Undefeatable – Ch218

Chapter 218 – Ninth Brother’s Idol Is My Man


Were considered strange creatures.

When you praise that she’s pretty, her heart is happy but her mouth would scold you.

Of course…

Luo Tian’s response was a natural reaction of his. Those words reflected his inner thoughts and were filled with sincerity.

There were indeed quite big.

If it was calculated by the terms of his previous life, her breasts would be at least 36C’s or higher.

Originally Luo Tian didn’t pay attention to them because Tang Tang’s clothing made it seem not that big. But once the clothes were taken off, Luo Tian realized he was completely wrong. He was also wrong about what kind of underwear he presumed she was wearing.

They were big.

They were very bountiful where a single hand could perfectly cup it. It would definitely be very satisfying to touch them.

Luo Tian gave a long exhale before muttering: “Looks like the name your father gave you had an opposite effect. At such a young age, your mounds are already so bountiful. One could imagine your sister Princess Forever Peace must have ones capable of domineering all others.”

“You’re still talking about it?”

“If you keep talking about it, I, I…” Tang Tang kept on stuttering the word “I” while wrapping the clothes around herself tightly. She couldn’t think of what to say after the word “I” because this guy in front of her was completely different to other men she has encountered.

She had nothing to scare him with.

And the more she tried to scare him, the more she would suffer instead.

Thinking of the words Luo Tian said, Tang Tang then said in a weak and unconfident voice: “I, I will have my ninth brother beat you until you have no clue which direction is which! Humph!”

Immediately after…

Tang Tang’s brows scrunched up as she mumbled: “Ninth brother’s strength seems to be only at the Profound Spirit 6th rank and isn’t the opponent of this scoundrel…”

After thinking for a while, Tang Tang’s voice was a few level’s louder as she shouted: “I will have Ninth brother’s idol beat you until you have to pick up your own teeth off the ground, humph! My Ninth brother’s idol is number one in this world! Ninth brother said that he’s 10,000 times more awesome than the Shattered Sky City’s Murong Wanjian! If you dare bully me again, I will definitely have him teach you a fierce lesson!”

As she was saying this…

Tang Tang’s expression was filled with pure innocence.

Amongst all her brothers and sisters, she was the closest to Tang Jiu.

When Tang Jiu returned to the Heavenly Sword City, he told Tang Tang everything that had happened in the Dark Mountain Corpse City and described Luo Tian similar to a God. There was naturally lots of exaggeration but in Tang Jiu’s heart, Luo Tian was even more awesome than a God.


Tang Tang became very curious towards this idol of her ninth brother.

She also started thinking that only such a guy was worthy of being her man, and she would only marry someone with such capability.

“Your ninth brother’s idol?”

Luo Tian was startled by this and mumbled internally: “Isn’t that me?”


“Who the hell is bored enough to beat himself until they have to pick up their own teeth off the ground? Hahaha…”

Luo Tian wanted to laugh out loud but didn’t.

Looking at Tang Tang, he found that she was becoming cuter to his eyes. She was a mature girl that still had the playfulness of a youth.

Luo Tian deliberately revealed a scared expression and said: “Your ninth brother’s idol is a guy even more awesome than a God? I’m really scared! But you better start putting up your hair now because if we don’t enter the city before dark, we’ll have no place to sleep tonight!” Urged Luo Tian.

He then started disguising himself as well.

Using the words of his previous life, it was basically him putting on makeup.

In his previous life, Luo Tian had seen some makeup videos when he was really bored. In just a few minutes, an ugly woman would suddenly become a super beauty. It was due to this that it peaked his curiosity so he would waste some time on them.

He never imagined that random knowledge would be useful in this foreign world.


Due to the lack of materials, he could only use the dirt on the ground and the things of the environment to change his face slightly and put on a few moles here and there.

In less than ten minutes, it was as if Luo Tian had become another person.

