Undefeatable – Ch216

Chapter 216 – Motherf*cker, We’re Wanted!

Sometimes, Luo Tian really couldn’t help but want to praise himself as a f*cking genius!

A single sentence was capable of bringing Tang Tang back willingly.

How awesome was that huh?

Of course…

In theory, those words “the most dangerous place is actually the safest” was correct.

When the Palace Guards witnessed Luo Tian take Tang Tang away, the Heavenly Sword City should become a safe haven for them.

Now Luo Tian was bringing Tang Tang back to the Heavenly Sword City except their speed wasn’t as fast as before.

When they were about to approached the city gates…

Luo Tian’s expression underwent a slight change because the guards at the city gates had been changed. They were now guards dressed in all black armor.

Tang Tang then whispered: “Black Dragon Legion. Their status is similar to the imperial clan’s Palace Guards. The strength of their members is usually at or higher than the Profound Spirit 5th rank. If you plan on forcing your way through, I advise you to scrap that idea because the eighteen of them are capable of assembling into a killing formation. There was once an expert at the peak of the Profound Spirit 9th rank who died under the killing formation in less than ten rounds.”

Luo Tian swept his eyes past them.

Tang Tang whispered again: “There’s no need to count; there will always be eighteen of them in a squad. They will always eat and sleep as one unit. Haven’t you heard of the great deeds by the Black Dragon eighteen riders?”

Luo Tian shook his head and replied: “Nope. I’ve only heard of the story where eighteen pigs successively jumping into a stinking ditch.”

“Eighteen pigs successively jumping into a stinking ditch?”



“Those eighteen pigs are really stupid!” Tang Tang started laughing uncontrollably.

Luo Tian rolled his eyes at her and said: “They are stupid, but they still can’t compare to you.”

Luo Tian then looked at the throngs of passersby gathering at the city gates. They seemed to be looking and pointing at something while discussing amongst themselves.

Luo Tian then said: “It looks like something is posted at the city gates and a bunch of people are crowding around it.”

Tang Tang was still smiling. Thinking of Luo Tian’s sentence of eighteen pigs successively jumping into a stinking ditch, she would start laughing again. She then said: “It should be a posting of a new law or an arrest warrant.”

“An arrest warrant?”

Luo Tian’s expression hiddenly changed as he said in his mind: “Damn it, I’ve been majorly screwed by you.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian smudged his face with dirt and made his hair messy. He then said: “Stay here and don’t move; I’m going to take a look.”

Tang Tang was still giggling and nodded: “En.”

Luo Tian made himself look like a beggar and carefully went forth. He stood at the rear of the crowd and said: “Did something good get posted here?”

“An arrest warrant.”

“It was just posted. It says that someone kidnapped the princess and that person is wanted in the territory of the Great Tang Dynasty. That person must’ve eating a bear’s heart or a leopard’s gall… he even dares to kidnap our Princess!”

“Not only did the imperial clan issue an arrest warrant, even the Sea Cloud Sect’s Nangong family issued a kill order. Just the Great Tang alone gave a reward of 1 million silver, while the Sea Cloud Sect was even more incredible – they are giving out a hundred xuan stones and a handwritten copy of a grade 5 martial skill.”

“If I was able to capture that kid, then I’d be filthy rich! Hahaha…”

“There’s also one more thing that you guys don’t know about; apart from the imperial clan and the Sea Cloud Sect’s Nangong family, there’s also one other person ordering the capture of the kid – it’s our current Internal Supervisor who is also the Elder Statesman Li Wenzong. The picture on the arrest warrant was provided by him. Only when the city guards confirmed the picture was accurate did they post it up. It’s just that Supervisor Li’s incident is not associated with the matter of the princess being kidnapped.”

“Holy crap, who the hell is this kid? His courage is so big that he’s capable of offending so many powerful forces of our Heavenly Sword City in one go!”

Hearing their conversation, Luo Tian had thoughts of committing suicide.

Who the f*ck did I provoke? I only wanted to enter the city and it instantly turned into such a mess.


After several seconds, Luo Tian started laughing internally in an excited manner. “I never imagined my life was worth so much. It’s actually 1 million silver and one hundred xuan stones, hahaha…”

When he looked at the picture of him posted on the wall, Luo Tian became a bit unhappy. “You gave this daddy such a portrait? This daddy is much better looking than that!”

Luo Tian was planning on entering the city.

He was going to leave Tang Tang behind since no one would dare to do anything to the Princess anyway.

But he eventually decided not to.

Firstly, he was kind of unwilling to do that. Secondly, he wasn’t sure if these unmoving Black Dragon Legion would be able to recognize him from the wanted poster or not.

Luo Tian went back into the forest.

Tang Tang immediately asked him: “What’s going on? What’s posted on the wall?”

Luo Tian rolled his eyes at her since he was too lazy to talk about it.

Tang Tang’s eyes showed some shock as her expression became excited. “It can’t be a wanted poster of you right?”

Luo Tian glared at her and shouted: “It’s all because of you!”

Tang Tang started laughing in a happy manner. She then pointed at Luo Tian and said: “Hahaha, damn scoundrel, your day has come! Don’t worry though, with this Princess here, no one will dare to do anything to you. But it will all depend on your performance from now on. If you don’t perform well, then…”

Luo Tian directly slapped her little butt and shouted: “Do you believe that I’ll tie you up right now and deliver you into the city?”

Tang Tang immediately acted like a shriveled up eggplant and muttered: “Big brother, I was wrong.”


The Great Tang’s Palace, in a certain imperial prince’s place.

Tang Jiu angrily smashed his palm on the table and vented: “A bunch of useless fools! A bunch of useless fools! They actually dared to provoke my idol?! I really don’t know what my imperial father is thinking… why would he post up those arrest warrants? For my 13th sister to marry my idol is like ten thousand times better than marrying that Nangong Hao!”


Incomparable anger.

When he saw Luo Tian’s portrait on the wanted poster, Tang Jiu became ecstatic because his idol had finally arrived at the imperial capital.

Then came anger.

The words heaven defying couldn’t even be used to describe Luo Tian’s talent. Once his talent was exposed, not to mention the Great Tang Dynasty wanting to curry favors with him, even those great immortal sects would fawn over him as well. Issuing an arrest warrant for him at this time was not a wise decision at all!

But he was just a prince and couldn’t change anything.

He could only throw his temper around in his own dwelling.


Heavenly Sword City, in a certain small courtyard.


“My little handsome brother, you’ve finally arrived at the Heavenly Sword City! This big sister has been waiting painfully for you for a long time.”

“You damn bastard, you kidnapped the princess right when you arrived… you’re such a baddie! A big baddie! But also too cool. I really don’t mind an additional pretty woman like the princess…” Qin Yue’er started laughing. As she was laughing, her enormous twin peaks were shaking and looked like they were about to burst out from her shirt.


Heavenly Sword City, in a courtyard located at the northern part of the city where it was the most chaotic.


“Boss, you’ve finally come.”

“Boss is truly the boss; causing such a huge matter when he’s just arrived. Hahaha…”

A large fatty started laughing out like crazy.

Standing behind him were lots of his followers.

Feng Lei turned around and shouted: “Today we will fight with the Poison Dragon Gang! We’ll demonstrate our prestige with a fight to welcome my boss!”

An Chunchun was smiling off to the side.

She was smiling happily while mumbling to herself: “Big brother Luo Tian, it looks like you’ve arrived. Chunchun really misses you!”

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