Undefeatable – Ch215

Chapter 215 – Should We Elope?

It’s a waste of one’s youth if they don’t act frivolous.

Every teenager has had a rebellious stage and some unruly dreams.

Sometime in the past…

In Luo Tian’s previous life, he had dreamed of riding a motorcycle with the most horsepower and a pretty girl behind him as they tore down the streets.

Being hugged by a girl while her two soft mounds glued themselves to your back would feel really good! Luo Tian would then relish himself in enjoyment.


In his previous life, he was only a sad otaku. Not to mention a girl, he couldn’t even afford a motorcycle! That’s why he could only fantasize back then and had no way to make it a reality.

He never imagined that in this foreign world…

He absolutely never imagined that his dream would become reality.

The girl was quite pretty.

The motorcycle had actually become a demonic beast that was cooler and faster by ten thousand times. This kind of lightning like speed was simply too fast and awesome! The best thing out of all this was the girl behind him was hugging him tighter and tighter, and would occasionally scream out.

This scream was the kind that would make a man excited.

Luo Tian was completely satisfied with this excitement. He then said to himself: “This Fire Cloud Unicorn’s speed is so fast that it’s practically beyond my imagination. It might even be faster than the high-speed rail in my previous life!”

“Slow down!”

“Slow down a bit!” They girl said with a wavering voice.

She was truly scared.

She never imagined the Fire Cloud Unicorn was capable of such fast speeds. And the people she knew with Fire Cloud Unicorns had never displayed such speeds before either. This was the reason why she wanted to tame one because there didn’t seem to be any dangers associated with it.


Those so called high nobles and aristocrats used an expert to tame them. Those experts would use their oppressive pressure to forcefully make the Fire Cloud Unicorns submit.

It was a bit different for Luo Tian.

Those two chatted with each other and bonded a bit. The Fire Cloud Unicorn felt their tempers were very similar so that’s why it demonstrated its true abilities.

The most important thing was the Fire Cloud Unicorn really hated the name Yun Yun. Once Luo Tian proposed the name change to it, it immediately became excited.


Luo Tian roared out loudly from the exhilarated feeling. He then asked: “Don’t you feel the speed is so awesome?”

“Awesome your big head!”

“Quickly make it slow down before stopping. I’m, I’m, I’m a bit scared.” The girl finally revealed that she was scared.

Hearing that she was scared, Luo Tian teasingly smiled and asked: “You’re afraid huh?”

The girl nodded: “En.”

Luo Tian released the reins and clapped his hands. He then said with a smile: “Everything would be easier since you’re scared. Now I’m going to ask you some questions and you’ll answer them honestly. If not…. heh heh… I’m going to make it run even faster.”

Once the reins were let go, the Fire Cloud Unicorn started running even faster.

“Wuuuuuush~… wuuuuush~…”

The sound being made was similar to those super fast rocket cars that were about to break the sound barrier.

The girl was so angry that she started stuttering: “Damn, damn scoundrel! This imperial, this Miss will definitely not let you off. You just wait for me, humph!”


“This daddy is so scared!”

“Brother, run faster! This girl has bullied you for so long; it’s time for you to take your revenge!” Luo Tian patted the Fire Cloud Unicorn with a smile on his face.

The Fire Cloud Unicorn cooperated fully.

The most important thing was it felt Luo Tian was treating it as a brother!

This made it feel happy, so it started running like it didn’t care about its life.

The girl hugged Luo Tian even tighter and quickly said: “I was wrong! Good big brother, I was wrong! Please spare me!”

Tears almost burst out from her.

Luo Tian reached back and patted her butt. It was very soft, bouncy, and the total feel was not bad at all. He then smiled perversely and asked: “First of all, what is your name?”

“Tang, Tang, Tang Tang!” The girl repeated the word Tang for quite a while. After saying that name, the girl was quite happy with herself before saying internally: “This Princess is simply too intelligent! I was able to give myself such a good name.”

