Undefeatable – Ch221

Chapter 221 – Xuan Yuanyi, Giant Fault Sword

Luo Tian’s actions made the surrounding people coldly laugh.

“Isn’t this kid the beggar that was previously asleep under the eaves of someone’s house?”

“He can’t even survive himself yet he wants to buy someone and their sword? What’s the use of buying a piece of trash?”

“A piece of trash buying another piece of trash; they can be termed the Trash Duo! How awesome is that name?”


Luo Tian sat on the ground and stared at the guy before staring at the sword. He didn’t even bother with the comments behind him and was only smiling non-stop. The smile came from deep within his heart as he looked at the guy and said: “A bunch of retards.”

There was a brief flash in the man’s eyes but he didn’t reveal any expressions.

Luo Tian had an excited face as he asked: “Brother, what’s your name?”

The guy maintained his silence and didn’t respond.

He had never spoken a single word since the beginning and was just like a mute. And the way he looked at Luo Tian clearly showed he could hear him, so at least he wasn’t deaf.

Luo Tian asked again: “Brother, where are you from?”

The guy remained silent.

Luo Tian didn’t mind the lack of response and seemed to be addicted to asking questions. He then said: “Brother, you should follow me from now on.”

“Brother, I don’t want your sword or your person. I just want you to follow me and we’ll fight for a place that belongs to us in Heavenly Sword City. What do you think about that?”

“Brother, what’s the name of your sword?”

Luo Tian was asking many questions.

The guy didn’t respond a single time.

Luo Tian was continuously asking questions because he was too excited. If he didn’t let it all out by talking, he would really die from excitement!

After last night’s embarrassing situation of sleeping on the streets, Luo Tian promised himself that he would make better plans in the future. Now something good has happened to him or more accurately speaking, he had discovered a treasure. And it was exactly this guy before his eyes.

The guy gave Luo Tian an unusual feeling.

He had an aura completely different from a normal human.

At the same time…

The sword beside the guy also had an aura, and the guy’s aura and the sword’s aura appeared to be synchronized. It was as if this guy had achieved the legendary realm of human and sword becoming one. The sword was like one’s heart, and the heart was like one’s sword; they were both completely fused together.

Very strong!

Even grandmasters of the sword may not have reached the realm this guy was currently in.

There was also another important note.

Luo Tian couldn’t detect this guy’s cultivation level and couldn’t tell how strong he was.

That’s why he became so excited.

Since his aura was different, Luo Tian concluded this guy might be from the demon clans.

The sword could be above the Earth grade level, or might even reach the Divine grade.

No matter if it was the sword or the guy, either one of them made Luo Tian incomparably excited.



“One that keeps asking questions and an idiot that doesn’t say a single word. I feel like this pair are made for each other… made to be a pair of trash! Hahaha…”

“Someone selling himself yet won’t say a price. And a buyer that continuously asks random useless questions.”


More and more passersby stopped to look and the words of ridicule became more and more.

Luo Tian and the guy seemed to have formed a rapport and didn’t bother with what the others were saying.

It was just like how Luo Tian had previously said: They were just a bunch of retards!


“The buns are coming! Buns that just came out of the oven!”


Tang Tang was running over like crazy while carrying a large steamer tray. She then shouted: “Move aside! Move aside! Steaming hot buns coming through!”

Hearing the word buns, the guy’s gaze was no longer calm anymore.

Luo Tian received the steamer and placed it in front of the guy. “Go ahead and eat. I will buy however many buns you can eat. If need be, I will buy all the buns in the entire Heavenly Sword City.”

The guy looked at Luo Tian with eyes that appeared to be ablaze.

Immediately after…

The guy opened the steamer and saw all the hot meat buns. He swallowed his saliva down a few times before grabbing a bun. He didn’t care how hot it was and directly shoved it into his mouth. There were no signs of chewing as he just swallowed the thing down whole.

Luo Tian was dumbfounded.

Tang Tang was dumbfounded. The surrounding crowd was also dumbfounded.

How many days has this guy not eaten?

Luo Tian then said with a faint smile: “Is this all the buns we can get?”

Tang Tang regained her look before saying excitedly: “You damn scoundrel, your spatial plaques is filled to the brim with attributed demon cores! You, you, you, you’re like some super rich dude! I’m afraid there’s not many people in Heavenly Sword City that is richer than you. No wonder yesterday you didn’t mind leaving behind that demon core, so it’s because you are so loaded! This Miss is about to die from fright because of you!”

Luo Tian rolled his eyes at her and asked: “How much silver did we get for a demon core?”

Seeing how happily the guy was eating, Tang Tang responded happily: “100 silver.”


“One hundred silver?!”

Luo Tian’s eyeballs almost popped out of its sockets. Yesterday’s meal was about 300 silver… An attributed demon core was worth about a million gold yet was exchanged for 100 silver. This…


Luo Tian couldn’t endure anymore and almost wanted to fiercely slap Tang Tang’s little butt right then and there. He then muttered: “You damn spendthrift…”

Tang Tang then said with attitude like she was naturally right: “You have so many demon cores so exchanging them for a hundred silver is not a big deal. It’s just a small matter to you right?”

Luo Tian was too lazy to continue arguing and asked: “A hundred silver could only be this many buns?”

Tang Tang immediately responded: “Damn, you think this Miss is an idiot? I used a hundred silver to buy two hundred buns and that’s only one hundred of them here. The boss will deliver another hundred buns later. He said that he could deliver it to us wherever we were in Heavenly Sword City so don’t worry about it.”

“A hundred silver to buy two hundred buns…”


Luo Tian was nearly played to death by Tang Tang. This girl had absolutely no common sense so he could only sigh and say: “Did you know that a bun only costs 5 cents? A silver tael can buy twenty buns. You…”


“Sigh. Since you’re so rich, what is this little bit of money considered?”

“Moreover, the elderly couple has worked very hard to make these buns so who cares if they earn a little bit more money?” Tang Tang said indifferently. Seeing how happily the guy was eating, she then giggled and said: “Eat slower so you don’t choke, there’ll be plenty more.”

In less than five minutes…

A hundred buns were completely cleared out.

The guy’s face appeared slightly rosier.

Also around this time…

The other one hundred buns were delivered over. The boss showed a beautiful and happy smile towards Tang Tang.

Luo Tian didn’t pursue this since it wasn’t easy for the elderly to make a living nowadays.

The guy grabbed those buns and continued scarfing them down in a crazy manner.


This time he finally said some words.

“My name is Xuan Yuanyi.”

“I’m from Red River.”

“I will follow you.”

“I am willing to join you in fighting for our own place in the Heavenly Sword City.”

“My sword is called Giant Fault!” ¹

He responded one sentence at a time.

His response was all the questions Luo Tian had asked him prior. He had remembered them all and given simple responses.

Towards the end of this…

Xuan Yuanyi said in a serious manner: “The price of selling myself is only a single bun, but the price of my sword is a trillion gold! You have bought my person but you haven’t bought my sword, so it will remain as my possession.”

Luo Tian faintly smiled and responded: “Understood!”

At this time, five to six people in black robes and a tiger emblem sewn on it sauntered over in an arrogant manner.


¹ – In the early Warring States period, a legendary weaponsmith made five legendary swords and the Giant Fault Sword was one of them. It looked defective or faulty because the blade wasn’t smooth and filled with uneven surfaces, but it was a weapon incomparably hard to the point no other swords dared to match against it.

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