Undefeatable – Ch214

Chapter 214 – Good Big Brother, I Want it!


“The Palace Guards have appeared.”

“Kid, let’s see if this daddy can detain you or not now.” The city guard leader laughed excitedly. He then started pulling up his sleeves and put on an expression like he was going to go all out before shouting: “Fellow brothers, detain him for me! Let’s not lose face in front of the Palace Guards and tonight, I will treat everyone to a drink!”


All the guards immediately became energetic.

They were originally a bit guarded and in fear of Luo Tian since someone capable of suppressing a Fire Cloud Unicorn cannot be someone simple.

But now that even the Palace Guards had arrived, was there any need to fear a martial cultivator anymore?

Even if an expert of the Profound King realm was here, there was no need to be afraid!

Luo Tian’s brows scrunched up as he became cautious.

At this time…

The girl became anxious as well. Her expression clearly showed her anxiety as she ran up to the Fire Cloud Unicorn and pulled on the reins: “Yun Yun is so nice; Yun Yun is so obedient; quickly take me away from here.” ¹

No matter what soothing words the girl said to the Fire Cloud Unicorn, it didn’t even move or bother to glance at her.

The girl was extremely anxious.

She wanted to smack it but was afraid the Fire Cloud Unicorn would run off in anger.

At this moment…

Luo Tian was on high alert as he sent out his spiritual senses. When he found out these Palace Guards were all at the Profound Spirit 9th rank, his heart couldn’t help sink down as he said internally: “Damn! People have said that experts are as plentiful as clouds in the imperial capital. A mere guard is already at the Profound Spirit 9th rank… isn’t there a bit too much f*cking experts around?”

And dozens of them had come at once.

And every one of them had a thick aura coming from their bodies. It was a majestic like aura similar to the wrath of an Emperor!

If they were to really fight…

Luo Tian’s eyebrows showed a deeper frown.

At this time, Luo Tian’s hand was suddenly grabbed by a delicate hand. It was very soft and very comfortable to the touch.

Luo Tian turned to look and it was really that same girl. He then unconsciously blurted out: “What are you trying to do? Girl, I am someone that won’t do those kinds of things. Even if you give me more money, you can forget about forcing me into selling my body.”

The girl’s face completely darkened as she glared at Luo Tian and said: “Quickly wake up Yun Yun for me.”

Luo Tian was startled by this and pointed at the Fire Cloud Unicorn: “It’s called Yun Yun? Hahaha… it’s actually named Yun Yun! No wonder it didn’t listen to you! No matter what kind of male mount it is, they’ll definitely not answer to being called such a girly name.”

It was as if the Fire Cloud Unicorn had found a bosom friend, because it looked over at Luo Tian emotionally as if it was about to start crying.

The girl then angrily said: “It’s none of your business whatever I call it! I like calling it Yun Yun. The name Yun Yun sounds really nice! Humph! Hurry up and make it take me away from here, hurry! If you are even slow a little bit, watch out that I’ll take your little life away! Humph!”

The girl said this with her hands on her waist. It’s unfortunate that her breasts weren’t that big or else your typical towering twin peaks would definitely shake a bit for a glorious scene. But her fierce expression was still kind of cute.


Luo Tian didn’t bother with her and went back to the encirclement of the city guards. He then said: “These guys want to detain me so I don’t have time to deal with you. These big brothers, can you quickly detain me so I can get as far away as possible from her?”

The girl pulled out a small jade plate and shouted: “I want to see who dares to detain him!”

When the guards saw the jade plate, they immediately kneeled down in fear and stuttered: “Paying respects to…”

“You’re not allowed to keep talking!” Shouted the girl.

She then pulled Luo Tian and shouted: “Quickly take me away from here or else it’ll be too late!”

Luo Tian glanced at the girl’s jade plate and was surprised by it. He then said internally: “How come it looks so similar to the jade plate that Ninth brother gave me? Could it be Ninth brother’s little sister? Princess!?”

Holy crap!

Never could Luo Tian imagine that the first day in Heavenly Sword City would he encounter the Princess.

