Undefeatable – Ch217

Chapter 217 – Is My Chest Big?

Luo Tian was regretting it!

He was truly regretting entangling himself with Tang Tang’s huge mess. If he was truly being hunted by the Great Tang Dynasty alongside the kill order of the Sea Cloud Sect, how on earth was he to enter the city? How was he going to save An Chunchun’s mother and search for the ancient treasure’s location?

Everything required him to enter the city before it could be achieved!


Night descends.

Heavenly Sword City didn’t implement any curfews.

Out of the sixteen gates of the city, eight of them were closed while the other eight remained opened and guarded by eighteen Black Dragon Legion members each.

Luo Tian had been secretly observing all this time and found that the Black Dragon Legion didn’t question anyone. They just stood there like wooden statues. This made Luo Tian say to himself: “Could it be that they weren’t expecting him to return to the Heavenly Sword City?”


“That should be the case!”

This was what Luo Tian concluded and quickly went back into the forest.

When Tang Tang heard some noise, she opened her groggy eyes and asked: “Did you find a way into the city?”

Luo Tian looked at her groggy expression and said: “I found it, but we need to change our appearance. The guards already know of our original appearance and we’ll be caught the second we show up, that’s why we need to disguise ourselves.”


Tang Tang immediately woke up and asked: “A disguise? How do we do it? It sounds like something really fun! A smelly scoundrel like you really does have a lot of good stuff, this Princess hasn’t misjudged you.”

The Fire Cloud Unicorn lying down to the side snorted as if saying: “The boss of mine is naturally awesome.”

Luo Tian widened his eyes and shouted: “Take off your clothes!”


“How dare you?! You damn scoundrel, what are you planning? I am a Princess!” Tang Tang responded while shaking angrily.

Luo Tian was too lazy to explain and raised his palm: “Are you taking it off or not?”

Tang Tang refused to compromised and held onto her clothes: “Even if you beat my butt until it blooms flowers, I’m still not taking my clothes off! I will rather die before I comply! You damn scoundrel, wanting to take advantage of me? I, I, I am titled Princess Lasting Peace! If you dare become disrespectful, wait, I mean if your brain dares to have any dirty thoughts about me, this Princess will slaughter all nine generations of your clan! Humph!”

She showed an expression that she would rather die than comply.

She was glaring at Luo Tian with a stubborn and angry pout.

“Princess long and flat?”


“No wonder you became unhappy when I said my wife’s chest was bigger than yours. So you are actually Princess… long and flat… hahaha!” Luo Tian laughed for a bit before looking at Tang Tang’s chest and saying: “I think your father must’ve been an enemy of yours in your previous life. He actually gave you the title of Princess Long and Flat. Hmm… long and flat is fine, at least it’s not forever peace (flat) or else you chest will always be as flat as an airport runway. Hahaha…” ¹


“Princess Forever Peace is my elder sister!”

“Who told you to bully me?!” Tang Tang directly cracked her whip at him.

Luo Tian deftly dodged to the side and burst out laughing again. “Your father is simply too awesome! Long and flat wasn’t enough, he wanted a forever flat as well. One can easily imagine that the chest of you sisters will always be level and flat, hahaha… How can that Nangong Hao like a girl like you? Hahaha… this is just way too funny!”



“You’re too hateful! This Princess is not going to let you off!” Tang Tang was so angry that she couldn’t even speak properly. She realized her status as a Princess had no effect on Luo Tian at all. If it was other people in Luo Tian’s place, they wouldn’t even dare to look at her openly let alone make fun of her.

This guy was really not ordinary.

Tang Tang was really angry but at the same time, a weird special feeling was growing inside her.


She was too angry to detect this special feeling.

Luo Tian couldn’t be bothered talking nonsense with her any longer and directly said: “I’m going to ask again: Are you going to take it off or not? If you don’t do it, I will personally do it for you. Don’t blame me for being rude at that time…”

“I’d rather you beat me to death than to take it off!”

“You damn scoundrel, quit dreaming that this Princess will give in!” Tang Tang fiercely replied.

Luo Tian’s mouth curved into a perverted smile as he started rubbing his hands together. “I’ve never taken the clothes off a Princess before so I must thoroughly enjoy this today.”

After saying that…

Luo Tian instantaneously arrived next to Tang Tang. He first slapped her butt before saying: “Who told you to be arrogant in front of me? You still want to suppress me with your status as a Princess? Let me tell you that this daddy doesn’t give a crap about those things. This slap will be a small reminder to you; if this happens again next time, I’m going to smack your bottom until he starts blooming flowers!”


Tang Tang yelped out loudly.

Luo Tian embraced Tang Tang’s waist and quickly unbuttoned everything. Tang Tang’s dress scattered apart and was pulled down. Her light blue dress was thus almost instantly pulled off by Luo Tian.

His movement almost seem like he was a pro at it!

The moment the dress was taken off, Luo Tian became stunned!

Apart from a small bodice cover and an underwear, there was nothing else underneath!

Pretty much her entire body was exposed.

Her skin was like fine white jade and every inch of skin contained endless temptation. Any normal male seeing it would be absolutely enticed by it. A bright light flashed in Luo Tian’s eyes as he kept swallowing down saliva. He then said internally: “Damn! This body is so perfect! I can’t even see any blemishes at all and her breasts really aren’t that small. Those two little dots protruding from her mounds can be clearly seen through the bodice cover! They look quite perky! Those twin peaks of hers are considered top grade!”

Looking at her waist…

The curves were similar to a water snake.

Looking at her legs…

They were long, white and didn’t have any excess fat. It was simply beautiful to the extreme!

Looking below her waist at the forbidden mysterious area, it…

Luo Tian’s crotch was instantly stimulated and felt like it was about to explode out. Looking at her mysterious area, his throat felt parched and thirsty as if he was about to spew out flames.

“Calm down!”

“Calm down!”

Luo Tian kept telling himself that and forced himself to calm down.

Tang Tang started crying.

Her hands were covering her chest area as tears streamed out.

Ever since she was born, no other man has seen her body before. She wanted to find the world’s most perfect man and then give herself to him on their wedding night. But now…

She was being seen naked by a man she had known for less than a day.

This created a very unpleasant feeling in her heart. If it weren’t for her not wanting to go home, she would’ve already started screaming. She would then have people chop this guy up into pieces and then fed to the dogs.

Seeing Tang Tang’s tears, Luo Tian’s perverted feelings immediately disappeared. He brought out his clothing and covered her with it before trying to explain: “I wanted you to take off your clothes so that I could give you a new disguise. Since you didn’t agree, I figured I’d just do it quickly myself.”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t see anything. I saw nothing.”

The corner of Luo Tian’s eyes involuntarily focused on the raised mounds seen down the opening of what his clothing couldn’t cover in a hurry.

Tang Tang fiercely glared at Luo Tian and said: “You didn’t see anything?”

Luo Tian immediately replied: “I swear that I really didn’t see anything.”


Tang Tang softly replied as if she had calmed down.

After a while…

Tang Tang suddenly asked: “Are my breasts big?”

Luo Tian instinctively reacted by saying: “Big; very big.”

“You, you, you damn scoundrel…”


¹ – Lasting peace sounds the same as long and flat in Chinese, and forever peace sounds the same as forever flat.

(T/N: The author is trying to create a rather forced entertainment scene to his male readers or else Luo Tian could’ve explained himself, given his clothes to Tang Tang and walked away while she changed. The translator of this novel does not condone such actions in real life even if you wish to play a joke on someone.)

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