Off to the side, Tang Tang was staring in shock as she asked: “You, you… how did you do that? If I didn’t witness this first hand, I wouldn’t be able to recognize you! A damn scoundrel like you actually has so many talents… you’ve must’ve used this to cheat many girls in your life! Is this also how you cheated to get your wife in the city?”

Luo Tian was too lazy to bother with her and said: “Put away your Fire Cloud Unicorn and we’ll enter the city one after another.”


“Don’t panic, and those Black Dragon Legion won’t be able to recognize you.”

“And don’t speak if you don’t have to.”

Luo Tian lectured her.

He was now a wanted felon in the country. If he was accidentally discovered, at least Tang Tang by his side would be able to explain the truth of the matter. This was why she had to safely enter the city with him.

Tang Tang nodded: “En, don’t worry.”

Immediately after…

The two of them went back onto the main road. One in front and the other in the back; it was like they were strangers on the same route hurrying towards the city.


The process of entering the city was surprisingly smooth!

It was unexpectedly smooth.

It was so smooth that Luo Tian felt it was kind of strange. Those Black Dragon Legion didn’t even glance at him, let alone conduct any investigations. He couldn’t help ponder internally: “What on earth is really going on? The Princess was kidnapped yet the city gates are so lax. On the surface it looks like the Black Dragon Legion are in charge, but their method of inspection wasn’t as strict as the regular city guards earlier in the day. They are practically empty shells standing guard!”

“ Yeaaaa!”

“We’ve entered the city, hahaha…”

Tang Tang quickly rushed to a corner before laughing excitedly. “How’s that? How’s that? This Princess performed quite well huh? Those Black Dragon guys didn’t discover me and barely even looked at me!”

Luo Tian rolled his eyes at her and didn’t bother thinking too much about it. “Since we’ve entered the city, we should find a place to stay.”

“Sounds good!”

“But we should first solve my growling tummy.” A sound was heard coming from Tang Tang’s stomach.

Luo Tian was also a bit hungry so he said: “Come with me and I’ll treat you to a big meal.”

The moment when Luo Tian and Tang Tang disappeared down the street…

The eyes of those originally motionless Black Dragon Legion turned fierce. The leader of the guards then said to his subordinate: “Notify the General that the Princess has returned to the city!”

Even in his dreams would Luo Tian not have imagined this!

What kind of place was the Great Tang’s Dynasty?

A dynasty capable of standing in this continent for over ten thousand years couldn’t even capture a single person?

Even since the arrest warrant was issued, how come not a single soldier had left the city to chase after them?

The reason was really simple:

There was a godly expert inside the imperial palace. His spiritual senses was capable of detecting all living creatures within a radius of a million kilometers.

Tang Tang’s every movement was monitored by his senses.


He was able to reproduce the unique aura of the princess and allow the Black Dragon Legion to familiarize themselves with it. On the surface, they looked like they weren’t doing anything at the city gates but in reality; they were observing everything through their powers. They did nothing when they detected the Princess because they received that command early on.


Northern part of the city, inside a large restaurant.

“Wow, I am completely stuffed!”

“The taste of the food here is not bad at all. This Princ… this Miss hasn’t enjoyed herself like this in a very long time!” Said Tang Tang while rubbing her large round belly.

Luo Tian couldn’t help say: “An imperial capital is truly an imperial capital; the things here aren’t the same as other places.”

Also at this time…

A waiter came over with a cold expression as he looked at the table filled with empty plates. “The two of you should be done right? The cost of the food is 347 silver tales; I will round it down to 340 silver for you.”

“Not expensive at all…”

“So many dishes were only a bit of money.” Smiled Tang Tang.

Luo Tian patted his pockets and smiled embarrassingly: “Boss, I didn’t bring any money with me.”


“Fellow brothers, everyone come out for me! I already figured these poor wretched things don’t have any money on them. Beat them up for me until they throw up everything that they’ve eaten!” The expression of the waiter had turned from friendly to fierce in an instant!

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