Thinking up to this point, Luo Tian’s heart calmed down a bit. He then said internally: “It looks like these Palace Guards aren’t here to capture me and are here to take this girl home. Heh heh… I’ll have to play with her a bit then.”

“No way!”

“I still have to enter the city to find my wife!” Luo Tian said with a serious expression.

The girl was startled by those words and looked Luo Tian up and down a few times. She then said with a smile: “With the kind of looks you have, how could you have a wife?”


Luo Tian immediately responded in an unhappy tone: “My wife is taller than you, her looks are prettier than you, and her body is better than yours. The most important part is that her breasts are bigger and her butt is perkier than yours! Humph!”

Hearing the word breasts, the girl’s expression turned grim. Her anger unconsciously flared up as she shouted: “Are you going to make it bring me away or not?!”

“I don’t even know you…”

“So why would I help you? Unless…” Luo Tian’s eyes started glimmering as he smiled evilly.

The Palace Guards were about to reach the gates so any more delays would…

The girl was super anxious now and immediately asked: “Unless what?”

Luo Tian evilly responded: “Unless you scream out ‘Good big brother, I want it!’” ²

The girl’s expression drastically changed and immediately pulled out her whip. She then scolded: “You damn scoundrel! You want to take advantage of this Miss? Watch me whip you to death right now!”

The moment the whip was raised into the air, Luo Tian patted the Fire Cloud Unicorn and muttered: “Hey brother, I feel it’s unfair for you that your owner is so overbearing. In the future, don’t ever listen to her. It’s best for these kinds of fierce girls to continue falling off and look like dogs eating shit.”

The Fire Cloud Unicorn actually nodded in coordination.

The girl’s whip stopped in midair as her face turned extremely ugly looking. She then said offhandedly to the side: “Good big brother, I want it!”

Luo Tian then said with disdain: “There’s no sincerity at all!”

The girl glared angrily at Luo Tian and shouted: “Good big brother, I want it!”

Luo Tian rolled his eyes at her and said: “Can’t you say it more tenderly? You’re acting like a small minded person. I’m going to give you one last chance; if you don’t say it properly, I’ll immediately leave.”

The girl was completely helpless now.

She was so angry her face became pale and her chests heaved up and down. Eventually, she endured this and said to herself: “You damn scoundrel! Once this Miss escapes this place, I will definitely settle the score with you. You dare to bully this Princess? I will definitely not let you off!”

She calmed her emotion and revealed a faint smile. Her eyes lightly narrowed and turned extremely charming. She then said in a flirty tone: “Good big brother, I want it!”


That voice almost made his bones go limp!

Luo Tian had goose bumps on his body and that flirty tone almost took his life! It was too pleasing to the ears! If she was able to say that on the bed… let alone his life, probably his very life essence would be…

Her voice was really pleasant to the ears and exactly on point.

Except her seductive and charming eyes had a trace of killing intent.

Luo Tian didn’t bother with this and leapt up onto the back of the Fire Cloud Unicorn and extended his hand. “Come on up!”

The girl’s expression sank and asked: “Why are you getting on as well?”

Luo Tian replied: “If I don’t get on, how are you going to stop it to get off? It’s not going to listen to you no matter what.”

The girl hesitated, but when she saw that the Palace Guards were about to arrive, she didn’t have time to care about anything else. She grabbed Luo Tian’s hand and leapt up to sit behind him.

Luo Tian directly pulled the girl’s arms to wrap it around his own waist before he grasped the reins.

The girl’s eyes were filled with gloomy killing intent as she said to herself: “You damn scoundrel, this Princess will definitely shred your corpse into pieces!”

Luo Tian smiled excitedly. He then whispered to the Fire Cloud Unicorn: “If you want to change your name, then run as fast as you can for me.”

The Fire Cloud Unicorn roared into the air before disappearing in a cloud of dust.

Goddamn, its speed was quick!

The girl was so scared by this that she hugged Luo Tian’s waist. This feeling to Luo Tian was kind of like riding a motorcycle – simply too awesome and exhilarating!


¹ – Yun Yun means Cloud Cloud, a cute way to name a pet.
² – Good big brother, I want it! Is similar to Honey, I want you now!

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