long as you order it, I will immediately capture him for you.”


All heads swiveled towards Luo Tian.

Luo Tian was startled before glancing at the guard leader and asked: “I must ask Mr. Soldier: Were you bitten by a dog when you were young?” ¹


“How did you know? I really was bitten by a dog when I was young. Are you some sort of fortune teller?” Said the guard leader with a serious expression.

The girl immediately burst out laughing.

Also at this time…

The guard leader then pulled out a long blade and pointed it at Luo Tian before shouting: “Kid, this daddy things you’re tired of living! You dare scold me?!”

“People come – detain him for me!”

Four to five guards immediately surrounded Luo Tian.

Luo Tian’s expression slightly changed before he grinned: “Detaining me? Can you please tell me what law have I violated? You want to detain me huh? If it weren’t for me stopping this animal just then, I’m afraid the girl’s ending would be much worse. She might even end up crashing and killing many people. It could be considered that I’ve saved many people and have done a meritorious deed, yet instead of reward I get detained. You guys can try touching this daddy and see what happens then.”

Also at this time…

That same subordinate guard once again whispered: “Leader, being capable of taming the Fire Cloud Unicorn is definitely someone not ordinary. Should we reconsider this issue?”

The expression of the guard leader changed once again.

At this time…

Inside the city, two columns of guards wearing gold plated armor were quickly rushing towards the direction of Luo Tian!

Luo Tian’s brows scrunched up in shock as his said to himself: “F*ck! Are you guys really trying to steal my impressive rhythm away from me?!”


¹ – I believe it’s implying the guard leader has rabies now and is acting like a rabid dog biting anyone near him.

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