Undefeatable – Ch220

Chapter 220 – Selling Myself; Selling My Sword

Luo Tian himself didn’t know that he was only about a hundred meters away from Fatty, and had lost the chance for a reunion.

Luo Tian was holding onto Tang Tang as he ran towards another street.

As for the Fatty, it was as if he ate some Viagra and fought all over the place. He managed to defeat the Poison Dragon Gang in a single night.

Luo Tian was never afraid of trouble.

But his decision to run away was based on calm reasoning.

After entering Heavenly Sword City, Luo Tian realized this place wasn’t simple at all. Even a chef had a cultivation level at the Profound Grandmaster level. Now, he was wondering what kind of place Heavenly Sword City really was.

He was carrying Tang Tang with him while running crazily. Once again, they ran past several streets before stopping at the eaves of someone’s house.

Tang Tang was so tired that she fell asleep on Luo Tian’s shoulder.

There was a slight pout to her lips and her nose was fluctuating slightly from her breathing, showing she had fallen into a deep sleep. Her hands were grabbing onto Luo Tian tightly and her legs had wrapped itself around his waist. Her entire body was like an octopus holding onto Luo Tian tightly.

It looked like she was afraid Luo Tian would dump her off somewhere while she was asleep.

Luo Tian was also tired. Leaning against the wall below the eaves, he too fell asleep.

The first night coming to Heavenly Sword City and they were sleeping on the streets.

So cruel!

The craziest thing was beside Luo Tian was a Princess running away from her marriage.

This was something Luo Tian would never ever dream of happening.


The eastern sky started getting bright.

Morning – people on the streets started increasing.

Many people were walking on the streets but not many of them paid attention to Luo Tian and Tang Tang. The reason was there were too many people sleeping on the streets each day. Heavenly Sword City was a place that anything was possible. One day a person could be from a wealthy family and the next day, they could end up as a beggar living off the streets.

Not too far from the end of the street.

A lot of people were surrounding something!

They weren’t surrounding a person sleeping on the streets but surrounding a person kneeling down.

Someone was selling themselves!

And it was a guy that was selling himself.

Beside him was a sword stabbed into the ground. The sword was quite large and broad, and the blade was covered in rust. It looked no different than a piece of junk.

The man looked very strong and tall.

The thin clothing on his body revealed his bulky muscles filled with explosive power. While he was kneeling down, his height was the same as his sword stabbed into the ground. He gave off a feeling that he too was as deadly as a sword.

He and his broadsword were like a set.


He seemed to be even rustier than his broadsword. He looked completely miserable, his clothes were in tatters, his hair was scattered wildly about and the stench from his body was disgusting. One could easily guess that he hadn’t bathed for over half a month.

Of course…

For a person that hadn’t eaten for ten days, bathing was simply a nonexistent issue.

Kneeling behind a sign was the words “Selling Myself; Selling My Sword.”

The guy’s eyes still had spirit in them as his head was slightly raised. Even though he was kneeling there, he still managed to exude an innately born arrogance.

“Selling such a worn out sword… isn’t that a bit too shameful?”

“What kind of trashy toy is that?”

“What’s your cultivation level? Can I use you to kill people if I bought you?”

“Looking at his miserable image, isn’t he just a beggar? Who knows where he grabbed that broken sword from? Selling yourself and selling the sword? I think it’ll be more realistic to earn some money by barking like a dog to entertain us.”



The crowd started laughing loudly.

The man’s gaze didn’t change at all, as if he didn’t hear those words ridiculing him.

Around the same time…

“Why is it so noisy?”

“Who is interrupting this Princess’s sleep? Careful that I cut your head off.” Tang Tang mumbled while stretching her waist.

Her eyes slowly opened.

She realized a pair of eyes was staring back at her, and it was only about 1 centimeter away.

Those two were looking at each other and their mouths almost touching.

Tang Tang shrank back in shock before pointing at Luo Tian and angrily shouting: “What are you doing?! You dare to disrespect this Princess, this, this, this Miss? Do you believe I’ll start screaming…?!”

“I believe!”

“Isn’t it having your Ninth brother’s idol beat me until I have to pick up my own teeth? I believe it!” Luo Tian was too lazy to listen to her rambling. His whole body was aching and couldn’t help gasping from the pain. “Huuu~…”

Tang Tang was startled and asked: “What’s going on with you? Aren’t you an expert at the Profound Spirit 9th rank? How can a single night make you so tired looking?”

“Screw you!”

“If you have the guts, let me sit on you and crush you the entire night and see how you’d feel.” Luo Tian said unhappily.

Tang Tang giggled embarrassingly and said: “Hee hee… so I’ve crushed you an entire night, how come I didn’t know? Hee hee… since you took good care of this Miss, then when Ninth brother’s idol beats you up; I’ll have him soften his blows.”

Luo Tian rolled his eyes at her and stood up to exercise his body a bit.

He didn’t move the whole night. Luo Tian was afraid he’d wake Tang Tang up so he maintained his position the whole night. He didn’t even want to mention how much his legs ached right now.

After moving around for a bit, blood was flowing smoothly once again and his aches lessened a lot.

“Let’s go over there to take a look!”

“You see how many people are gathered around there? It must be something really fun!” Tang Tang didn’t wait for Luo Tian’s agreement and had already run off.

Luo Tian heavily exhaled and could only follow her.


“Hey, are you a mute?”

“I’m asking you a question!”

“You damn beggar, what kind of game are you trying to play here?”

“Are you selling yourself? Looking at your body, it shouldn’t be too bad if you worked at a kiln.”

Some people in the crowd were scolding him while some were ridiculing him again.

The guy maintained his originally emotionless expression.

As Luo Tian and Tang Tang approached, Luo Tian was irritated with the taunting he heard from the crowd.

Tang Tang lowered herself to look at the guy.

After looking at him for a while, she mumbled: “Can we buy him?”

Just when Luo Tian was about to respond…

His expression suddenly changed!

This change was similar someone being struck by lightning. His entire person was completely shocked to the core!

“Spirit weapon?!”

“Earth weapon?!”

“Sky weapon?!”

“Or is it a legendary Divine weapon?”

It was too dazzling to the eyes!

It was incomparably dazzling to the eyes! The rusted broken looking broadsword gave off an eye piercing bright light! This bright light almost made Luo Tian unable to open his eyes! It was too dazzling! Luo Tian couldn’t imagine this was happening. He went forward a step and got closer towards the broadsword.

At this moment…

The man made his first movement ever since he had kneeled down, and that was turn to look at Luo Tian.

His eyes were crystal clear as if he wanted to see through Luo Tian’s soul.

Luo Tian didn’t continue looking at the sword and then asked seriously: “How much is your sword?”

The guy looked at Luo Tian and didn’t say anything.

Luo Tian became anxious. He stared at the sword again and excitedly said to himself: “It is definitely above an Earth grade weapon and might even be a Divine weapon! The bright light it was giving off was too dazzling to the eyes!”

The guy still didn’t say a word.


The guy’s stomach was giving off a series of growling noises.

Luo Tian’s brows quivered and he directly threw out a spatial plaque to Tang Tang. “Take one item from inside and go to the pawn shop to exchange for some money! Don’t worry about the exchange rate, just get it done quickly! Then use the money to buy as many buns as you can!”

Tang Tang was stunned motionless.

Luo Tian then shouted: “Quickly go!”

The blood inside Luo Tian started boiling…

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