Luo Tian internally shocked as he said to himself: “It looks like she’s really Ninth brother’s little sister!”

When the girl spoke her surname as Tang, Luo Tian already figured his guess was correct.

Luo Tian then asked: “Then why did those Palace Guards want to capture you? And don’t you dare lie to me because I know your name isn’t Tang Tang. If you dare to lie again, I’m going to have my brother here run even faster.”


The Fire Cloud Unicorn understood Luo Tian and started making some sounds as if it was warning Tang Tang: “If you dare to lie to my brother, I’m going to teach you a good lesson.”

Tang Tang’s expression secretly changed as she fell into thought. She then angrily said: “I’m trying to escape from my marriage and they are trying to force me back for the engagement. There’s no way I want to be engaged to that something Nangong Hao. Every time I see him, I feel completely disgusted. Humph!”

“Escaping a marriage?”

“You ran away because you wanted to escape from your forced marriage arrangement?”

“A Princess was escaping her marriage?”

“Then did I just become an accomplice?!”

For a short moment, Luo Tian had frozen from shock. His expression changed as he thought deeper: “Shit! I’m afraid I can’t go back to Heavenly Sword City now. Helping the Princess in escaping her marriage… this crime is too big to take on! Shit!”

He never imagined this.

This was beyond imagination.

This girl ran away to escape her marriage engagement.

Luo Tian thought that at most, she was running out to play and see the world for a bit. Never did he imagine she was escaping from her forced marriage engagement.

Escaping a marriage isn’t a big deal.

The problem was her identity. A Princess was running away from an arranged marriage and he had become an accomplice. They Palace Guards might even think that he was kidnapping the Princess! If we think along this line of thought, then that something Nangong Hao might even think Luo Tian was trying to steal his bride…

Oh my heavens!

Is this daddy going to become an enemy of the entire Great Tang Dynasty?


“Quickly stop!”

Luo Tian immediately screamed out.

And the Fire Cloud Unicorn quickly slowed down to a stop.

Luo Tian then said: “Turn around; we’re going back to the Heavenly Sword City. This daddy doesn’t want to shoulder such a huge problem.”

It wasn’t that Luo Tian was afraid.

So what if he became an enemy of the entire world?

He didn’t need to rely on anyone. He could kill monsters to level up and kill people to exchange for powerful bloodlines. But he came to Heavenly Sword City because of his quest. If he was to offend the imperial clan and that something Nangong family, how was he supposed to rescue An Chunchun’s mother?

Most likely he wouldn’t be able to step foot into the city at all.


He has known this girl for less than hour, so was he going to throw his life away for her?

Luo Tian wasn’t that dumb and that overconfident in himself. Just those Palace Guards alone were already at the Profound Spirit 9th rank, so the strength of those experts in the imperial palace would probably be powerful to a complete mess!

Tang Tang became anxious.

Tears were swirling in her eyes as she said: “I don’t want to go back; I don’t want to marry that Nangong Hao. Big brother, my good big brother, you have to help me! How about we elope? We will oppose the strong and assist the weak, becoming heroes of our generation! How interesting would it be to make a name for ourselves like that?”

Eight black lines appeared on Luo Tian’s forehead as he said: “What kind of crappy mess is filled inside that brain of yours?”

“Don’t go back!”

“Can you not go back? I’m begging you!” Tang Tang said while crying.

Luo Tian gave a long sigh before saying: “Have you ever heard of a saying?”

Tang Tang asked: “What saying?”

Luo Tian then said: “The most dangerous place is actually the safest. Since the Great Tang Dynasty is so big and powerful, they’ll still be able to capture you wherever you hide out there. But if you were to go back to the Heavenly Sword City, who would be able to think of that?”

Tang Tang was in thought for a while before shouting: “That’s right! How come I didn’t think of that?!”

Luo Tian rolled his eyes at her and asked: “Should we elope then?”

“Elope! We’ll elope back to the city, hee hee…”

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